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West Chapter Report - September 2016

West Chapter Report for meeting held at Porterhouse Bar and Grill 4608 West Market St. Greensboro, North Carolina on 9-7-2016.

For the first time of our being at this meeting place, we finally are getting to use the meeting room that we had at least halfway been expecting to have for the August 2016 meeting. As there had in fact been another group in the meeting room. The meeting we attempted to hold in the large back dining room that I was assured would be vacant on a Tuesday evening was a poor meeting because the room was not empty but was rather noisy, and the patio was out because of the weather. Another attempt at booking the meeting room seemed to be the answer even though I had to move the meeting to the first WEDNESDAY. Why should I have ever thought that anything would be worked out by that move? 

Cape Fear Chapter Report - September 2016

Happy September everyone!  Tonight's meeting of the Cape Fear Chapter was a modest group of 11 that met to discuss the upcoming event at Cherry Point (9-10 & 9-11) and establish who was going to be doing what jobs as a large portion of the leadership core would be gone to Solo Nationals or engaged in other prior commitments.

The group decided to have Bob Walker take his first stab at running an event weekend with the help and guidance from Chris Severt.

Triangle Chapter Report - September 2016

The Triangle Chapter of the NC Region SCCA met on Wednesday September 7th at El Rodeo in Raleigh. 14 members attended and there were no guests. Things got started on a different foot as our normal upstairs meeting room was out of action due to a broken air conditioner. Not a big problem as our hosts at El Rodeo shifted us to their downstairs semi-private room that worked out fine. Unfortunately, there are no TV’s down there, so we weren’t able to be entertained by the videos that Chuck Hines and others had brought.

Following eating, drinking and socializing the formal portion of the meeting started around its scheduled 7:30 time. Mark covered the topics of the last Board meeting.

September BoD meeting

Due to the fact that the September BoD meeting was scheduled right in the middle of the RunOffs, the meeting has been rescheduled for September 28th. Location and time are the same as always.

Cape Fear Chapter Report - August 2016

The Cape Fear Chapter met on August 2nd at Elizabeth's Pizza with 15 members present.

Chris Severt and Morgan Mehler led the meeting and discussed at length the flow chart of jobs and responsibilities within the Solo program.  We are moving to an Event Chair system where we involve the local solo members into their program and have them take the duties of running an event.  The main hope of this is twofold.  One, with a keen eye on the future of potential Solo Chairs and two, to help delegate many of the duties that have fallen on a few shoulders and to potentially prevent the dreaded burnout.

Triangle Chapter Report - August 2016

The Triangle Chapter Coordinator is on the road this month and tapping this out on an iPhone, so the report will be briefer than usual.

The Triangle Chapter met at the El Rodeo restaurant off Pleasant Valley Road on Wednesday August 3rd. The evening started with videos of recent races at Roebling Road provided by Chuck Hines. Thanks Chuck! The meeting was called to order by Mark Senior around 7:30. It was a light turnout with only 12 members in attendance and no guests. Mark updated everyone on what transpired at the last Board of Directors meeting. 

West Chapter Report - August 2016

After having had our West Chapter meeting at Coopers Ale House for over five years it seems strange to pull into a new parking lot for the first time. With a little luck, we will be holding meetings at Porter House Bar and Grill for at least 5 more years. Having to make changes in things like when and where your meetings will be held and properly notifying your members of the changes is always a chore and not something you want to do any more often than absolutely necessary. The positive here is that we should be able to get some increase in attendance as the space in the meeting room should give us more space for additional attendees. I do realize that this growth doesn’t come from just acquiring a larger room and will take some effort on the part of the members to get out and find new people to come to the meetings. To be honest about this new room I knew going in that there may be at least one possibly small problem right off the bat. There was the chance that the primary meeting room might be being used, but I was told that often the other group did not need the room and that there would be an almost never used room adjacent to the meeting room that could be used if the other group was there and there was also a nice outdoor patio that could be used. Well, as things would be, the other group did show up, the always vacant other room was busy and the weather didn’t make the use of the patio a viable option. This leads me to this announcement: The regular meeting schedule of the West Chapter is now changed to the First Wednesday of each month. Tuesday is no longer meeting day. Please make a note to attend our Chapter meeting on Wednesday. The first Wednesday meeting will be September 7, 2016. Please help getting the word out to everyone living in the area known to be the West Chapter. I consider anyone in SCCA who has a 336 area code to be in our Chapter. I have a mailing list that uses that area code exclusively.

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