F&C Newsletter – March Memories 2013

March 4, 2013

North Carolina Region SCCA F&C

March 4, 2013

It is race week and we need more flaggers!  27 people have signed up but that is not enough.  If you are able to come, sign up now!

March Memories page on NCR Site.

If you stay logged in to MotorsportReg you ought to be able to click this link and see the driver and worker registration list.

We look forward to seeing you at the 7:30am Flag Meeting at the North Flag Shack, here is a VIR Worker Map if you forgot where to go.  Go ahead and print it since is shows all the good parking places for the stations.



Volunteers who register online will receive one of these newly created NCR Hoodies!  Everyone else has to pay $15, which is still a good deal since they cost $24.99.  Why not sell them for $50 you may ask?  Because the Region is made of members and these hoodies benefit both.  Kind of like being a member of Congress and deciding your own raises and benefits 😀

New Registration Location

Here is a PDF map showing the location of our new registration site.

Registration will be open:
Friday 5pm – 9pm
Saturday 7am – 11am
Sunday 7am – 11am

You have to have SCCA credentials to participate.  If you arrive before registration opens, you can enter VIR for free if your name is on the gate list.  Then you can get your credentials when registration opens.

Get your name on the list by signing up on line 🙂

If you have any questions, contact your favorite flag chief by emailing – 
NCR Flag Chiefs Association <flagchief@ncrscca.com>

Stewards Corner

Want to push someone’s button?

VIR has made it clear, this year we have to make the drivers stay on the track. They don’t want drivers short-cutting turns and they’re pretty emphatic about it. In fact our Board of Directors agreed to put the kibosh on short-cutting any turn. My notes from our meeting back in December were clear, any driver who even puts 2-wheels off at turns 6 or 8 will ‘Meet the Stewards’ for remedial driving instruction. A second offense and you can watch them load-up and head-out for their next event.

We still want you to hold your call if a car slides off or spins off and continues without contacting another car, the barriers, or otherwise causing trouble.  We still need to keep the net clear for emergencies.

Call all the controlled offs guys and gals! No hesitation no second thought or “next time”. We’ve changed the mindset of our Stewards and they’ll enforce the instructions from VIR Track Management!  So push that button and make that call.  Easy as…  “Control station six no-flag (wait for Control to answer) Car five-five short-cut turn driver’s left.”

Push the button and make the calls. Keep those drivers on course…

Steve Keadle, Steward

NCR SCCA 2013 Race Schedule

Mark Your Calendar!

March Memories – March 9-10

Oak Tree Double National – April 19-21

Double SARRC/MARRS – May 11-12

Goblins Go – October 19-20

Charge of the Headlight Brigade – October 25-26



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