NCR Solo Supplemental Rules

The NCR Solo program follows the SCCA rules and regulations, except where noted. The SCCA National Solo Rules are available on-line by the SCCA Solo Department to our members, entrants, volunteers, and anyone interested in learning more about the technical regulations governing SCCA Solo Competition.

NOTE: Technical Bulletins are periodically issued in Fastrack News that supersede the information in the Solo Rules.

These rules are effective January 1st, 2023. Unless specified herein, all current SCCA Solo rules apply.


The NCR-Solo Championship is a series of autocross events held throughout the year and is sanctioned by the North Carolina Region, SCCA. In the event that a point’s event is cancelled, the region will adjust the minimum number of required events according to the event schedule listed below.

We run rain or shine.  However, in the event of severe weather (nearby lightning, high winds, flooding, hail, etc.) our first option will be to temporarily suspend event operations and have everyone take shelter while we wait for the storm to pass. If the severe weather persists and we are forced to cancel the event, drivers who were unable to compete will receive a full refund. Drivers who competed but did not complete all official runs will not receive a refund, as we are obligated to pay all sanction, insurance and weekend membership fees once a driver places a wheel on course. With the possible exception of large, trackable storms (such as hurricanes and tropical storms) we will try not to cancel an event based on weather forecasts. If we do cancel or alter an event due to forecast weather conditions, notifications will be sent to the list of pre-registered entrants and will be posted on the NCR Website,, and the NCR Facebook page,

*Schedule is subject to change (dates maybe added or subtracted) at the discretion of the NCR SCCA Solo Board. Any changes in schedule will be posted on the NCR Website,, and the NCR Facebook page,

Current events can be found on


To be eligible for a year-end trophy, competitors must complete the minimum number of events to qualify according to the event schedule. Competitors must be a current SCCA member of any region in good standing. A competitor may become an SCCA member before the end of registration of the last event of the series to be eligible for a year-end award, in which case points will be awarded retroactively.

There are two distinct series in the Cape Fear Autocross Championship Series: The Class Championship and The PAX Championship

Class Championship Points -- Points are awarded by Class PAX finish. A driver may win a Class Championship in only one Class. Points earned in other Classes will be recorded but are not transferable to the driver's main competing class. Points are to be assigned within a class as follows:

Place - Points

1st- 30 points 5th – 26 points 9th – 22 points 13th – 18 points
2nd – 29 points 6th – 25 points 10th – 21 points 14th – 17 points
3rd – 28 points 7th – 24 points 11th – 20 points 15th – 16 points
4th – 27 points 8th – 23 points 12th – 19 points All other places = 15 points


PAX Championship Points -- Points for the PAX Championship series are awarded by a percentile system. All points are computed as a percentage of the top PAX time, multiplied by 100. The top PAX driver at each event gets 100 points. The formula for points is 100 x (TopIndexTime/DriverIndexTime), where DriverIndexTime is the PAX time for that driver, and TopIndexTime is the PAX time for the top PAX driver at that event. The PAX factors employed will be the most currently available version and will be published and available to competitors at the event.

Scoring will be based on counting a driver's best finishes according to the following schedule:


11   9
10   8
9   7
8   6
7   5
6   5
5 or less   All Events

Drivers in each class with the highest point total in their class at the end of the season will be awarded Class Championships. Season point totals will be based on a driver's best class finishes equaling the minimum number of points event required.

The PAX Championship may be awarded to the driver with the highest PAX point total at the end of the season.

In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by the number of 1st place finishes (awarded to driver with more 1st). If this does not break the tie the number of 2nd place finishes will be reviewed.  If the tie still cannot be broken then the PAX points position for the season (after drops) will determine the order.  Review will be based on counting the driver’s best finishes according to the schedule listed above. Raw Time does not have a season trophy.

Additional year-end trophies may be awarded at the discretion of the Chapter Coordinator, provided drivers under consideration have met the minimum eligibility requirements.

Trophies (Day of Event)

Participants are classed and day of trophies will be given based on their standing in these class.  Classes are outlined below and the top 3 of each class will get a trophy.

Raw Time Class

Send It (This is a run what you brung style class. As long as it passes safety inspection and has greater than 250 TW tires.)

Trophy Thresholds

Top 3 will get trophies no matter how many entered the class.


Drivers who have less than six (6) events of experience within solo events may compete in the Novice Class. This class will be indexed using the pax index for the specific competitors base class thus creating an equal field of competition for Day of Event Award.  No Year-end Novice Class Championship awards given for the Novice class.  Qualifying events will count towards Open Class Championships.


Any driver may run in Raw Time Class. This class is not indexed and has no pax.  Drivers in this class will have the time for all of their runs added together and the lowest total time will win the event. Each cone penalty will add 4 seconds to the driver's run and DNF will add 10 seconds to the driver's run. There will be a year-end Class Championship award given for the Raw Time class.


In accordance with current SCCA SOLO rules, there will be parallel Ladies class provided for females who wish to enter it that will run parallel to the open classes. This class will be indexed by the current PAX factors and will use the most currently available version. Year-end Class Championship award will be given for the Ladies class per these rules.


There will be a parallel Pro Class provided for drivers who wish to enter it. Drivers in this class will perform the same number of runs as every class but only the first three runs will count toward their PAX position for the event. This class will be indexed by the current PAX factors. Year-end Class Championship award will be given for the Pro class per these rules.


This class is run what you brung style of class. As long as it passes the safety inspection and has greater than 250 treadwear tires (i.e. 300, 500, 500, etc) - Send It. This class is a raw time for bragging rights among the class entries. This class will only have Day of Event Awards.

Competitors are responsible for both sides of their competition car being labeled with legible Numbers and Class letters per the SCCA Solo Rulebook.  It is up to the driver to have numbers and classes on the car when they show up for tech.  It is encouraged to use a number between 1 and 99.  It is also encouraged that the second driver of a two-driver car uses the first driver's number plus 100.  Example: Driver one is #9, then driver two is #109. No number above 199 is allowed.  Penalty for not changing numbers between driver’s runs will result in a DNF for that run. 

It is up to the driver to bring the car to tech race ready.  This means the car is ready to do a run before bringing it to tech.  this includes but is not limited to, cleaning out the inside of the car, cleaning out the trunk, having numbers and class on both sides of the car, ensuring all lugs are in place, and that the battery is tied down.

Riders are allowed as long as the driver or rider is a "yellow shirt" Staff member.  Ride-A-Longs are for instructional purposes.  An exception can be made to the "yellow shirt" rule on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Event Chairman or designee. Appropriate waiver forms required.

1.3.2.D. A passenger is allowed provided he/she:

  1. is no younger than twelve (12) years old or is at least 57” tall
  2. is in a vehicle which has passed tech inspection;
  3. is wearing a properly fitted seat belt and a properly fitted helmet.

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