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Due to the Stay at Home Order issued by the State of Virginia through June 10th, we have made the very difficult decision to cancel the SARRC/MARRS event scheduled for May 9-10, 2020 at VIR. Like many of you, we would love to be racing again. We miss spending time with you, our racing family.
We hope that everyone is remaining safe during this time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us as you might need.
We look forward to seeing you all again at our Time Trial event at NCCAR, August 15-16, and our return to Road Racing @ VIR Goblins Go October 10-11.
Thank you all and see you on the other side!

Anna Crissman
RE North Carolina Region – SCCA

Spring Sprints CANCELLED

For everyone’s safety VIR has decided to cancel all large group events through April 12, 2020. Although we would all love to go racing, we agree with VIR in that the safety of our members, participants, and VIR staff is of the utmost importance at this time.

If you have registered for the Spring Sprints Super Tour event, and you are due a refund you will automatically receive your refund in full once we cancel the event in MSR.

We hope everyone is staying safe and doing what you need to remain healthy.

We are looking forward to the SARRC/MARRS event on May 9-10. We are going to assess the situation. We will let everyone know what the plans are when we know them.

We will miss seeing everyone and look forward to racing together soon.

Anna Crissman
RE North Carolina Region – SCCA

New Developments in Regional Racing with NC Region for 2020

North Carolina Region is implementing a number of changes and enhancements to its Regional racing program at VIR for 2020. Here’s a rundown:

  • SARRC: All of NC Region’s SARRC races will comfortably exceed the minimum required length as prescribed by SARRC rules. Saturday qualifying sessions are being increased to 20 minutes and Sunday races are being increased to 35 minutes. In exchange, Sunday qualifying has been replaced by 10-minute open practice. May’s races will be a little shorter due to an additional run group.
  • APC; ECR: SEDIV’s popular Enduro series are being reworked for 2020. After suffering from tight schedules and shorter races in recent years, both series have settled on a new standard race length. APC and ECR will run 65-minute races each day in 2020. The new length is designed to allow two drivers to each have a 30-minute shift around a mandatory 5-minute pit stop. However, there is no requirement to have two drivers. A driver may ‘solo’ the Enduro if desired.
  • TCS: Tarheel Cup Series is unique to VIR. For 2020, it’s being re-tooled to become a 45-minute race to be run concurrently with ECR & APC. It will be specifically targeted at drivers for whom two 30-minute SARRC races aren’t enough, but either don’t want to, or whose cars are not well-suited to compete in a longer two-driver Enduro. In order to trophy and accumulate series points, a 5-minute pit stop is still required, but a driver may ‘waiver’ and forfeit the points and trophy to get 45 minutes of continuous seat time.
  • New Enduro-eligible classes added: For all Enduro series, additional classes will now be permitted to enter. Basically, all IT, Miatas (all forms), SRF (both varieties), Prod and GT3, and Small Bore will now be eligible to compete: B-Spec EP, FP, GT3, GTL, HP, ITA, ITB, ITC, ITR, ITS, IT7, IT7R, SM, SMT, SMSE, SMSET, SM5, SPU, SRF, SRF3, SRX7, SSM, STL, STU, T3, T4
  • Entry fees and discounts: We have been notified of a modest rent increase by VIR, along with a sanction fee increase and a new insurance deductible from SCCA. While we’ve had to increase initial entry fees slightly, in response we’ve increased the multi-race discounts for 2020 to help offset it. A third race is still $100 off while a fourth race is now $200 off bringing total discounts available to $325 for four races.

NCR Member & Runoffs Winner Bauguess Receives Mark Donohue Award

Broderick Bauguess, of Laurinburg, N.C., was named the 49th recipient of the RRDC Mark Donohue Award. This unique award is presented annually by the Road Racing Drivers Club for outstanding performance, competitiveness and sportsmanship during the Sports Car Club of America National Championship Runoffs®. It is voted on by RRDC members attending the Runoffs and/or viewing them live online.

In his first attempt to win the Runoffs, 22-year-old Bauguess qualified second behind defending champion Marshall Mast at the 56th SCCA® National Championship Runoffs® then drove his No. 133 Morehead Speedworks BMW SpecE46 to the Touring 3 class title on Oct. 12, 2019, at the 3.27-mile Virginia International Raceway in Alton, Va. He and Mast exchanged the lead six different times, each vying for fastest lap, with Bauguess ending up the victor, setting a track record of 2:05.354 seconds in the 15-lap, caution-free race and nosing out Mast by .396 of a second.

Bauguess immediately picked up his dad Allen to take him on the victory lap. “Our racing relationship is special,” said the younger Bauguess. “We are a team. Sharing these moments with my dad are things I will never forget. Some of the greatest memories at the track are just sitting in a fold-out chair in a quiet paddock while grilling some chicken wings and sharing a beer with my dad.

“After the victory lap, we looked at each other and just said, ‘we did it.’ He has sacrificed more for me than any person should. He is my biggest inspiration.”

The elder Bauguess helped Broderick achieve his dream after seeing his first IMSA race at VIR. He earned his competition license at age 15. “My parents didn’t like go-karts because there wasn’t a cage or safety belts,” said Broderick, “but my dad had been racing with my grandmother (Dorothy Bauguess), who raced with the SCCA in the late ’60s and ’70s, so he knew there were clubs that we could join.”

As for his race for the championship, “I was just focused forward trying to make the fastest and cleanest lap I possibly could,” he said. “I just had to make sure to not get excited and miss a shift or do anything that would take it from me. After the flag fell the only word I could say was, ‘YES!’”

Mark Donohue and the RRDC have always been on Bauguess’s radar. “I am a huge fan of the SAFEisFAST videos,” he said. “Being able to listen to some of the best drivers in the world and get their insight on driving technique, managing racing careers and, my personal favorite, the mental game, is invaluable.

“I don’t have the budget to work with professional coaches so being able to listen and learn from pros through these videos is extremely valuable,” he said, adding, “Receiving this award means so much to me because Mark was famous for understanding what it really meant to be part of a race team. Racing isn’t all about the driver, it’s about the people you work and race with to achieve your goals. I’m honored to receive this award because ours was a true team effort.”

RRDC president Bobby Rahal, a Runoffs champion (1975 Formula B) long before he won the 1986 Indianapolis 500, emphasized the RRDC Mark Donohue Award is “about personal spirit and performance behind the wheel. Those qualities are more important for this award than winning the race,” he said. “The RRDC honors Broderick not only for his outstanding drive to win, but for his passion for the sport he’s embraced and for being so cool under pressure.”

Every year, the RRDC Mark Donohue trophy is an engraved glass top mounted on a special, racing-experienced wheel, provided by an RRDC member. This year’s wheel was donated by Zak Brown, Chief Executive of McLaren Racing. The trophy consists of the front wheel rim built for the McLaren MP4-24 used during the 2009 Formula One season. The McLaren drivers for that season were the reigning world champion at the time, Lewis Hamilton, and Heikki Kovalainen. During that year the team earned 71 world championship points leading to a third-place finish in the constructors’ world championship.

New SCCA Member Account Portal is Live

Now that the National Convention is over, the new Member Account Portal is now open for use.  Go to SCCA.COM and click on the big Red rectangle “SCCA MEMBERS Member Account Portal Log In”. A new screen will show asking for your member number and password. When this is all entered, the next screen will be the new revised membership screen showing your licenses and expiration dates and other stuff. You can also update the Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) data including any new info not already listed or update any errors on entries that are already in place. Look through it all and the other possibilities available. It may not all work, but it’s worth looking at now and even updating your events if your membership is due soon.

NCR’s Anthony Seaber is the new Formula Mazda National Champion

In a rain-soaked race at VIR for the 2019 SCCA National Championship Runoffs, NCR’s own Anthony Seaber of Hillsboro, North Carolina, narrowly defeated NCR’s other well-known Formula Mazda driver, Robert Noell of Kure Beach for the win, and became the Formula Mazda National Champion for 2019.

Read more here:

NCR’s Broderick Bauguess is the new Touring 3 National Champion

At his first-ever appearance at the Runoffs, Broderick Bauguess swapped the lead 6 times with the defending National Champion  Marshall Mast, and set a new track record before claiming his title!

Read more here

Heather Clark Awarded National F&C Worker of the Year at VIR Runoffs

Heather Clark, NCR Co-Flag Chief, and BoD Member-at-Large has been awarded the National Flagging & Communication Worker of the Year at the VIR Runoffs.

The SCCA press release stated, “The Flagging and Communications Worker of the Year is North Carolina Region’s Heather Clark. During her service to the SCCA Clark has served on the Region board, been Flag Chief and Assistant Chief for the last three years, and her experience and attitude has earned her the respect of fellow workers and drivers as she took on the role of a teacher and leader.”

Congratulations Heather! A well-deserved award!

Buddy Matthews 1942-2018

Alfred “Buddy” Matthews, long time NCR member, racer, Chief of Tech, former RE  and current Chapter Coordinator for the West Chapter tragically lost his life in a traffic accident on Monday, December 3rd.
Buddy was RE from 1987 through 1994, Assistant RE in 1986, and seemingly Chief of Tech or co-chief forever (officially since 1989). He was DA for Tech for a number of years as well. The Region presented him with several awards, including a Lifetime Achievement award in 2005.

We will miss him greatly.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be directed to the American Heart Association.

NCR Awards Banquet Returns to Wilmington this Year

NCR’s Annual Awards Banquet returns to Wilmington this year, on January 12th at the Brooklyn Arts Center in downtown Wilmington.
For more information, prices, dinner menu, etc., please click here.