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Looking for something to do for the next 20 weeks?

If you’ve never worked or driven at a race somewhere other than VIR, you should know that traveling to new tracks can be a great way to meet new friends, build on existing friendships, and learn more about what we do! Anyone who has traveled around will agree. So, how about visiting one of these wonderful facilities:

Summit Point Raceway in Summit Point, WV – Host Region Washington D.C. Region. For more information visit WDCR’s website: WDC REGION

Charlotte Motor Speedway near Charlotte, NC – Host Region: Central Carolinas Region. For more information visit CCR’s website: CENTRAL CAROLINAS REGION

Road Atlanta near Braselton, GA – Host Region: Atlanta Region. For more information visit Atlanta Region’s website: ATLANTA REGION

Roebling Road Raceway near Savannah, GA – Host Region: Buccaneer Region. For more information visit Buccaneer Region’s website: BUCCANEER REGION

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course near Mansfield, OH – Host Regions: Ohio Valley Region and Cincinnati Region. For more information about working F&C visit Lake Erie Communications’ new website: LEC.  For information about working all other specialties, or driving, visit Ohio Valley Region’s website: OV REGION or Cincinnati Region’s website: CINCY REGION


So many places to race – so little time

by Alan Morris

There are some experiences that every track junkie has to experience in their lifetime, and this bucket list item is about Virginia International Raceway, a hallowed and memorial track set on the grassy manicured grounds that were originally an old Southern plantation in Virginia.

It starts with an email of interest sent to the North Carolina Region SCCA and a request for accommodation to participate in the May 6-7th event, which elicited a prompt response that I would be most welcome, and they could find a place to include me subject to having a current SCCA membership.

Early Thursday morning with the BMW E30 race car loaded on the trailer, we set out for Virginia for an estimated 11 hour trip to the track. Ask me why it is a bad idea not to have a functioning Garmin GPS, and reliance on a GMC in car navigation system with a voice operator who understands no spoken language. Ask me why never to go through Pennsylvania, if you actually want to get anywhere unless you are on the interstate, rather than endless winding rural roads, or even ask why an 11 hour trip took 15 hours, but I am not saying any more.

Registration opened Friday midday and off to see the Chief Tech for car classification within SCCA guidelines, and affix class decals and numbers. This done and with rain starting to fall it was time for practice and to try to familiarise the way around the unknown track, locate marshal stations, etc.

Qualifying on Saturday morning, in bright and sunny weather, the little BMW E30 CASC-OR GT4 plunged into the fray classed as SCCA GT2. The Quali results sheet had some cars with lap times 30 seconds faster, and I thought it prudent to revisit the scrutineers with a request to re-assess, if possible, into another class. This caused much head scratching, but eventually it was reclassified back to the original ITS class, for the Saturday race event, with the proviso that the car would start from the last position 43 as there was no corresponding ITS Quali time.

The race was great fun and the little blue E30 managed to move up through the tail-enders to finish about 1/3rd of the way up in the field. After the race all the cars were weighed and when my turn came I was asked the weight of the car, to which I replied “haven’t a clue – we don’t weigh cars for Ontario regional bracket racing”. Apparently, the car was 190 lbs. underweight, although it is missing no parts other than regular race car interior removals, has Lexan side windows, original glass windscreen, and a fibreglass hood. This caused some consternation, reference to SCCA Regs, and much head scratching. The long and short of it was that the car was reclassified as an SPO class, a catch-all class which allows for more modifications and no weight limit, and moved from Race 5 group into Race 6 group which included “Big Bore”, and you guessed it, the car would have to start in last position because there was no SPO Quali time. I am 100% O.K. with this…I’m here to race.

Sunday morning, bright and sunny, and off to the pre-grid where the cars line up angled side by side in old Le Mans start style in their respective Quali positions with me at my customary place in last position, surrounded by a bevy of big bore Chevys, Mustangs, and a few Porsches. The 3 minute board goes up and the black Camaro to my left explodes into life, bellowing through the 5 inch side exit exhaust that exits at my driver’s ear left, and rocks the little blue BMW. I know for sure that I am not going to be passing any cars in this race, and it will be a challenging exercise in using your mirrors ALL THE TIME.

And so the race went, and I did pass a car, a Mustang, as it motored to a leisurely stop with unknown maladies.

One lap of VIR goes something like this. Exit pit exit and hustle down the front straight getting into 5th gear, before breaking hard and down two gears into Horseshoe, a sweeping right. Overtaking opportunity here, but the fastest line seems to early apex and then sweep around the outside maintaining momentum, but more powerful cars will duck in on the inside and pass you.

Three left-handers follow. An easy left, then move into mid outer track, and apex the second left Nascar Bend, then hook 4th gear and on to the third 90 degree left, drop down to 3rd gear, apex and stay fully left on exit to ease the entry into a sweeping right Snake that you will want to carry as much speed into as possible as it leads into a long uphill Climbing Esses, that jink left, then right, then left again and right again. Take as much kerb at each direction change as the car permits as you attempt to straighten the line. By the time you get to the top the car is pulling hard in 5th as you fly over the last kerb on the right hand side wheels, and the car settles back on all four wheels just in time to brake and downshift to 4th for a fast left hand South Bend, down another gear and enter the 3rd gear uphill right hand Oaktree hair-pin that leads you onto the long back straight. I never did get this quite right, and the oak tree is not there anymore.

Hammer down the back straight checking your mirrors for the front-runners of the pack of Porsches, big bore Chevys and Fords hunting you down to lap you. Brake hard at the last brake marker as you enter the left-hander, and continue trail braking to the apex of the Roller Coaster 90 degree right that leads into the downhill off camber esses.

Using all the off camber road and squeezing on the power, take some kerb into the following left hander and feed in more power as you enter the next downhill right. Hook 4th gear and hard on the power through Hog Pen, the car drifts out to the left, pit entry flashes past on your right and you are back onto the front straight, hammering through 5th to the end of a lap at VIR.

Repeat, until the starting flag man tells you top stop doing that. At the end of the day a great day of racing, and even a trophy plaque for 1st in class being the one and only SPO car in the big bore race.

Afterwards having loaded up the car onto the trailer, and adjourned to the Oaktree Tavern and Connie’s Pub, for a fine dining meal washed down with draft beer, you reflect on your good fortune, the warm welcome extended by the North Carolina Chapter of the SCCA, and the wonderful Southern hospitality that allowed you to participate and be included at this hallowed venue filled with memories and memorabilia of previous giants of motorsport.

Monday morning after a Southern breakfast spread prepared by Linda and Mama Gray at nearby Breezy Oaks farmhouse B & B, you head back on the long trip home.

Did the VIR event, meet and exceed all of my expectations? – HELL YES!

“Opie Goes Racing” is a SMASH HIT!!!

If you were at either of the last two NC Region events at VIR — the Spring Sprints Majors or The SARRC/MARRS Challenge — and DIDN’T see a screening of the new smash hit, “Opie Goes Racing”….well, what could you possibly have been doing that was more important?!? Anyway, here’s your chance for a private screening on your very own device! Just click and enjoy, “Opie Goes Racing”, courtesy of More Cowbell Productions.

Michelin to Sponsor “Michelin GT Challenge” at VIR

Global Technology Leader Becomes Title Sponsor for IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship Race at VIR

Danville, Va. – April 19, 2016 – Michelin North America and VIRginia International Raceway today announced that Michelin will become the title sponsor for the Michelin GT Challenge at VIR, the track’s largest race of the year. The IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship race takes place as the culmination of a premier racing weekend at VIR, Aug. 26 to 28.

“VIR has become one of the top racing venues in the country,” said Sarah Robinson, Motorsports Marketing Manager at Michelin North America. “Fans enjoy seeing production-based cars from the world’s top manufacturers race on one of the most challenging circuits.”

“VIR isn’t just a place we go racing but we also utilize the track to test street tires,” said Robinson.  “Collaborating with VIR is a great fit for a GT-only race weekend. The car clubs and fans from across the region all gather here for the fierce competition and the opportunity to see an incredibly diverse field of top drivers and teams compete in the WeatherTech Championship.”

VIR is the only track in the greater Mid-Atlantic area and one of only 12 tracks nationwide selected to host the WeatherTech Championship in 2016.  The race weekend will feature GT Le Mans and GT Daytona classes, serving as the only race of the year featuring only GT cars.

The GTLM class is the only class featuring open tire competition and is widely recognized as the most competitive in the world. Based upon manufacturers’ top production models, the class features factory-backed teams from Corvette, Porsche, Ferrari, Ford and BMW, all of which have chosen Michelin as their technical partner.

The GTD class, which features a Pro-Am format, includes – Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Dodge, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lexus and Porsche.

“The partnership with Michelin is a perfect match with the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship race at VIR,” said Connie Nyholm, owner and CEO of VIR. “This is going to be a weekend of premier class racing. The GTLM teams can pick their own tires, and all of those teams choose to run on Michelin. The brand offers trusted, exceptional tires with a dedication to both innovation and sustainability. We look forward to welcoming back our Michelin friends for a fun, family-friendly race weekend done right with southern hospitality.”

Fan festivities during the race weekend include testing, qualifying, car corrals, driver autograph sessions, team chats and technology talks. Guests can also take advantage of VIR’s many onsite amenities, like karting, off-roading and shooting sports. Advanced tickets for the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship weekend at VIR are available online starting at $40 for Friday-only and go up to $75 for a three-day ticket. All purchases are an additional $10 at the gate. Children 16 and under are admitted free of charge with a paying adult. To purchase advanced tickets or to learn more, visit

About Michelin North America

Dedicated to the improvement of sustainable mobility, Michelin designs, manufactures and sells tires for every type of vehicle, including airplanes, automobiles, bicycles, Earthmovers, farm equipment, heavy-duty trucks and motorcycles. The company also publishes travel guides, hotel and restaurant guides, maps and road atlases. Headquartered in Greenville, S.C., Michelin North America ( employs more than 22,650 and operates 20 major manufacturing plants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Official Notice from VIR on Track Maintenance

To our valued Track Renters:

VIR will be performing track maintenance this summer, tentatively from June 29th – July 31st.  Those groups who have been issued Track Rental Agreements with VIR still have firm event dates.  Those with dates that are traditionally held during our tentative closure have been contacted.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our customers, and please be assured the course of action we are taking is to ensure that VIR maintains the high standards that our loyal customers expect and demand.

This could be a great time frame to schedule a corporate teambuilding or group outing since the Patriot Course and VIR Resort activities and amenities (such as shooting ranges, skeet, kart track, spa, lodging and Oak Tree Tavern) will remain open with greater availability.


Connie Nyholm
Chief Executive Officer
VIRginia International Raceway
1245 Pine Tree Road
Alton, VA 24520

Tired of the Snow and Cold Weather? Well, hang in there…racing season is coming!!

Does the recent weather have you feeling like this?

But you’d rather feel like these guys?

Well, worry not friends! The most wonderful time of the year is nearly upon us! That’s right! It’s almost racing season and this year, that’s not the only exciting news the North Carolina Region of the SCCA has in store for you!

Read it here first, folks:

Carolina Cup Pro Series
Returns to VIR!
March 12-13, 2016
March Into Spring at VIR
We’ll be running DOUBLE everything! That’s right – a Double SARRC, as well as Double ECR, Double TCPS and RETURNING THIS YEAR… Double CCPS races.
Drivers will be able to enter two enduros at once. ECR, TCPS and CCPS will run concurrently. Enter the 90 minute ECR and also run either the 45 minute TCPS or 45 minute CCPS at the same time!
For Majors drivers this is also a great opportunity to get some valuable practice time in on the cheap for the upcoming dual-conference Majors event at VIR.
Registration opens on Groundhog Day on MotorsportReg.
In case you were wondering –  the average daytime high in Danville, Virginia in early March is around 60˚F with the azaleas starting to bloom. Spring racing weather!

Highlights of the 52nd SCCA Runoffs

Anna Crissman named SCCA’s 
Worker of the Year
in Timing & Scoring

Congratulations to NCR’s Chief of Timing and Scoring, Anna Crissman, a 15-year member of the Club come January, for her well-deserved recognition in the specialty she does so well. We knew she was good; now everybody else does too!

And we have more of the stories of personal sacrifice and outstanding achievement, even in the face of adversity, that make the SCCA Runoffs famous…

  • Our 2012 National Driver of the Year, CJ Moses, was literally all set to pull out for Daytona when a family emergency arose. He would not be able to go. So he transferred his entry to Marty Grand, his crew chief and friend from Washington DC Region. Marty qualified the car in 9th and finished 6th. Great job, guys!
  • Since 1976 our 2014 Lifetime Achievement winner, Dan Robson, has attended almost every Runoffs as either a competitor (there were about 28 of those years) or as a crew member. This year he was Crew Chief for our own Doug Piner in P2 and for Chad Bacon of Eastern Tennessee Region who took 2nd in GT3, after a great drive from 4th. Dan was ably assisted by NCR members Sam Fouse and Sam Neave, as well as others.  Making do was the order of the day when they replaced the broken carbon-fiber wing on Doug’s car with one made of $40 worth of materials from Home Depot!
  • NCR’s Mike Rossini was the engine builder for 14 (!) Spec Miata drivers in the historic SM race under the lights, including the race winner and now National Champion, Jonathan Goring. Mike actually had enough points to qualify himself, and he was planning to race, but a technicality got his entry rejected at the last minute, when it was too late to do anything about it. Too bad the SCCA national office couldn’t have let him know sooner! Sorry to hear that, Mike! Hope you can run next year and congratulations on providing the race-winning engine.
  • Randall Kinsland, who was Conference Champion in GT2 of the Southeast Majors Tour for the second year in a row, was the class of the GT2 field in his Corvette, until it developed overheating problems. After passing everyone else in practice, he qualified 8th in his only successful attempt, but could not start the race. The good news is that his engine has been rebuilt and he plans on attending the ARRC at Road Atlanta. Better luck there and next year at the Runoffs, Randy!

Also, videos on-demand of all the races from this year’s Runoffs are available here:

17 NC Region Drivers contested the 52nd SCCA Runoffs





Jason Connole
2002 Mazda Miata
Protech Bedliners/Rossini Engines




Randall D Kinsland
2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Crossroads Motorsports




Joseph B Cooley
2006 Mazda MX-5 Miata




Don Knowles
1999 Pontiac Firebird




Keith Church
1974 Toyota Corolla
Prodbodies Race glass




Bryan Yates
2006 West




Doug Piner
Sirius Computer Solutions




Thomas S Kaufman
West WX-10
TNT Racing,




Steve Rose
1985 Mazda RX-7
Hi-Yield/Stone Brothers/Excel Auto




Timothy Lyn Pierce
RFR-1000 Waterfall/Briky/Franklin Insurance




Ken W Waters
SCCA Spec Racer Ford Gen3
Comprent Motorsports




Michael B Cooke
1988 Mazda RX-7 Roadster
Michael Cooke Motorsports




Dwight K Cooke Jr.
1963 Triumph TR4
Choosie Mothers Racing




Lee Rackley
2008 Van Dieman
Castrol Syntec




Eric Cruz
Van Diemen FE
Cruz Associates, Inc.




Bob Wheless
Stohr WF1




Marty Grand / CJ Moses
2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR
AMS/BFG/Carbotech/Old Dominon Metal





Some of the NCR volunteers who helped put it on …



Rex Deffenbaugh


Wayne Quick

Steward – Tech

Jean Quick


Chuck Stanley


Richard M. D’Arconte


Morriss A. Pendleton

Steward of the Meet

Sara Snider

Competitor Service Center

Alan Martin


Michael “Mo” Overstreet


Ken Blackburn

Steward – Operating

Sally C Blackburn

Competitor Service Center

Anna Neave Crissman


A huge thanks goes to Mazda, for paying for the TV broadcast, and for covering the cost of the lights so the Spec Miata race could be held at night, and also for the fireworks afterward!

— James Shanks, NCR Membership Chair

NC Region recruits new members at the IMSA Tudor event at VIR

Last weekend, August 21 – 23, the Marketing Committee for the Region tried a new tactic. Instead of trying to recruit new members at Car Shows and Cars-and-Coffee events, were the attendees have a wide variety of automotive interests, they decided to try reaching out to fans at the IMSA Tudor event at VIR. The thinking was, “Hey, these folks are ‘pre-qualified’. They paid money to see a sports car race. Maybe they’d like a chance to get even more involved.” So arrangements were made.

Mike Rose, Marketing Director at VIR, and Crista Walker, who coordinated the vendor displays, gave us a great display space. Thank you both for allowing us to set up on the midway where people couldn’t help but see us. Region member, and former Assistant RE, John Lindquist, did some digging and got us a 10×20 display canopy and found us people who would agree to display their cars. Region member, and former Secretary, Jerry Pell not only agreed to display his lovely red-and-silver Spec Miata, he stayed all weekend manning the booth! Hats off, Jerry! But John felt that more of a “hook” was needed to get the fans’ attention. He contacted member Bob Wheless, who got in touch with member Victor Seaber of the VIPER program at VIR, and Victor asked John Salmon for a loan of his L2 Sports Racer. This Mazda-powered sports racer, a handsome and exotic piece of automotive wizardry, runs in both the IMSA “prototype lite” L2 class and in P1 with the SCCA. It was John’s canopy, too. Wow! What can you say, but “Thanks, guys!”

The sports racer and the Spec Miata did the trick. The cars lured folks in for a closer look. Then the members under the tent passed out flyers about NCR and our remaining events for the season, as well as a tentative schedule for next season. We gave away old copies of SportsCar and brightly-colored brochures from the National Office about what we do. Those fans that were interested in being offered a spot on someone’s crew for the October events gave us their e-mail addresses. There were over 50 of them, and many were surprised that we would offer such a deal. In short, this venture was a big success. Let’s hope these new prospects come out and join us in the future.

There are so many more people to thank for this success. Thanks to Member-at-Large Sam Fouse for creating the local flyers and for getting those brochures from the National Office. Sam also manned the booth all day Friday and Sunday. Thanks also to NCR Office Manager Bruce Dover for printing Sam’s flyers on short notice. Thanks to all the volunteers who took time to talk to prospective members. Besides John Lindquist and Jerry Pell, who were there all weekend, volunteers included RE Rex Deffenbaugh, Tim Lyons, Doug Hooper, Dan Robson, and myself, James Shanks. We should probably even thank the members of the Tarheel Sports Car Club, who had a booth next to us, and fed some of us lunch on Saturday, and shared their beer too! Thanks a lot, guys! Those of us who were there had a great time. And, of yeah, there were these big time sports car races going on which we could watch from time to time, IMSA Continental GT and Lamborghini Trofeo. Cool!


Below: Jerry Pell’s Spec Miata being admired by a couple of interested spectators. Maybe future SM drivers?


Below: John Salmon’s L2 Sports Racer. What serious SportsCar fan could walk by that and not stop?!

NASCAR K&N Pro Series at VIR

NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Biscuitville 125 returns to
VIRginia International Raceway Aug. 29

Danville, Virginia – July 23, 2015 – For the third year runningVIRginia International Raceway will host the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Biscuitville 125. The Biscuitville 125, sponsored by Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN®, will take place on VIR’s 2.25 mile North Course on Aug. 29. The event will include a full day of racing competition featuring the rising stars of NASCAR’s top developmental series, the Cooper Tires Prototype Lites (formerly IMSA Lites) support series, and additional festivities such as testing, qualifiers, driver autograph sessions and more.

“We love having our good friends from NASCAR and Biscuitville back for one of the most thrilling and exciting races at VIR this season, the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Biscuitville 125,” said Connie Nyholm, owner and CEO of VIR. “Biscuitville not only holds a special place in the track’s heart but in mine as well. My dad built the first Biscuitville restaurant with the owner right in Danville. We share a true value for Southern hospitality, and we’re thrilled to share that with NASCAR fans again at the race this August. ”

Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN has been family owned and operated since 1966 with 54 locations throughout North Carolina and Virginia. It is known for serving locally sourced, Southern Inspired food that is scratch-made the old-fashioned way and hand-kneading biscuits in front of guests every 15 minutes, each and every day.

“With our first free-standing Biscuitville location built in Danville many years ago, we couldn’t think of a better event or track to partner with,” said Burney Jennings, CEO of Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN. “We enjoy every part of working alongside VIR in preparation for the Biscuitville 125, and we look forward to seeing the amazing young drivers in action. It will be an exciting weekend for all involved.”  

The Biscuitville 125 at VIR is the twelfth race in the series’ 14-race 2015 schedule for the eastern United States. The NASCAR K&N Pro Series, which includes the East and the West, is the top step in NASCAR’s developmental ladder before drivers progress to the three national series. In each race, NASCAR fans are introduced to the next generation of stars.

The supporting series, the Cooper Tires Prototype Lites, which is sanctioned by the International Motor Sports Association, is a 14-race schedule featuring two classes of single-seat prototype cars racing simultaneously. Each class has an overall championship, a master’s championship for drivers at least 40 years of age and a team championship.

VIR gates open Saturday, Aug. 29 at 8 a.m. for an adrenaline-filled all-day event. Supporting series race throughout the day, and the Biscuitville 125 race kicks off at 4:35 p.m. Race fans can purchase tickets for the exciting NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Biscuitville 125 online or at the VIR box office. Tickets are only $10 when purchased in advance and will be an additional $10 at the gate on race day. Children 12 and under are admitted free of charge and parking is also free. Additionally, guests can use the promo code “BISCUITVILLE” when purchasing advanced tickets to receive a valuable promotional package with special offers. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit


About VIRginia International Raceway

VIRginia International Raceway is one of America’s premier road courses, offering professional and amateur racing for modern and vintage classes while providing contemporary resort amenities. A prominent test facility for the automotive industry, VIR has the distinction of being named one of the top six courses in North America by Car & Driver Magazine, and southern roots and hospitality make it one of the friendliest. Conveniently located at the Virginia/North Carolina border, VIR is just a short two-hour trip from Richmond and about an hour and 15 minutes from both the Piedmont-Triad and Raleigh-Durham International Airports.

VIR offers complementary amenities such as lodging, dining, a spa, an exclusive driver’s club, karting, off-road racing, skeet shooting, skid pad and more. The grounds also offer a unique setting and specialized facilities for corporate retreats, group activities and conference space. Onsite parcels are available for sale/lease to motorsports industry tenants. For more information, visit www.virnow.comFacebook or Twitter.

About NASCAR K&N Pro Series East

The NASCAR K&N Pro Series, which includes the East and the West, is the top step in NASCAR’S developmental ladder before drivers’ progress to the three national series. The series introduces NASCAR fans to the next generation of stars, and the diverse mix of short tracks, road courses, and national series speedways appeals to a broad range of motorsports fans. With identical series racing throughout the country, the K&N Pro Series provides a cost-effective opportunity for young drivers to gain valuable experience and exposure to highly competitive racing. To learn more, please visit

About Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN®

Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN is a family-owned company that offers guests an authentic Southern Inspired dining experience. Known for making food the old-fashioned way, Biscuitville uses fresh, authentic ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible, and provides unparalleled hospitality. The company was founded in 1966 when owner Maurice Jennings opened two pizza restaurants in Burlington. After several years, the company added signature, made-from-scratch biscuits to its menu that were so well received, business boomed and the Biscuitville brand evolved. In 2014, the company expanded its lunch menu to include fresh-made sandwiches and sides, now available at select Triad locations and rolling out to other locations by the end of 2016. Today, Biscuitville employs over 900 people and operates 54 restaurants in North Carolina and Virginia. Biscuitville serves breakfast all day from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. and offers a lunch menu from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at select Triad locations. For more information, visit