Cape Fear Chapter Report – December 2021

Cape Fear Chapter Meeting 12/7/21

The meeting began at 7pm. This meeting was hosted online over Google Meeting, as has all of the 2021 Cape Fear Chapter Meetings. The attendees of the meeting were John Bodnar, Tara Arnette, Justin Arnette, and Kit Williams. Steven Persico joined a few minutes after the meeting started.

This first issue discussed was the Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator position. As of this meeting, no replacement has been found for myself, Kit Williams, as I will be moving into the position of NCR Board Secretary after 4 years in the Chapter Coordinator position. We have made multiple attempts to find or convince another member to take the position and have so far been unsuccessful. We will continue to look for a new Coordinator and will also seek the help of Anna Crissman, NCR RE.

We then discussed several items related to the autocross season and the plans for 2022. We will be having a year end banquet as a region and the Solo program will be presenting awards at it, but more detailed plans cannot be made until the banquet has been scheduled. The 2022 autocross schedule has been presented to the base C.O. at Cherry Point for approval, so we have a rough idea of when we will autocrossing next year but cannot post those dates until they are approved by the base. There are several year-end housekeeping items that need to be addressed. The Solo trailer needs to be cleaned and organized, supplies need to be restocked, fire bottles need to be recharged, etc. We will need to plan a date to get these taken care of before the first event of the year which should be in March.

We also discussed the NCR Road Racing schedule for 2022, as well as several other events in our area, such as National TT, the Runoffs, NCR’s TT program, etc.

Typically the December meeting involves elections for the next year’s Cape Fear Chapter positions, but as there were no nominees for those positions at this time, no vote was had. John Bodnar volunteered to continue as Solo Timing Chief for 2022.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.

-Kit Williams

Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator


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