NCR Scholarship Program


The NCRSCCA membership are strong supporters of our youth and their future. It is the wish of the Individuals and Companies that donate funds, that their contributions to the program provide financial assistance to graduating high school seniors who reside in NC, the NCR geographical area in VA or SCCA Region 55 members. (SCCA membership not required).  Students who receive an award will be selected from those who have submitted an application to NCRSCCA-SP

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NCR-SCCA is very proud to award five (5) students with scholarship awards this spring (2023). 

What a great impact our organization is having on these students' lives.  

Each student has received a $1,000 certificate which will be paid directly to the accredited school they will be attending in the fall.  Additionally, they are now a member of SCCA, region 55. 

In order of award ceremonies: 

  • On May 18th at Topsail High School, 2 awards were presented. Doug Piner presented  Sheaden Herbert with a $1,000 certificate and Kris Cupps and Sam Fouse presented Nathan Simmons with a $1,000 certificate and The Dan Robson Award
  • On May 23rd at Triton High School, Doug Piner presented Nathan Williams with a $1,000 certificate
  • On May 23rd at Pine Lake Preparatory High School, Tim Lyons presented Owen McAllister with a $,1000 certificate
  • On May 31st at Halifax County High School, Patricia Deffenbaugh and Jill Cruz presented Christopher Cade Watts with a $1,000   certificate and The Rex Deffenbaugh Award

Please see the details about each student below. 

Congratulations to all the scholarship winners and the presenters, great job!  

CONGRATULATIONS to Sheaden Herbert from Topsail High School, a 2023 NCR-SCCA scholarship award winner. 

Throughout his high school career, Sheaden has been extensively involved in clubs, civic organizations, and volunteer groups both in and out of school.  Sheaden is excited about pursuing a technology engineering degree.  Sheaden's school of choice is NC State.  Sheaden's goal: make a significant and lasting impact on the world.   

NCR-SCCA is pleased to have Sheaden as a member of Region 55, SCCA. 

Doug Piner was at Topsail High School to present Shedean with his certificate.    

Sam Fouse, Nathan Simmons, and Kris Cupps

CONGRATULATIONS to Nathan Simmons from Topsail High School, a 2023 NCR-SCCA scholarship award winner. 

Throughout his high school career, Nathan has been extensively involved in clubs, civic organizations, and volunteer groups both in and out of school.  Nathan is excited to attend Cape Fear Community College to pursue a Computer Integrated Machining degree.  Nathan’s ability to be a leader and help others succeed will reward him in his career endeavors. 

NCR-SCCA is pleased to have Nathan as a member of Region 55, SCCA. 

Kris Cupps and Sam Fouse were at Topsail High School to present Nathan with his certificate and The Dan Robson Award. 

CONGRATULATIONS to Nathan Williams from Triton High School, a 2023 NCR-SCCA scholarship award winner. 

Throughout his high school career, Nathan has been extensively involved in clubs, civic organizations, and volunteer groups both in and out of school.  Nathan's goal is to attend UNC Pembroke to pursue a degree in business concentrating on accounting.  Mentoring and helping others to become better at whatever they seek is one of Nathan's strong points. 

NCR-SCCA is pleased to have Nathan as a member of Region 55, SCCA. 

Doug Piner was at Triton High School to present Nathan with his certificate.  

CONGRATULATIONS to Owen McAllister from Pine Lake Preparatory High School, a 2023 NCR-SCCA scholarship award winner. 

Throughout his high school career, Owen has been extensively involved in clubs, civic organizations, and volunteer groups both in and out of school.  Owen will attend UNC at Chapel Hill this fall pursuing a degree in computer science.  Owen is noted for accepting a challenge and always being there to help others succeed.   

Owen has been a long-time SCCA member, currently club racing an FE2.

Tim Lyon presented Owen with his certificate.    

Christopher Cade Watts & Patricia Deffenbaugh

CONGRATULATIONS to Christopher Cade Watts from Halifax County High School (VA), a 2023 NCR-SCCA scholarship award winner. 

Throughout his high school career, Christopher has been extensively involved in clubs, civic organizations, and volunteer groups both in and out of school.  Christopher's goal is to attend Virginia Polytechnic to pursue a degree in business, agriculture, and automotive.  Christopher wants to open and operate an automotive repair business and work on his family farm. 

NCR-SCCA is pleased to have Nathan as a member of Region 55, SCCA. 

Patricia Deffenbaugh and Jill Cruz were at Halifax County High School to present Christopher with his certificate and The Rex Deffenbaugh Award.   


CONGRATULATIONS to HAYLIE KIMBALL the NCR-SCCAs first scholarship award winner.

Haylie is very engaged within her community, school clubs and sports. Through all her hard work and effort, Haylie will not only graduate from high school this month but will also receive an Associate's degree from Columbia Early College.  Haylie will be attending Campbell University to pursue a BSN with the goal of becoming a pediatric nurse.  I'm sure she will achieve her goals.

NCR-SCCA is pleased to have Haylie as a member of our club.

Annie and myself traveled to Columbia High School in Tyrrell County last night to present Haylie with her award.  It was pleasure to meet Haylie and her parents.

Two more award to present this spring.  Thanks for all you do to make a difference in these young peoples lives.

CONGRATULATIONS to NICOLE COURSEY the NCR-SCCAs second scholarship award winner.

Nicole "Nicky" is off to UNC at Chapel Hill.  Throughout her high school career, Nicole has been extensively involved in clubs, civic organizations and volunteer groups both in and out of school.  Nicole's goals are to receive a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Policy and Management.  This will allow Nicole to pursue two of her strongest interest: governmental activism and nature.

NCR-SCCA is please to have Nicole as a member of our club.

I traveled to Topsail High School on the 12th of May to present Nicole with her certificate.  It was a pleasure to meet Nicole and her parents.  I'm pretty sure we will see them at a NCRSCCA event.

One more award to present this month, the 26th.

On behalf of these new SCCA members, once again THANKS for helping to make their future bright.

John Lindquist, Yahir Ponce and Patricia Deffenbaugh

CONGRATULATIONS to YAHIR PONCE the NCR-SCCAs third scholarship award winner for 2022.

Patricia Deffenbaugh, Annie Lindquist and myself traveled to Greene Early College today the 26th of May to present Yahir with the 2022 "Rex Deffenbaugh" NCR-SCCA scholarship award in the amount of $1,000.

Yahir is going to continue his pursuit of a welding career at Lenoir Community College in the fall. While at Greene Early High School, Yahir has earned all but 3 hours of credit to receive his Welding Technology Associates Degree. WOW! Yahir's goal is to own and operate a mobile welding business. Yahir has the energy and drive to be a successful entrepreneur. We wish him the very best.

NCR-SCCA is pleased to have Yahir as a member of our club.

On behalf of all three (3) 2022 NCR-SCCA award winners and "new" members, once again, THANKS for helping to make their future bright and dreams a reality.

ncr scholarship program on the road...

Scholarship Program at Vernon Malone College and Academy High School

April 12, 2024 found Sam Fouse and John Lindquist at Vernon Malone College and Academy High School in Raliegh, NC.  Vernon Malone is a high school in combination with college classes, an early college high school.  A great concept.
Over 30 students in the automotive class attended a (1 hour 30 min) presentation about the value of advanced education, the NCRSCCA scholarship application and safe fun with sports cars.
There was no hesitation when it was time to go see the race car, everyone jumped up and out the shop door we went.
What a great group of students and staff.  We look forward for the opportunity to return in the future.

Scholarship Program at Chapel Hill High School

March 19th found Sam Fouse and myself at Chapel Hill High School.  We were able to conduct 4 presentations about the scholarship program and SCCA.
This school has a great automotive program to include a student NASCAR crew team (chassis and drive train building/maintenance) and assistance at the local track.  I hope to see some of these folks at VIR in the future.
We appreciate the opportunity to visit with students and staff and will be going back in a few years.

Scholarship Program at Union Pines HS

The NCR-SCCA Scholarship Program had a great day at Union Pines High School in Cameron, NC.
Chuck Hines and John Lindquist showed up with race cars for show and tell.
The day started with "nowhere to park" Chuck's 32' race car trailer.  The local police assisted in getting him parked in a perfect spot. Once unloaded, Chuck was able to bring his car up to the school.
The staff at Union Pines HS was just GREAT. We made 3 presentations to a total of approx. 80 students.  As usual, the race cars were the hit of the day. Chuck had the student's full attention and they were "wowed" with his race car. When he fired it up the excitement level soared.
THANKS, Chuck for being part of the NCR-SCCA school presentation group.
If you want to be part of an NCR-SCCA school presentation group just let Doug Piner or myself know.

Scholarship Program at the Runoffs

At the VIR Runoffs on Wednesday, September 27th, we entered a golf cart in the Golf Cart Parade. Thanks to Sam Fouse, Jill Cruz, Tricia Deffenbaugh, and Doug Piner for decorating and riding in the cart during the parade.

Scholarship Program at North Stokes HS

A beautiful day found Tim Lyons and me in the mountains once again.  This time at North Stokes High School just outside of Hanging Rock State Park.
The first surprise was the decrease in temperature.  Tim and I were met with a chilly 37 degrees as we jumped out of our vehicles.  You guessed it, it was not nearly this cold in the flat land, anyone bring a jacket??
North Stokes High School is located just outside of Danbury NC, curvy roads and sports cars.  Tim loved the ride in his Bimmer, my tow truck and trailer not so much, but it all worked out just fine.
The student count was not huge but most all were automotive students.  This school has a huge auto facility, and the students are very actively engaged in working on all kind of projects.  From engine rebuilds, alignments, small engine, etc. This teacher is a true believer that hands-on is the way to learn.
Huge THANKS to Tim for being there and once again doing a great job presenting our program to the students.

Watauga County High School (Boone NC)

It only took a year for me to get this trip to Boone put together, but Tim Lyons and I made the journey up the mountain to Boone NC yesterday to visit with the students at Watauga County High School.  The school has two (2) automotive programs, one is all Community College accredited courses, cool.
So, each of the four (4) presentations had lots of students, including some ag students.  Average head count per group was 30.  Tim did a great job of making the last presentation.
Several of the students had been to VIR and I would not be surprised to see a few show up at the Majors event.
Huge Thanks to Tim for making the trip with me, this was a 4:30 a.m. wakeup call as we needed to be there set up and ready to go at 8:30 a.m.


Stokes County Career Fair March 15, 2023

Steve Martin was ready for the crowd of students that arrived in minutes.  From 9 a.m. to noon the gymnasium was full of students.  When one bus load left another arrived.  This was one of those events that kept you at the table as someone was coming by all the time.
We did not take a race car as space was not allowed (and it was COLD outside).
Another great day for NCRSCCA-SP.


Scholarship Program at Career Center High School

The team of Tim Lyons, Lee Hill and I had another great day at the Career High School in Winston-Salem.

We arrived early to get the display car unloaded and moved to the front of the building.  High visibility location for sure.

There were around 1,200 students that filed through a trove of businesses, universities, tech schools, etc.

We were fortunate to have a great spot and able to see a lot of students.  The school has a large automotive and collision repair program.  Lots of literature, scholarship info and magazines were passed out to students.

The little car offered something different, and the auto students were full of questions and left all smiles.

Thanks again to Tim and Lee

NCRSCCA Scholarship Program at Topsail High School

The Southeast NCRSCCA Scholarship Program team converged on Topsail High School to tell the students about the scholarship program, importance of staying in school, getting advanced education and of course, SPORTS CARS and all things racing.

Two presentations were conducted, 60 or so students in the first group and around 30 in the second.  Doug got his feet wet doing the second presentation, breezing right through it.  Doug is heading up the Southeast SP team. If you are in the southeast part of the state and want to have almost as much fun as attending an SCCA event, give Doug a call and attend an SP program.

 Welcome to the program Abby Scher and Rex Loden, your assistance was greatly appreciated.  Glad to have you on board as part of the SP team.

Also want to thank Doug for bringing out his crowd-pleasing EP race car.  As always, the students/teachers crowded around to see it and ask questions

Hey! What's everybody looking at?
Oh yeah! It's Doug's race car.

2022 NCRSCCA Scholarship Booth at VIR for IMSA

A great team of NCRSCCA Members Jill Cruz, Sam Fouse, Tim Lyons, Doug Piner, Bruce Dover, Steve Martin, Jerry Pell, John Lindquist all donated their time to spread the word about the Scholarship Program. Special THANKS to Victor Seaber for bring his formula race car for fans to view.

Donations were taken for the Scholarship Program. The VIR Oak Tree Slab artwork was on display and racing fans informed about the on-line auction Sept. 16 to Oct 10, 2022. We were excited to have Connie Nyholm, owner of VIR, stop by the booth for a photo with the Oak Tree artwork. Thanks Connie!  The Slab is on display at the Oak Tree Tavern, VIR.

Tell EVERYONE about this one-of-a-kind treasure. All of the funds raised from the auction goes to the Scholarship Program.

NCRSCCA Scholarship Program at South Boston High School, South Boston VA

What an exciting day we experienced at the South Boston High School. The whole staff at the school were just great.

Special guests Connie Nyholm, owner of VIR, and Keri Davis, Creative Marketing Manager were in attendance. We could not have grown this program without the support of VIR. How very special Connie and her team are to embrace this effort to help young folks and expand racing in general.

NCRSCCA members: Jill Cruz, Eric Cruz, “Doc” Malone, Tim Lyons and John Lindquist were excited to be at South Boston High School. The day unfolded early with the first presentation starting at 9:00 a.m. We were able to have 4 groups of students.

Following each presentation, the students filed out to see Eric’s FE2 formula car. Huge smiles all around, especially when Eric fired up the race car. And yes, still the most common question: “Can I get in it?”

The NCRSCCA team did such a great job, the school is already looking for a return date next year.

We will be looking forward to another fun day next year at South Boston High School.




An annual award of $1,000 will be available. The criteria by which a student is selected is defined in the application. Once the applications have been received a Selection Committee will review the applications and select the winning student. The Program Administrator will contact the High School of the winning student and make such arrangements as necessary to present the student with the award and future payment to the school being attended by the student.

The NCRSCCA is comprised of specific counties and cities in both North Carolina and Virginia.  A map/listing of counties and cities may be seen by clicking the link below:
North Carolina Region Member Counties