• Check or our website for any last minute event updates or changes. We highly recommend you pre-register online prior to the event.
  • View our checklist page for items to bring to the event, such as tools, clothing and safety devices.
  • Spectators can come and watch for free; however they MUST sign the insurance waiver.
  • Get plenty of rest..."morning comes around faster than you think."

Prepare your car (see below)

  • Clean out the interior of your car of any loose items which could interfere with driving.
  • Remove any hubcaps or wheel trim rings that could pop off during an autocross.
  • Inspect under the hood for any loose items or leaks and fix if necessary before the event.
  • Check the tightness of the lug nuts, and the overall condition of the tires. Dangerously bald or worn tires will not be overlooked as "slicks".
  • Have at least a half-tank of gas available to run with. This excludes travel usage, this varies with some cars.


  • Arrive as early as possible. Approximately 8:00 ~ 8:30 is suggested for novices. This will allow ample time to get settled, unpack, and walk the course as many times as possible.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions, we were all "rookies" at one time or another. Look for "Yellow" shirt members answer any questions and give you guidance.
  • Sign the release/waiver form. This is REQUIRED by anybody in the paddock area, even non-competitors.
  • Register yourself and the car at the timing and scoring trailer; pay entry fee and pick out you car number and class if you have not pre-registered.
  • Receive course map (If applicable)

Prepare your car tech inspection:

  • Inflate "street" tires to at least 5-8 psi above what you use on the street. This dramatically stiffens the tire sidewall, a must for crisp, responsive handling. The pressures can be raised or lowered during the event, this is merely a general benchmark for FWD & RWD.
  • Empty your car of all loose items and place your number and car class on the car in a visible area.
  • Leave your hood up and a tech inspector will come by to tech your car. A small round sticker placed on your front windshield to indicate a tech inspection has been completed on your car. If this has not been done, please notify a "Yellow" shirt member to help you get your car inspected.

The following items will be checked during inspection:

  • Seatbelt condition. (Factory or aftermarket) Not to be torn, excessively worn.
  • Tires and lug nuts. (As mentioned earlier)
  • Nothing loose under the hood.
  • Throttle return.
  • Brake pedal feel.
  • "Cleanliness" of the cars interior. (As mentioned earlier)
  • Helmet – Snell or M2010 or newer.


  • The Solo Chairperson will go over event schedule for the day and announce any updates, explain the safety rules of the event and the consequences for not following them.
  • He will also discuss the general rules, including the guidelines for scoring and penalties, run groups, and worker assignments.


  • If you are running first, get your car in grid. There will be a grid marshall to direct you.
  • If you are working first, report to the worker chief for your worker assignment.
  • If you are on break first, relax and watch the event. Talk to the experienced drivers for any tips.
  • After you have completed your runs, please return you car to the paddock area.
  • Paddock speeds are limited to 5mph or less.
  • No burn-outs to heat tires are allowed in the paddock area or surrounding roads.
  • Should a competitor be issued a red flag for any reason, he/she is to come to a quick, controlled stop and slowly completing the course at 50% and return to the grid area.
  • The same rule applies once a competitor completes a lap and crosses the finish line.
  • Depending on run groups you will either work the course when your run group has completed a heat or you will be on break, if you are not sure, please check with a "Yellow" shirt. Working is required by all competitors. As a novice, request working a station with an experienced autocrosser.


  • See if the event coordinators need any assistance cleaning up.
  • Gather around for the presentation of the trophies.
  • Clean up the area around you of any garbage. If you bring it in, please take it with you.
  • Head on home...unpack, clean up, relax, and tell everyone about your first autocross!!
  • Send us your feedback.