Meet the Candidates

September 17, 2018
Below are the candidates for Member-at-Large, the only office being contested this year. The other two offices that could have been contested are Assistant Regional Executive (ARE) and Treasurer.

Anna Crissman has served as ARE since being appointed by RE Sam Fouse after ARE Mike Spencer resigned from the position due to increased job requirements in 2017. Prior to that, Anna was serving as Member-at-Large. When she was appointed ARE, Rex Deffenbaugh was appointed to serve out Anna’s term. Anna is running unopposed.

Heather Powers has served as Treasurer since being elected to that office in 2017. Heather is running unopposed.


Please read the brief bios below, submitted by each candidate and decide who you would like to vote for as Member-at-Large. The link to the voting page can be found in the email you will have received if you are a North Carolina Region member.

Voting will end on December 31st and results will be posted on the NCR website at on January 1, 2019.

Candidates for Member-at-Large

Duties (per NCR Bylaws):
“The Members-at-Large are responsible for providing additional input for decision-making, and will endeavor to represent all viewpoints of the membership at meetings of the Board of Directors.”

Rex Deffenbaugh

I’m Rex T. Deffenbaugh, an incumbent Member-at-Large for North Carolina Region and current competitor. I’ve served for over 20 years on the Board in many capacities, including 6 years as Regional Executive. My time on the Board has led to a number of great relationships with National, South East Division and other Regions and Divisions, which facilitates the communication we need to continue putting on great events. I also provide the board with historical experiences and judgement on a regular basis. I attend nearly all Board meetings in person and will continue to. Please vote for me for Member-at-Large and I will continue to serve your interests in racing. Thank you.

Joedy Pennington
Hello everyone! This is Joedy Pennington. I’m running for the position of Member-at-Large on the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Region. I’ve been a member of SCCA since 1998. I’m a Corner Worker, Tech Inspector, Starter, Assistant Pace Car Chief (Pace Car Driver) and also a race car Driver (Mazda RX7, IT7). I’ve served on the Board twice before as Member-at-Large. While on the Board, I served on the Business & Finance Committee and basically did whatever the Board asked me to do. I’m asking for your vote and I thank you in advance.

Mark Senior

Mark Senior has been a member of NCR SCCA for over 25 years. He started out in road rally, moved to autocross, then high performance driver schools and ultimately achieved his lifelong dream of road racing. He has served the Region as both Regional Executive and Asst. Regional Executive. He currently serves on the Board of Directors as the Triangle Chapter Coordinator. He is also currently the Region’s track liaison to VIR and serves as the Race Chair for the Region’s National Race. He has also served as a volunteer in Flagging, Grid, and Timing & Scoring. Mark is planning to turn over the reins of the Triangle Chapter Coordinator position this year and is running for the Member-at-Large position so that he can continue to use his extensive knowledge to help move the Region forward.

Voting is only allowed by members of the North Carolina Region and will be done on (MSR). All votes will be anonymous and MSR will validate that each voter has a valid, not expired, SCCA membership and that they are a member of the North Carolina Region. In order to do this, each voter will need to have an account on MSR. If you don’t already have one, it’s easy and free to get one. Just go to and click on Create Free Account at the top right of the page. Each voting member must have an individual account on MSR.

Each member of SCCA has a unique membership number. That number and the name of the member must be the same on both your SCCA and MSR accounts. For instance, if you used your full legal name when joining SCCA, but then used a nickname when setting up your MSR account, you’ll need to go in and edit your MSR account to match exactly what SCCA has on file for you. If you joined SCCA as William Robert, but your MSR account says Billy Bob, you won’t be allowed to vote without changing it on MSR.

Also, for those of you who have the old-style SCCA family memberships, using the format of 123456_1, your membership number in MSR will have to match exactly. None of the following will work: 123456 1, 123456-1, 12345601 or 123456. So, please make sure that your membership number is entered accurately in MSR and that your membership has not expired.

If you have any issues when trying to vote, contact Bruce Dover, NCR Office Mgr & Registrar, at [email protected] or you can call or text 919-423-6015. If you are a NC Region member, but NCR is not your Region of Record with SCCA, you’ll need to contact Bruce for a link to vote

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