West Chapter Report – February 4, 2020

Our first monthly meeting of 2020 was held at the shop of Rick Ware Racing, courtesy of member Cameron Conover who has recently become their technical manager for sports cars. As such, the meeting was largely a tour of the shop, which was much appreciated by all.

After the tour, the annual banquet was discussed, and everyone was reminded of the survey where we are seeking member input on how to improve attendance.

Election results were confirmed, and congratulations were provided for new RE Anna Neave Crissman and assistant RE Heather Clark. As well as new members at large Stephen Miller and Justin Deffenbaugh.

A reminder was provided of the change to the GCR requiring taillights during rain events. Also, that registration is open for the March into Spring event.

Our hunt for a possible new location for the monthly meeting continues

West Chapter Report – December 2018

Yesterday morning I received a phone call with some of the worst news I’ve had in a while: our own Buddy Matthews had died in a tragic car accident. In the phone calls that followed it was mentioned that the regular West Chapter meeting was to be held yesterday night; as a former Chapter Coordinator, I put the word out that the meeting would continue as scheduled as a remembrance of Buddy.

About 20 people showed up, some to just stop by to give condolences. Heather Powers, NCR Treasurer, showed up later, and provided a few business items such as worker credits, the annual banquet to be held in Wilmington in January and our annual upcoming election. And that we need a new Chapter Coordinator for 2019. The rest of the meeting was devoted to reminiscing about Buddy:

  • Dwight Cook said he met Buddy in 1967. There was a Triumph TR4 involved which Dwight continues to race. They shared many racing adventures together: in the early 1970’s Buddy started a mini-stock race series with foreign cars such as Morris Minors (probably as rare then as they are today) which they raced at some of the smaller NASCAR tracks; this lasted for a few years.
  • Buddy probably attended every SCCA Runoff at Road Atlanta, held there for over 20 years.
  • Jeff Yeattes mentioned that if you had a race car in the SCCA garage in Greensboro, there was no chance of cheating because Buddy would be looking over your shoulder. And also doing that to be sure that you weren’t doing something unsafe.
  • Jerry Pell was introduced to Buddy when he decided to get in to sports car racing, Buddy took him to the Greensboro abandoned auto auction where he bought a first generation Mazda RX7 for $99.00; the car ended up costing him thousands more.
  • Keith Church talked about how Buddy was a tough but fair tech inspector; and how Buddy mentored many of us, as well as many others. He probably forgot more about racing than most of us will never know. We will be feeling the loss for years to come. And how Buddy didn’t care for beer but liked Scotch Whiskey.
  • Pete Papas said when he was working on a former race car in the shared race shop in Greensboro, Buddy would leave sticky notes on the car about whether something was legal or not. One time a sticky note simply said NO.
  • When Joedy Pennington and I were racing our Mazda RX2, Buddy was an invaluable source of advice. At my first race at Roebling Raceway, I was experiencing corner exit oversteer at most corners and went to Buddy for advice. He asked about tire pressures, and suggested we drop 3 psi out of the rear tires. That did the trick, the car handled much better after that!

Buddy held various offices in the NCR: RE, Assistant RE, Chief of Tech, DA of Tech, and most recently Chapter Coordinator for the West Chapter. He was a founding member of the SARRC and ECR series and has been an SCCA cheerleader for many years: when at a bar near a race he would get people to come see our races. He understood that our club needs new, young members. While Buddy could meet the description of curmudgeon at times, he could also have a young outlook on things. He once said “if everybody thought like I did, it would get boring”.

While there have been those that tried to take from the North Carolina Region, Buddy was one who always gave. Sometimes he gave someone a hard time: some were deserved, others weren’t. In more recent years his health didn’t allow him to do all that he wanted to do but he was still at it when he could.

Personally I enjoyed being around Buddy and his wealth of knowledge. He had a quick wit and was a great ally. When I joined the SCCA in late 1990’s, I worked with him in tech at Roebling Road at a few races. For our first race event at VIR in 2000, initially it was myself, Joedy Pennington and Buddy working tech on Friday night with a loooong line of cars waiting for their annual tech.

Heather mentioned that it had been suggested that the Tech Shed at VIR is named after Buddy, which I’m sure would be unanimous if put to a vote.

I mentioned something that I’m sure Buddy would find humorous: he’s in heaven now trying to fail Paul Newman’s race car in tech.

As we closed the meeting we all raised our glasses as a toast to Buddy. With laughter and tears we say goodbye.

Ed Wentz
Former (and staying that way) West Chapter Coordinator

West Chapter Meeting – August 1, 2017

The meeting was possibly our most well attended in recent history. POSSIBLY because of the warning I had sent to all Chapter members letting them know that they were in jeopardy of not attending two meetings in a row. Whatever did the trick, we had 21 members in attendance.

The meeting consisted of going over the minutes of the July meeting of the BOD and stopping to discuss some items in detail. John Lindquist reported that all plans for the IMSA weekend appeared to be finalized. Then we had a discussion about the Code 35 rules and the questions that Morgan Mehler had sent out for all to give their opinion on. The real answer to this might just be that the different attempts at this that don’t match are because the operating stewards for the various groups don’t have the same way of directing how the rules are followed. More study needs to go into this subject.

Dwight Cooke gave a brief account of his going to Blackhawk Farms Raceway to participate in a special race for Triumph racecars. There were 48 cars in the race and Dwight had gone as a guest of one of the Vintage group drivers that he has helped with his car this year and last. The old yellow car that Dwight has been driving now for over 30 years went through all of the practice sessions and after gridding it for the actual race it decided to spring a leak in cylinder 4 while waiting to race and refused to crank when the call to go was given. Dwight was still thankful for getting to participate in this event.

Jeff Yeates gave an update of the 50 year reunion of Triad Sports Car Club at the fairgrounds in Winston-Salem. They had over 100 entries in a two-day autocross and several oldies with the group were in attendance. Arnold Williams was there from Texas, Sam Neave was there, as was Ron Gentry and Buddy Matthews and son Rusty Matthews were there Saturday afternoon. Jeff was given an award for his service to TSCC.

Hayden Beatty and wife were in attendance for the meeting and he announced he had recently turned 88. Both of them looked really good and it was nice to see them out for the meeting.

The event to replace the 13 hour race will be a PDX type of event and we can use more help in getting things ready and done. Get in touch with Mr. Senior if you can help.

West Chapter Meeting – June 2017

The owners of Autosport Innovations of 7707-A Boeing Drive in Greensboro attended our meeting and put on an interesting program and demonstration of the art of Hydrodipping. This is the application of artwork and web designed art onto parts and surfaces of automobile assemblies and such things as helmets by dipping the parts under water in a tank that has a decal of the artwork floating on the water. They had a couple of decorated motorcycles with decals all over them that were nice looking. They had videos of how the work was done and also had a large number of the designs they could put on a part. The guys who presented this program are Drew and Tom Byrne and they would love to show you their work and will give you a quote on anything you want dipped. We had 17 in attendance at this meeting

West Chapter Report – March 2017

The West Chapter meeting was held on March 7, 2017 at Coopers Ale House located at 415 S. Swing Road in Greensboro, N.C.  This was the second time that we used Salon D for our meeting and it appears that we may not be going to have any future meetings in the room where we started which was the Jamestown room. Both rooms are equally nice and we are very fortunate to have the use of either for our monthly Chapter meetings. We had 13 members and no guests for this month’s meeting and since there was no guest speaker and no advance publicity for the meeting, seems to be about the turnout we look forward to.

The night’s meeting consisted of a lengthy discussion of the two meetings that the NCR-BOD held in February. The first meeting was held in Hillsborough, NC at Pueblo Viejo restaurant. This was the annual meeting of the NCR-BOD and the management team of VIR. 9 members of NCR and 3 members of the VIR management team met to discuss all of the matters that were of interest to the two parties. These annual meetings have been valuable to our organizations for several years and allow us to spend the time that is needed to keep our relationship on a good footing. If you want a more complete report on this meeting, Mark Senior has posted a more complete report on Google Drive.

The meeting then shifted to discussion of what had basically been discussed and worked out at the SEDiv meeting and award Banquet that was held at St. Simon Island, Ga. The topics from that meeting were such things as Drivers Schools, the CCPS and TCPS race Series and their futures and present needs.

Other topics from the NCR – BOD were convention reimbursement, payment of fees for events handled by MSR, registration sites at VIR, Signage for these sites, the charities for our VIR Events, and Swap and Sell Page on our website.

The meeting ended with the presentation of trophies from St. Simon to Mike Cooke, Shannon Jones, Bill Foster, and Martin Reiter for their efforts in SARRC races in 2017.

Buddy Matthews – West Chapter Coordinator

West Chapter Report – February 2017

Report for meeting held February 7, 2017 at Cooper’s Ale House at 415 S. Swing Road in Greensboro, N. C.

Hopefully the confusion that kicked this meeting off won’t become the norm and since no one could actually point a finger at where the whole kerfuffle started it might just go on the annals of the West Chapter as a mystery the likes of which have never been seen. At least I can hope we won’t see this problem again at this location which I had come to feel was probably the best thing that had happened to our meetings in a long time. We were for some unexplained reason moved from the “Jamestown Room” to another equally nice meeting room in the Wyndham Hotel. At most of the doors to the complex signs had been posted stating that the” Meeting of Triad Sports Car Club would be in dining Room D”. As you know, that isn’t us anymore. Several of us in the West Chapter are in-fact Charter members of Triad Sports Car Club and hold their Club in high regard but it is not comforting to note that the business that has been hosting your meetings for about 10 years doesn’t know your name.

After a short shuffle to get the signs changed and the speaker for the night moved to our new room we had a really good meeting with an abbreviated business meeting from the Chapter Coordinator and then a nice presentation by the Eastern US marketing manager of Maxima Oil Company. Mr. Gene Jones held a very nice presentation of the complete product line of his products which are all especially produced with the needs of Racers as their primary purpose. Gene gave all in attendance a catalog of the company’s products that cover more uses in racing than the average oil distributor offers. And lots of information about the products went into more detail than we had heard from others and lots of information, we probably learned here first. We have an invitation to seek the advice of Maxima Oil through talking with Gene and he offered to talk with any race engine builders if further information on the use of the proper products was needed. Both from what Gene had to say and some questions from those in attendance the group had a good introduction to the Maxima products. Gene also held a drawing and gave several in attendance a substantial discount opportunity for future purchase of his line. I have been sending an email announcing our program for the meeting to the members of the West Chapter and will add your name to my mailing list if you would like. Just email me your address at redstarracing@triad.rr.com.  Please feel welcome to attend our meeting anytime on the First Tuesday of every month at whatever meeting room we finally end up in. They are all extra nice and you can call us anything if you call us often.

Buddy Matthews
West Chapter Coordinator

West Chapter Report – November 2016

The West Chapter of the North Carolina Region of the Sports Car Club of America held their November monthly meeting on the Evening of November 1, 2016 at Coopers Ale House at 514 S. Swing Road in Greensboro, NC. The meeting was our third one held in the “Jamestown Room”. It is our hope to continue using this facility for as long as we used the room at the former Coopers Ale House. It is important to note that this facility is so well suited to us with a nice restaurant supplying us good food and drink and a room with all of the audio visual equipment that enables us to have much better programs than we were able to have in the previous site.

This month’s meeting was especially enjoyable as we had Tom Long, our local hero race car driver,  who brought us a vast supply of his videos from recent pro races and much very revealing and exciting in-car video made as he practiced and qualified and raced in several different professional race events while we actually looked over his shoulder.

There was plenty of time asking Tom questions about the car and what did all of the switches and lights on the steering wheel do and what kind of things was he being able to change about the car as he took us through some really fast maneuvers. Most likely most of us won’t be able to get much closer to the real speed sensation that we had while riding with Tom. Rather than just waiting till after the meal had been served Tom put some of his videos on the screen for us to watch while we ate and as he had eaten before he arrived he just narrated and answered questions. We had a few more than twenty in attendance and a large percentage of those being drivers within our club racing ranks. The questions from the audience and Tom’s answers to them were a real learning experience for all in attendance. Thank You, Tom Long for your very interesting program.

We also had a very abbreviated business meeting and several announcements were made.

Please try to attend one of our meetings in the very near future if you can find yourself in Greensboro on the first Tuesday of the Month. Dinner starts at 6:30 and the meeting/program will start as close to 7:30 as we can get it.

The meeting adjourned and Tom and the others talked at length before leaving. If you ever have a chance to hear Tom speak, don’t miss it

Buddy Matthews, West Chapter Coordinator

West Chapter Report – October 2016

On October 4, 2016 the West Chapter of the North Carolina Region of SCCA met for their October Meeting. This was the first meeting of the Chapter at a new and hopefully permanent meeting site. This site is at Coopers Ale House, which should sound familiar to anyone in the NCR, but the street address is about 2 miles away from the site we lost back in June of 2016. Over the last 4 months we met at three sites and changed our meeting night once. It appears that all of this chasing about has worked out well for us, as the new location seems to be all that we have ever sought in a place to get together. It is a larger, brighter, and easier to find location with room for us to expand our programs and proudly invite more of our friends and prospects to join us in more activities. The room we will be using has a built- in system for videos and other presentations.

The new location brought us back to a menu of delightful items that we had been accustomed to at prices that are more to our liking and the wait staff is familiar with most of us regulars. If anything has taken a step back, it is the beer menu is smaller, but we have been assured that this is being worked out. Remember, everything about this place is new to the staff also.

As soon as we all got served and started eating, we turned on a video of Rally cars from somewhere in a country where the language wasn’t English and the regard for life and limb seemed to be of lesser concern to the participants, both drivers and spectators, than here. Tim Lyons brought this for our enjoyment and we played it twice during dinner.

Our next activity consisted of our business portion of the meeting and the Chapter Coordinator provided a brief review of the Region’s affairs by quickly going over the minutes of the BOD meeting held in late September at Pipers Deli in Durham, NC. The business of the Region was fairly mundane and no hot issues needed any significant discussion and we were able to move quickly to our program.

Dwight Cooke provided our program for the evening, which consisted of showing a lengthy video from an event held by SVRA , a premier vintage organization. One of this group’s most popular annual events is their Watkins Glen GP Festival. To start off this event each year all of the cars entered in their races for the weekend are driven on the city streets from the racetrack to the center of town and parked there for a car show. 20, 000 or more local residents and visitors are allowed to look over the cars and talk to the drivers and racing teams and when the car show ends, the drivers are invited to go back to the race track by way of the original local roads that made up the 6 mile Gran Prix course in the early days of the US GP. Dwight was a passenger in the vintage Alfa Duetto owned by Charlotte, NC resident Ceasar Cone and the driver in the video was John Baucom, Trans Am driver and several time SCCA Runoffs Champion.

Dwight told us that the experience of participating in this event was the pinnacle motorsport experience in his life.

The attendance for the meeting was 28 which was more than 300% more than the meeting in September. The West Chapter meetings will be held at this new venue on the first Tuesday in the month. Any change will be posted on the NCRSCCA website. The Address to this new meeting place is 415 S. Swing Road, Greensboro, NC 27409-2011. The businesses involved with this address are Wyndham Garden Hotel and Coopers Ale House. We meet in the Jamestown Room which is in the Hotel portion of the complex and is to the left of the building. Park on the left side of the building and enter by the green canopy entrance and turn left at hallway and Jamestown room is immediately on right. Come at 6:30 to eat and by 7:30 to meet. Guest Speaker for Nov, 1 will be Tom Long.

Buddy Matthews, West Chapter Coordinator

West Chapter Report – September 2016

West Chapter Report for meeting held at Porterhouse Bar and Grill 4608 West Market St. Greensboro, North Carolina on 9-7-2016.

For the first time of our being at this meeting place, we finally are getting to use the meeting room that we had at least halfway been expecting to have for the August 2016 meeting. As there had in fact been another group in the meeting room. The meeting we attempted to hold in the large back dining room that I was assured would be vacant on a Tuesday evening was a poor meeting because the room was not empty but was rather noisy, and the patio was out because of the weather. Another attempt at booking the meeting room seemed to be the answer even though I had to move the meeting to the first WEDNESDAY. Why should I have ever thought that anything would be worked out by that move?

Seems we do have members who can’t meet with us on Wednesday as their church has been having prayer meeting on Wednesday for a couple a hundred years or so. Although that didn’t take but one of our regulars, as the meeting went on, it seemed only right that I make an adjustment to our meeting schedule at least one more time. I really could blame the butt-headed waiter who seemed really pissed to have to be our server on this night. Rather than credit the move to the waiter who I knew I didn’t intend to put up with again and just say that the Lord was using it as a way to let me know not to mess with his folks on his days.

The meeting was about as good as it could be with only 8 people in attendance and that is counting the new guy, Joe Lyons who came to us by way of the Booth that the Region had set up at VIR on the IMSA race weekend. He lives in Randleman and seemed to fall right in with our group. I am sure he will be with us at future activities as long as we keep him feeling involved. He is anxious to get busy with us in putting on our program.

As usual, the minutes of the past BOD meeting were discussed and our group of contrary old men didn’t seem to give a hoot to most of the discussion of the Track Night in America idea. The opinion was that VIR would have a problem attracting many participants, as it is rather remote and by the time people arrived they would have to leave without getting much activity. We are waiting to hear more as the idea in the minutes was only just an idea with very little fact to back up the idea.

I took the opportunity to give a few details about the plans that we are working on for the 2017 Awards Banquet. It will be held in Graham, NC at a really nice venue named the VAILTREE EVENT CENTER. We have a speaker from the west coast coming, will have a book signing as a part of the program and will have a good number of EXOTIC automobiles with us in the dining room. Be sure to bring your camera as you will be able to take some close up shots. Arrangements have been made with the closest motel to the party, with rooms for $68.00. Call the Days Inn at Exit 150 off I40 at 336-578-2666 and reserve your room for Saturday night Jan 14. We plan on sending everyone an information packet about other things that will be planned for the party. Let me correct one small error in some previous information released previously about this party site. Early information called this exit to be for highway 150. It is EXIT 150 to Jimmy Kerr Road. Alamance Technical College is also on this exit and only a few feet away. There will be a map showing where to exit I40 from both directions and where to turn on Bakatsias Lane where the Event center is located. This map will be mailed to you with the other papers.


Buddy Matthews – West Chapter Coordinator

West Chapter Report – August 2016

After having had our West Chapter meeting at Coopers Ale House for over five years it seems strange to pull into a new parking lot for the first time. With a little luck, we will be holding meetings at Porter House Bar and Grill for at least 5 more years. Having to make changes in things like when and where your meetings will be held and properly notifying your members of the changes is always a chore and not something you want to do any more often than absolutely necessary. The positive here is that we should be able to get some increase in attendance as the space in the meeting room should give us more space for additional attendees. I do realize that this growth doesn’t come from just acquiring a larger room and will take some effort on the part of the members to get out and find new people to come to the meetings. To be honest about this new room I knew going in that there may be at least one possibly small problem right off the bat. There was the chance that the primary meeting room might be being used, but I was told that often the other group did not need the room and that there would be an almost never used room adjacent to the meeting room that could be used if the other group was there and there was also a nice outdoor patio that could be used. Well, as things would be, the other group did show up, the always vacant other room was busy and the weather didn’t make the use of the patio a viable option. This leads me to this announcement: The regular meeting schedule of the West Chapter is now changed to the First Wednesday of each month. Tuesday is no longer meeting day. Please make a note to attend our Chapter meeting on Wednesday. The first Wednesday meeting will be September 7, 2016. Please help getting the word out to everyone living in the area known to be the West Chapter. I consider anyone in SCCA who has a 336 area code to be in our Chapter. I have a mailing list that uses that area code exclusively.

After everyone in attendance was properly fed, we all closed up our ranks so I wouldn’t have to yell to be heard and proceeded with the normal business portion of our meeting. I presented the highlights of the minutes of the July 20, 2016 BOD meeting held in Durham, NC. The Following items of interest from the Minutes were discussed by the West Chapter members:

  1. Financial report from the Region treasurer Steve Keadle followed by a request to the BOD that we have a bit of patience with him in preparing and providing some financial reports on a more timely basis. Both personal and professional constraints on his time had prevented his being able to address some of his reports. The entire Board felt that we could continue with our work and allow Steve the time to get caught up.
  2. Progress on the Region’s Exhibit Tent to be used at the IMSA Event at VIR was reported. There will be efforts to sign up new SCCA members which should include several types of discounts to be used to entice joining at the event. John Lindquist has everything on track for this event.
  3. Rates for website advertising were provided by Jeff Eng. Some West Chapter members looked over Jeff’s recommendations and considered them appropriate
  4. Based on several delays and the sudden passing of James Buckberry, cook extraordinaire for our Picnics, the 2016 Picnic has been cancelled.
  5. Buddy Matthews, Chapter Coordinator for the West Chapter reported much progress on the new site for the 2016/17 NCR Awards Banquet to be held in the Greensboro, NC area. A meeting of the group working on this party held a discussion about this following to close of the Chapter meeting.
  6. Enduro Class Structure and Entry Fees were discussed as were the rules about tires with the decision that SCCA classes may run same tires allowed in SCCA races.  Le/Chump cars will be required to have previous body damage repaired. Entry fees for 8 and 13 hour classes will be $795 and $1095.
  7. Sam Fouse and Rex Deffenbaugh from Mid-Year Meeting.

New SEDiv Class-NASA Spec E30

A Major at Roebling over 4th of July, not particularly well received anywhere

NCR given Green Light to hold 55th Anniversary of Formula Vee in 2018

Several Tracks raising rates

Rex named Region Liason for V8 Road Racing Series

Several things to honor memory of James Buckberry were discussed.

  1. James Shanks and Buddy Matthews have both been working on different ways of preserving items of the NCR Region history with James archiving the printed records of the clubs past and Buddy using the Scale Room as a museum of artifacts and retired awards. Both of them may need you help and contributions for their collections and both have expenses involved with collection and presentation of their collections. The BOD approved the funding of these efforts.
  2. Pete Romanowski has been selected to assume the previous Starter duties of James Buckberry and the West Chapter supports him in these duties.

After discussion with the BOD and MAL Heather Clark from Danville, the idea of any formal attempt by the West Chapter to include any of the NCR members into the West Chapter is not prudent based more than anything the wide area in which they live. They are always welcome to attend any function of any NCR Chapter they might want to attend

Buddy Matthews, West Chapter Coordinator