Happy Thanksgiving…and get your award nominations in now!

November 27, 2012

Give Thanks …

After I joined SCCA I went to the Region’s annual banquet in Danville VA. I remember looking through the crowd and only recognizing a few F&C faces. As the banquet progressed, everyone was clapping and laughing as the winners of this award and that award were presented. I had a blast but didn’t know any of the folks who won the awards.

Several years later I managed to attend the Run-Offs at Mid-Ohio as a Steward-in-Training. I can still recall the SCCA Worker-of-the-Year ceremony held outdoors in the biggest tent. I remember all the worker-whites and patches from here to California. At the ceremony, they presented the Worker-of-the-Year with a trip to the 24 Hour of LeMans. Wow! Having been to LeMans back in the ‘SilkCutJag’ mid-80s I couldn’t think of a nicer experience for any worker.

The next year when North Carolina Region (NCR) asked for nominations for our banquet, I wrote a few lines about some volunteers who displayed initiative and demonstrated leadership. While I was writing those nominations, I remembered my time in the U.S. Air Force, 2066th Communications Squadron and working with Captain Gene Benson. For about 2 years, Captain Benson and I wrote a boat-load of awards and performance reports. Space was always a concern, normally ten lines for an award but only three type-written lines for a performance report. Captain Benson insisted we pack those lines with every adjective know to mankind and avoid everything else. Incomplete sentences okay. His style always paid off. Our Airmen got Achievement, Commendation and Service awards. When reading Captain Benson’s performance reports, you knew how those Airman performed. Turns-out Captain Benson’s style is kind-of-like texting with spellcheck. Oh, all of my nominations received awards that year. WooHoo!

Since then I’ve been to a few South East Division (SEDiv) banquets down at Jekyll Island. To my dismay however, most of those awards continue to go to other Regions. I recall reading the lists of previous winners and noticed many of NCR’s senior members as recipients. I wondered why NCR members aren’t recognized for awards like in the past? I know our folks perform just as well and in most cases better than other regions in the SEDiv. I’ve worked other Regions and NCR is head & shoulders above most. Folks, we have the best volunteers in the nation and they need recognition.

It seemed to me, every year we presented members with Worker-of-the-Year, Member-of-the-Year and Lifetime Achievement awards but that’s as far as they went. No SEDiv or SCCA nominations. Then I figured it out. Like our Regional awards, we have to nominate our members for the SEDiv and SCCA awards. So, last month I made a motion at the NCR Board of Directors meeting. My motion was to take our annual award winners and nominate them for both SEDiv and SCCA awards. The board passed my motion without dissent. Now our members will be nominated for top SEDiv and SCCA awards and both will learn just how good NCR members are.

Guess what? It’s time again for annual award nominations. Do you know someone who has racing in their blood? They don’t have to be the BEST worker just a GREAT representative. Look around, the next Worker-of-the-Year is working right beside you. E-mail your nominations to James Shanks (Award Chairman) . Do it now! Nominations close December 1st .

Need help? Call or email me 919-601-5544 stevekeadle@gmail.com. It’s really easy… And maybe you’ll get more out of your membership like I have.

Steve Keadle, National Steward


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