Danville, Virginia – April 15, 2015 – VIRginia International Raceway, NCR’s home track and one of America’s premier road courses, has announced NISSAN® as the official track auto partner. The major new sponsorship deal includes a multi-year partnership that builds on the auto manufacturer’s many decades of motorsports passion and innovation.

“VIR is an exceptional track to test Nissan technology and performance,” said Rick Kulach, Senior Planner – Motorsports Marketing Communications for Nissan North America. “It is a beautiful, demanding, exhilarating road course unlike anywhere else, especially in the Mid-Atlantic. We’re proud to officially partner with VIR and look forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship celebrating racing and innovation.”

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This is a notification to all competitors in SCCA of a change/addition to the rule requiring the weight of the car being posted on the sides of the car to be visible to the operator of the scales being used at impound. For years now the rule as published, has allowed those running in eleven (11) classes to exempt themselves from the rule based on the fact that the entire class has the same minimum weight. Actually, this is not true as several of the listed classes allowed exemption have 2 or more weights. In most of the classes that this occurs, nothing about the appearance of the car would be apparent to the scale operator that the car on the scale should weigh differently than another same class car. Only by going to the class rules can one ascertain that there are different engines used in the class and that there should be no reason for the exemption from the rule to post the weight of the car on it’s sides. If you are racing in ASR, 750 lbs is shown as the least your car can weight, but there is a chart for 6 other engines that are allowed in the class that all have a different weight. Formula Fords have 2 weights shown based on engines and Formula Mazda use 2 different engines that allow them to weigh differently. All of the versions of SRF that we now run together have different weights and should be off of the exemption list but they do at least require markings on the roll structure of the car that should allow the scale operator a way of figuring out which of the two weights that SRF sitting on the scale should be using.

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The old Start stand, which had stood in front of the Control Tower on the front straight since VIR reopened in 2000, is no more. It was torn down on November 6th and the trees at Pit Out are gone as well. This was done to make room for a widening of pit road.

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I am on the ballot to be “YOUR Area 12 Director”. You will receive in the mail this week a ballot from SCCA that will give you the opportunity to choose who represents you from 2014-2016. I have included my short platform, the long one will be with the ballot. This is one election that your vote really does count! I will be sending out surveys as needed to the membership when I am elected. PLEASE look at your ballot when it arrives and VOTE.
Thank you for your consideration,
Tere Pulliam

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Most of our members received e-mail updates from the National Office about the many races that comprised the 50th Anniversary RunOffs, October 16-23, but for those who did not, here’s a run down of how our local drivers fared. No, we didn’t crown any National Champions this year, but that doesn’t mean we were not well-represented.

In DSR, the Triangle’s own Doug Piner of Chapel Hill finished 6th after qualifying 9th in his Dauntless MX-1, powered by Suzuki. Since he gained all those positions on his own, Doug was presented with the Sunoco Hard Charger award. Way to go, Doug!! BTW, the race winner was Chris Farrell of Salt Lake City, Utah in a Stohr WF1.

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VIR no tree

Virginia International Raceway would like to thank their fans and community for their extraordinary support after the unfortunate event of VIR’s Mighty Oak falling down. “You have all made this event much easier to bear.”

VIR no tree

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Oak Tree

Alton, VA, July 2, 2013 – There is no easy way to say this – The Oak Tree is down. The iconic landmark that has come to symbolize VIRginia International Raceway has fallen, broken at the base.

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Double Double at VIR

May 11th & 12th, 2013

It’s almost time for the last race in our spring flurry, the Double SARRC/Double MARRS is this weekend!

You don’t want to miss it!

The Double MARRS / Double SARRC is always a great time and great races. Join us this weekend at VIR and you won’t be disappointed. The Double Double means more race cars and more racing excitement. Sign up now at motorsportreg.com

Two exciting days of racing along with the usual amenities – breakfast and lunch both days ( including a hot lunch on Sunday ) and a Saturday night social. Schedule and supps can be found here.

Remember to watch for the signs directing you to the new registration location as you enter the track. Registration is at the OLD Synergy building in the VIR Raceplex. You’ll need to turn right before you get to the guard gate.

Flag meeting at 7:35 at the north flag shack ( the usual place ) Green course at 8:20.

Your award winning NC Region Flag Chiefs
North Carolina Region SCCA

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The following announcement was sent out via email by VIR regarding fuel available at the track. For additional information, click the link in the story or write to info@virnow.com



January 31, 2013

In an effort to better serve our Track Renters, Participants and VIR Club Members, we have made the decision to replace the 112-octane fuel in the North Paddock with 98-octane (260 GTX).  This is an unleaded fuel which is ethanol-free and for off-road and racing applications only. 

We hope this switch will better serve our customers’ needs and make it more convenient for them by eliminating or reducing the need to bring drums of fuel to the track.  Of course, VIR will not enforce any restrictions against fuel grades we do not carry.

The following link will provide information from our website and rental contract and offers more information on the fuel available at VIR. http://virnow.com/about-vir/fuel/

As always, if you have any questions or comments about this change, please feel free to give us a call.


Kerrigan Smith
Director of Track Operations

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