West Chapter Report – August 2016

After having had our West Chapter meeting at Coopers Ale House for over five years it seems strange to pull into a new parking lot for the first time. With a little luck, we will be holding meetings at Porter House Bar and Grill for at least 5 more years. Having to make changes in things like when and where your meetings will be held and properly notifying your members of the changes is always a chore and not something you want to do any more often than absolutely necessary. The positive here is that we should be able to get some increase in attendance as the space in the meeting room should give us more space for additional attendees. I do realize that this growth doesn’t come from just acquiring a larger room and will take some effort on the part of the members to get out and find new people to come to the meetings. To be honest about this new room I knew going in that there may be at least one possibly small problem right off the bat. There was the chance that the primary meeting room might be being used, but I was told that often the other group did not need the room and that there would be an almost never used room adjacent to the meeting room that could be used if the other group was there and there was also a nice outdoor patio that could be used. Well, as things would be, the other group did show up, the always vacant other room was busy and the weather didn’t make the use of the patio a viable option. This leads me to this announcement: The regular meeting schedule of the West Chapter is now changed to the First Wednesday of each month. Tuesday is no longer meeting day. Please make a note to attend our Chapter meeting on Wednesday. The first Wednesday meeting will be September 7, 2016. Please help getting the word out to everyone living in the area known to be the West Chapter. I consider anyone in SCCA who has a 336 area code to be in our Chapter. I have a mailing list that uses that area code exclusively.

After everyone in attendance was properly fed, we all closed up our ranks so I wouldn’t have to yell to be heard and proceeded with the normal business portion of our meeting. I presented the highlights of the minutes of the July 20, 2016 BOD meeting held in Durham, NC. The Following items of interest from the Minutes were discussed by the West Chapter members:

  1. Financial report from the Region treasurer Steve Keadle followed by a request to the BOD that we have a bit of patience with him in preparing and providing some financial reports on a more timely basis. Both personal and professional constraints on his time had prevented his being able to address some of his reports. The entire Board felt that we could continue with our work and allow Steve the time to get caught up.
  2. Progress on the Region’s Exhibit Tent to be used at the IMSA Event at VIR was reported. There will be efforts to sign up new SCCA members which should include several types of discounts to be used to entice joining at the event. John Lindquist has everything on track for this event.
  3. Rates for website advertising were provided by Jeff Eng. Some West Chapter members looked over Jeff’s recommendations and considered them appropriate
  4. Based on several delays and the sudden passing of James Buckberry, cook extraordinaire for our Picnics, the 2016 Picnic has been cancelled.
  5. Buddy Matthews, Chapter Coordinator for the West Chapter reported much progress on the new site for the 2016/17 NCR Awards Banquet to be held in the Greensboro, NC area. A meeting of the group working on this party held a discussion about this following to close of the Chapter meeting.
  6. Enduro Class Structure and Entry Fees were discussed as were the rules about tires with the decision that SCCA classes may run same tires allowed in SCCA races.  Le/Chump cars will be required to have previous body damage repaired. Entry fees for 8 and 13 hour classes will be $795 and $1095.
  7. Sam Fouse and Rex Deffenbaugh from Mid-Year Meeting.

New SEDiv Class-NASA Spec E30

A Major at Roebling over 4th of July, not particularly well received anywhere

NCR given Green Light to hold 55th Anniversary of Formula Vee in 2018

Several Tracks raising rates

Rex named Region Liason for V8 Road Racing Series

Several things to honor memory of James Buckberry were discussed.

  1. James Shanks and Buddy Matthews have both been working on different ways of preserving items of the NCR Region history with James archiving the printed records of the clubs past and Buddy using the Scale Room as a museum of artifacts and retired awards. Both of them may need you help and contributions for their collections and both have expenses involved with collection and presentation of their collections. The BOD approved the funding of these efforts.
  2. Pete Romanowski has been selected to assume the previous Starter duties of James Buckberry and the West Chapter supports him in these duties.

After discussion with the BOD and MAL Heather Clark from Danville, the idea of any formal attempt by the West Chapter to include any of the NCR members into the West Chapter is not prudent based more than anything the wide area in which they live. They are always welcome to attend any function of any NCR Chapter they might want to attend

Buddy Matthews, West Chapter Coordinator


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