Happy Thanksgiving!

On this wonderful Thanksgiving Day I just want to say:
Thanks to my lovely wife, Joni, for letting me play with the SCCA.

Thanks to the SCCA for giving everyday Americans access to the world of motorsports.
Thanks to motorsports for hosting sports car racing events at such awesome places like VIRginia International Raceway, Daytona, Sebring, Le Mans, Road America, Summit Point, Baltimore, Road Atlanta, Indy, and Circuit of the Americas.

Thanks to the events that attract some of the most amazing people in the world.
Thanks for the people who devote their talents, energy, and resources to their passion for excellence.

Thanks for the people who inspire creativity, innovation, and brilliance.
Thanks for the people who welcome each other as family; who live, love and laugh with each other all because of a common passion for motorsports.
Thanks for the people who care and support each other away from the track; who will ride life to the very end looking for the final checkered flag.
Thanks for all the people we encounter in our lives; each one is unique, just like the rest of us.

And thanks to YOU for being a part of it all.

Eric Danielsen

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Give Thanks …

After I joined SCCA I went to the Region’s annual banquet in Danville VA. I remember looking through the crowd and only recognizing a few F&C faces. As the banquet progressed, everyone was clapping and laughing as the winners of this award and that award were presented. I had a blast but didn’t know any of the folks who won the awards.

Several years later I managed to attend the Run-Offs at Mid-Ohio as a Steward-in-Training. I can still recall the SCCA Worker-of-the-Year ceremony held outdoors in the biggest tent. I remember all the worker-whites and patches from here to California. At the ceremony, they presented the Worker-of-the-Year with a trip to the 24 Hour of LeMans. Wow! Having been to LeMans back in the ‘SilkCutJag’ mid-80s I couldn’t think of a nicer experience for any worker.

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Check out these videos from the 13 Hour “Charge of the Headlight Brigade…

First is this video of Pam Thompson splitting the grid that Eric Danielsen posted on You Tube,

Justin Deffenbaugh posted this time lapsed video of the pits at the 13 Hour

Also, here’s a link to some pics that Pete Romanowski sent. That’s one awesome sunset over Turn 17 from the Start stand! Click here.

Great work guys! Thanks!

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ALTON, VA – (NCRSCCA) –Wow! The Region’s Thirteen-hour Tailgate Party and Cooking Contest was an unqualified success!  There were participants from all over – New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Texas, and even the Netherlands!  Yes, our party at VIR was a must-attend stopover on the international scene. And the food was fabulous!  I was on Station 17 all day with RE Rex Deffenbaugh and various volunteers from the racing teams. Racing Teams?  Oh yeah, I need to mention the “Charge of the Headlight Brigade” enduro we had as entertainment.  That made this the best tailgate party ever!

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