BOD Minutes – November 20, 2013

Summary of the Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
November 20, 2013

PRESENT: Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, Buddy Matthews, John Lindquist, Annie Lindquist, Neil Harrison, Jerry Pell, James Shanks, Bruce Dover, Steve Rose, Mark Senior, Blair Stitt, Ginny Condrey and, via telephone conference call, Blair Deffenbaugh, Sara Snider and Sam Fouse, and later joining the conference call, Heather Powers and Eric Danielson.

1.   The NCR BoD meeting for November was called to order by Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, at 7:48 PM on Wednesday, November 20, 2013, at Carver’s on Elm Restaurant, 106 West Elm Street, Graham, NC 27253 (Exit 147, I-85/40).

2.   The RE introduced guests in attendance: Annie Lindquist, Bruce Dover, Mark Senior, Blair Stitt and Steve Rose.

3.   Motion (Shanks/Harrison) to approve the minutes of the NCR BoD meeting of October 9, 2013; Passed.


   Treasurer, Steve Keadle, was not able to attend this meeting, but he submitted a written Financial Report, which the BoD discussed. The BoD discussed the expense item of $16,900.00, listed as the cost of the merchant’s fees/service charges, including Motorsports Regs. fees, which expense item is indicated in the Financial Report. Ginny Condrey indicated that this expense amount is being further analyzed. The report reflects that for the year, to date, the largest single expense item is VIR track rental, the second being food service costs, the third being merchant fees/service charges, the fourth being insurance, the fifth being advertising, the sixth being the Majors race fee paid to SCCA and the seventh being Tech expense. It was pointed out that Tech, this year, had a non-recurring major expense for the residing and refurbishing of the scales room at VIR, being a portion of the responsibilities of Tech, which related cost is, therefore, included as an expense for Tech. Based on the current Financial Report, it appears the food costs for the 13 Hour event in October, 2013 will exceed the budgeted amount, by more than $2,700.00, for this event. Both Sara Snider and Ginny Condrey indicated they would look into this over budget matter at this event and will see if they can determine why, apparently, the food costs for the 13 Hour Enduro event in 2013 exceeded the budgeted amount.


1.   Email Blast Program. Sam Fouse indicated, in response to a question, that we can now use the Region’s own database for communication through our Region’s email blast program with the membership of the NCR, for such things such as giving information on the upcoming BoD voting and the annual banquet. In response to another question, Sam indicated that we can use the Region’s own database next year to promote, using an email blast, the Region’s race events at VIR, in lieu of magazine print advertising of our VIR race events. With reference to how the Region processes and effectuates our email blasts, Sam advises that John Uftring, Eric Danielson and Bruce Dover volunteered to be on his committee to setup the email blast program. Hopefully, the Publicity Committee will still prepare the content (ad copy) for of an email to be sent, through our email blast program, advertising the Region’s 2014 VIR race events. It was pointed out that once the content of the proposed email blast has been created and approved, that we need to know who it is to be sent to, who will identify the persons or group of people in the database to receive the proposed email blast and then send same. It was pointed out that Eric Danielson is most familiar with using our email blast program (Constant Contact). It is hoped that he will accept the responsibility to “send” the approved email(s) through our Region’s email blast program, to the designated groups or individuals who are targeted to receive an NCR email blast. The BoD also discussed the issue of including major graphics within the email blast content and the problem this potentially causes, as graphics require greater memory than just text. It was suggested, however, that some limited graphics will need to be included, such as the Region’s logo, and/or the logo of a particular race series, in the email message that is being promoted by the NCR email blast.

   Sam Fouse advised that our email blast program was used for the 2013 13 Hour Enduro event, though it was sent out at the very last minute. This late timing issue is a concern to the BoD, as an email blast should not be delayed or held up for tweaks to graphics, or otherwise, and it was suggested that the above referenced committee, or a designated member thereof, be authorized to expedite the timely sending of the email blast(s), taking such appropriate action(s) as may be necessary to resolve any legitimate concerns about the text content or graphics, so as to avoid any delays in timely sending the email blast.

   It was also suggested that the Region send an email blast early on in 2014 of all the NCR’s race events at VIR in 2014 (2014 Schedule). Then, about six weeks before each NCR race event at VIR, that another email blast for that particular race be sent to all the SCCA drivers identified in the Region’s email database program. By using the email blast program to promote the Region’s race events at VIR in 2014, it is anticipated that the Region will be able to reduce its magazine print advertising costs substantially, thus saving or eliminating this large expense item, which the Region has incurred in prior years.

2.   SARRC/MARRS Race at VIR in 2014. The RE advises that he has recently talked with the RE of the DC Region and the DC Region will, at its next meeting in December, 2013, discuss their participation in a 2014 SARRC/MARRS race event at VIR. It is anticipated that, again, in 2014 the MARRS race groups will be included with the SARRC race groups in our May, 2014 race event, at VIR, subject to verification of their participation, after the DC Region’s meeting in December, 2013.


1.   The BoD discussed who from the NCR may be attending the 2014 SEDiv. Convention in Georgia in early 2014 and the 2014 National SCCA Convention in Charlotte in March, 2014. Sara Snider suggests that the NCR has enough Stewards, who are from our Region, to handle our Region’s race events without outside help, though we commonly invite a Steward from out of Region to serve as the Chairman of SOM. With reference to the National SCCA Convention, the motion adopted by the BoD for the 2013 SCCA Convention, limited financial support, from the Region, to the then sitting NCR BoD members who attended the SCCA convention. By Motion made and seconded, it was moved that again, this year, the Region’s financial support of NCR members attending the 2014 National Convention be limited to then sitting NCR BoD members, and, as before, that the direct costs incurred by the RE and Assistant RE in attending the Convention be fully covered, with the remaining attendees, who are then sitting BoD members, sharing on a pro-rata basis, the unused portion of the total amount budgeted for this Convention, being the same total amount as was budgeted for last year; Passed. The consensus of the BoD with reference paying the expenses of the types paid in 2013, to those who attend the 2014 SEDiv. Convention in Georgia, is that the same reimbursement arrangement be followed this year (2014) as was approved last year for the 2013 SEDiv Conventions.

2.   Enduro Series. Steve Keadle, who could not be present at this BoD meeting, put this item on the agenda, which item was tabled until the next BoD meeting, so as to allow Steve to then present the matter to the BoD.

3.   2014 Race Entry Fees. Race entry fees in 2013 were $195.00 for a SARRC race, $295.00 for an ECR race and $250.00 for a Tarheel Cup Pro Series race. The BoD discussed the need for possibly increasing these fees, or leaving them unchanged for 2014. After realizing that the 2013 year-end P&L numbers (report) for the NCR will be necessary in order to properly consider this issue, the BoD agreed to address this 2014 entry fee matter at a later date, after it has had an opportunity to review the 2013 year end P&L numbers, which the BoD anticipates will show a loss for the year 2013. The 2014 Budget, and its adoption, which is a subject for the next BoD meeting will, by necessity, include the consideration of the amount(s) of the race entry fees to be charged in 2014, as part of the 2014 budget process, which budget anticipates not only our expenses, but our anticipated income for 2014.

5.   Free Admission Passes. Ginny Condrey brought to the BoD’s attention the fact that the Alfa Romeo Club, and some others, presented free admission passes for some of our 2013 race events at VIR, which passes were created in 2013 with reference to the Region’s efforts to support the Angels Among Us Charity, but which passes authorized entry to any of our 2013 race events at VIR, not just the race event associated with the Angels Among Us Charity. Ginny indicated the problem this caused, because of the limited hours of operation of Registration and the fact that free admission passes did not specify the time period(s) when Registration would be open, so as to allow pass holders to obtain entry using these passes. The Secretary was directed to review prior BoD meeting minutes to see what prior action, if any, the BoD took with reference to the distribution of these free admission passes, to the Alfa Romeo Club and to others, if such details are reflected in prior BoD minutes.

6.   Annual Banquet Fee. The BoD discussed the fee to be paid by attendees at the Region’s Annual Banquet in January, 2014. It was pointed out that the cost of the banquet may have increased over last year, by some amount, for the January 2014 Banquet; the BoD decided to, therefore, increase the fee to be paid by the attendees at the January 2014 Banquet by an amount sufficient to cover any increase in cost over the prior (2013) year’s banquet cost.

7.   Worker’s Credits. Ginny inquired as to paying for some questioned worker’s credits when a specialty chief, for some reason, cannot confirm or recall punching a worker credit card for a member, who allegedly worked an NCR event or events. The BoD suggested that the situation at issue be first addressed informally and further suggested that the Specialty Chief for the worker(s) at issue, talk to the workers, or the workers’ parent, if a minor, to see if the matter can be clarified. At the next Comp Board meeting the Comp Board Chairman will advise all Specialty Chiefs of the potential problems of not keeping up with the punching of the worker credit cards, when a member’s worker credit card is brought into question, and the Specialty Chief is unable to identify, recall or confirm how the questioned worker credit punch(s) was obtained.


1)   Chapters

      a. Cape Fear: No report.

      b. Triangle: James Shanks, Triangle Chapter Coordinator, advised that 20 people attended their last chapter meeting, which discussed the 13 Hour Enduro race event at VIR, in October, 2013, and viewed some good in-car video, provided by Steve Rose. Another topic discussed was obtaining feedback on how people felt about our 13 Hour Enduro race event, which feelings were generally very positive.

      c. West: Buddy Matthews, West Chapter Coordinator, advised that 17 people attended the last West Chapter Meeting. The membership discussed and reviewed the business discussed at the preceding NCR BoD meeting and also discussed the changes being made at VIR in the Paddock and on the track, via repaving and widening etc.

2)   Committees

      a. Awards: James Shanks, Awards Chairman, advises that the Awards Committee will meet immediately following this BoD meeting. He indicated that he requested from all of the Specialty Chiefs nominations for the annual awards for 2013, for presentation at the banquet in January, 2014, which nominations he requested be submitted by December 1st. Members of the Awards Committee are the 3 Chapter Coordinators and the 4 Members At Large, who select from among themselves a Chairman for this Committee.

      b. Banquet: No report.

      c. Comp. Board: Comp. Board Chairman, John Lindquist, advised that the Comp. Board last met on November 12th and that the Supps. have been prepared for the March 2014 VIR race event. Another Comp. Board meeting, via telephone, is scheduled for December 9th. John advises that for the Region’s March race at VIR in 2014 that the Region will try a new race chair arrangement whereby there will be three Race Co-Chairs, being Mark Senior, Justin Deffenbaugh and Eric Danielson. The intent being to broaden the base of knowledge, within the Region, as to serving as a race chair and learning the multiple factors involved in accomplishing this task

      d. Solo: No report.

      e. PDX/TT: Mark Senior, Chairman of this Committee, advises that in view of the Region’s anticipated negative cash flow (net operating loss) in 2013 and the resulting lack of available funds, that he does not anticipate the Region putting on a PDX or TT event in 2014.

      f. Membership: James Shanks, Chairman, advises that the Region now has 722 members. The Chairman advises that, nationally, SCCA membership is growing. He allowed that, personally, he does not care to participate in the SCCA’s incentive program to recruit new SCCA members, so as to personally receive indirect compensation through membership discounts and the like. James further advises that approximately 90% of all SCCA memberships are individuals involved in the SOLO program.

      g. Publicity: James Shanks, Chairman of the Publicity Committee, suggested that the BoD needs to consider the advertising budget amount for 2014, especially in view of the Region’s new email blast program now being available. James advises that his Committee spent its full advertising budget in 2013. James further indicated that we are now on the deadlines for placing advertising in the January, February and March editions of the two magazines we have traditionally used for advertising our VIR race events. James made certain suggestions as to limiting our 2014 print advertisements to 1 to 4 ads in one or two of the magazines we have normally used. Motion (Pell/Lindquist) to put only one print ad in Grassroots Motorsports in early 2014, giving the Region’s full race schedule at VIR in 2014; Passed.

      h. Charities: No report.

       i. Tarheel Cup Pro Series: Steve Rose, TCPS Administrator, presented a written financial report for the Series, indicating its funds on hand as of November 20, 2013, and its projected expenses through 12/31/13, showing a year end balance carry forward of $416.52. One of the expense items included in the projected expenses was the purchase of $600.00 in NCR entry fee coupons from the NCR, for use towards NCR entry fees at VIR races in 2014, to be awarded to the champions of the classes competing in the TCPS in 2013. Steve also advised of an inquiry he received from the Carolina Cup regarding its desire to return to VIR for racing with the NCR’s events at VIR. No written proposal has been received from Carolina Cup as to the basis for such participation, etc., and the BoD, therefore, took no action as to this matter.


   Pursuant to the NCR’s Bylaws, nominations for the four BoD positions open for election in December, 2013, to serve for the next 2 years (2014 and 2015) are to be submitted to the Secretary by the close of this month’s BoD meeting. The Secretary announced that nominations have been received, as follows for:

   1. Regional Executive – Rex Deffenbaugh and Sara Snider

   2. Secretary – Steve Rose

   3. Members at Large (2 positions open) – Marcel Ciascai, Bruce Dover, Heather Powers, Blair Stitt and Michael Spencer.

   There being no further business to come before the meeting by motion made and seconded the meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:35 PM.


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