F&C Newsletter – February 5, 2013

February 5, 2013

North Carolina Region SCCA F&C

February something, 2013

Welcome 2013

Good News! The Ground Hog predicts an early spring and you can count on this since he’s a meteorologist and all… Time to gear up for March Memories!   Try on and stretch out those orange tipped whites.  Clean out and replenish that track bag (crumbled Grandma’s Cookies go great on ice cream).

Check out the NCR Website for the latest news from the election and awards banquet.  A quiz will be held later.

March Memories

March 9th & 10th, 2013 at VIR

Make sure you check the schedule as there have been some changes.   The Executive Board of Directors has decided to reduce the entry fee for the racers, which should boost participation.  It should yield some exciting races that you don’t want to miss.  You might even want to take a peak at the supps.

The Tarheel Cup Pro Series will include us in their new program matching drivers and workers.  The drivers will be encouraged to develop their fan base by finding a worker who will root for them.  If your driver wins, you win…something.

More cars mean we need you more than ever, register on MotorsportReg.com. Before, after or during this time, you can also help out by bringing driver’s out of their garages. Get the word out there for March memories and other races. We always ask you to bring new flaggers but what fun is flagging with no cars?

Register at MotorsportReg.com

Do you know those wonderful registrars that get you in and out of registration so quickly? Sure you do. They have streamlined the registration process even more.   Now you can register on-line at MotorsportReg.com on the same “event” the drivers use.  

You will move through the process by clicking the “continue” button, agree with everything, check “registration type”, pick driver registration if you are racing, pick volunteer registration if you are with us, select your specialty, like F&C, pick your days, fill in the optional choices like work T13 with Heather Clark, list any guests, agree with more stuff, then click I’m Done, Finish!  Easy Peasy!

The 12 Hours of Sebring (61st Anniversary)

Saturday, March 16th

It’s not been long since the 24 ended. Are you already missing Florida? Did you not make the 24 but still want to rub it in to all your non-racing friends that you’re in sunny Florida while the March winds are still chilly everywhere else (possibly)? Go further South for the 61st Anniversary of the 12 Hours of Sebring. It will be as fabulous as always and maybe even crazier! Lodging for Sebring is much different than at Daytona. Hosted again by the fabulous CFR, there’s worker camping for tents, pop-ups, RVs…and it’s F-R-E-E. CFR feeds workers very well. Just throwin’ that in there. Aaaaand all the beautiful people.

Though the race itself is on the 16th, practices, qualifyings and all sorts of other funness will be happening before that.  As with the 24, you will want to use the CFR Pro Worker Application Process. Yes, this is new for 2013. It was used for the 24, this and is the same for St. Pete’s. The deadline for Sebring is February 20th, so hurry hurry, chop chop, get a move on!

Continue to keep tabs on Sebring stuff here as well.

Folks you know went to Daytona



Click for Recap

Many people you know went to Daytona for the 24-Hour again this year.  Brian Huff, Ashley Smith, Brendan Kaczmarek, Eric Thomas, Steve Bridges, some of the DC Nuts, Tom Long and Juan Pablo Montoya, to name a few.

Be one of the travelers. Get out there and travel!

Worker Tips


Does this look familiar? No? Then you really, REALLY need to pay attention to the following. It doesn’t have to be hot out to get dehydrated. It’s important to remember to stay properly hydrated at all times. If you’re not that big into drinking water, at least step it up a day before an event starts and continue it throughout that event. There’s bunches of stuff you can add to your water to make it a little tastier. Ask Romanowski about Mio, for instance.

There are different theories on sports drinks. Part of this is due to the sugar content of some of them. However, they can help balance your electrolytes when you sweat, mostly when it’s hot and humid out (as with many of our events). Eating a banana can help with this as well (for even more info on bananas click here). The sugar and caffeine in sodas? Not so great for hydration either.

Know what you are ingesting and how it helps or hurts your quest to stay hydrated. When all else fails, resort to the tried and true WATER (just not that of the stagnant pond variety). REMEMBER: when you exhibit any symptoms of dehydration, you’re already more dehydrated than you may realize. So sad when you can easily prevent this.

  • EAT

Does this really need any explanation? We really don’t need EV tied up with our emergencies during an event, like someone passing out from having not eaten. Especially when again, it’s PREVENTABLE. Sure sugary stuff may give you a boost, but plan accordingly for sustained energy that doesn’t dissipate almost immediately. On a hot and humid day, a 7-course meal full of grease probably won’t be your best friend while on turn. REMEMBERCHOCOLATE MELTSWhat may have started out as a bar o’ chocolate will be chocolate soup if not kept in a cooler on those rather warm days.


Sunblock (PABA free) SPF Ridiculously High applied more often than often. Lip balm/chapstick (PABA & petroleum free) again with SPF (helps lips against wind and dehydration as well). Hats, long sleeves, bandanas, sunglasses (UVA and UVB blocking)…You get the idea. Not only will you skirt a burn but in the long run you are reducing the chances that you will develop that nasty, nasty C word. REMEMBER: You can still get burned when it’s cool and cloudy.


If you have any health concerns (allergies, limitations/restrictions, medications…) let your Corner Captain know. If you’re the Corner Captain, let your peons know. Not your entire medical history, just the stuff that may be relevant. Do you have an Epi-Pen for an allergy to bee stings? Do you have medication, and where is it located, in the event that you pass out and your co-corner workers may need to give it to you? Nobody will know unless you tell them. Corner Captains tend to ask this type of question after having asked what your experience level is, but we all forget things when trying to get everything set up for the day. You can also contact Ye Ol’ Flag Chiefs with any pertinent information to help them when they make assignments.


NCR SCCA 2013 Race Schedule

Mark Your Calendar!

March Memories – March 9-10

Oak Tree Double National – April 19-21

Double SARRC/MARRS – May 11-12

Goblins Go – October 19-20

Charge of the Headlight Brigade – October 25-26


Miscellaneous Stuff

So, some flaggers had a few concerns about T7 in it’s new-ish location. Not only were there some grumblings, but there were also suggestions on how to make this a better (read:safer, more reassuring…) turn to work. “They” have listened to the people! Come out to see some of the work that was done based on concerns, possible solutions and constructive conversation.

As always, if you have something you want to get in here, let us know. This can be a worker schedule for other regions, pictures from any events you may have attended, something, something, something…

Let us know if you want us to add your email to the mailing list. If you didn’t get this F&C Newsletter by email, then you need to let us know, so we can add you.

Now for the quiz: 

Who was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award? 


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