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Time Trials—first and foremost—is about the quest for speed

This is a place for mechanical creativity, driver development and envelope pushing. There is no room here for balance of performance, spec classes or slowing down the fast to make a better show.

The quest is first personal

 This is much more about your experience and personal challenge than it is about winning and losing. The sport is based on creating a space where participants can push their own development and have a consistent way to measure their progress. Yes, there are classes, and yes, we will give trophies for people who do well in their class, but at the end of the day the more important questions are: did you go faster than you have before, did you learn more about driving than you knew before, did your car perform better than it did before?

This quest is also collective

It is about a community that has accepted the challenge of the track. One that believes that the battle is best fought on the same team, and that the next best thing to achieving greatness is witnessing it.

And in all of this, there is the Same Team Approach. The Time Trials program is founded on the idea that every person on site—from Event Lead to Drivers, and flaggers to family and friends—is there united in the pursuit of #funwithcars.

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