February 10, 2015

This is a notification to all competitors in SCCA of a change/addition to the rule requiring the weight of the car being posted on the sides of the car to be visible to the operator of the scales being used at impound. For years now the rule as published, has allowed those running in eleven (11) classes to exempt themselves from the rule based on the fact that the entire class has the same minimum weight. Actually, this is not true as several of the listed classes allowed exemption have 2 or more weights. In most of the classes that this occurs, nothing about the appearance of the car would be apparent to the scale operator that the car on the scale should weigh differently than another same class car. Only by going to the class rules can one ascertain that there are different engines used in the class and that there should be no reason for the exemption from the rule to post the weight of the car on it’s sides. If you are racing in ASR, 750 lbs is shown as the least your car can weight, but there is a chart for 6 other engines that are allowed in the class that all have a different weight. Formula Fords have 2 weights shown based on engines and Formula Mazda use 2 different engines that allow them to weigh differently. All of the versions of SRF that we now run together have different weights and should be off of the exemption list but they do at least require markings on the roll structure of the car that should allow the scale operator a way of figuring out which of the two weights that SRF sitting on the scale should be using.

Now that I have advised you of Tech’s issues with the weight requirement, along comes a new requirement that a lot of you will need to hear about. If the class in which you  run uses restrictors to equalize the performance of the various cars in the class, you are now required to note the size of the restrictor and its type on your car in close proximity to the place and in a similar way as the display of your car weight. This is a new rule for 2015 and is printed in red in the 2015 GCR but you wouldn’t know this unless you have been checking on your class rules online.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully you can put the proper markings on your car so we can all enjoy your trip through the scale building at VIR.

Buddy Matthews
Tech Chief, NCR SCCA


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