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Triangle Chapter Report – November 2012

Raleigh, NC – (NCRSCCA) – We had a great time at the November meeting of the Triangle Chapter! Tom Long, co-driver of the overall winner of the Charge of the Headlight Brigade, the Freedom Motorsports #25 MX-5, dropped by with his work buddy, Sean Calton, so Sean could meet the troops and see what we were all about.  Welcome Sean!  And Justin Deffenbaugh showed up with one of his annotated videos of his brother Blair driving in the Goblin’s Go.  The captions Justin added were hilarious, but Blair got his brother back on film with his single digit salute as he rounded Oak Tree where Justin was flagging.  Too funny!  Well done, guys!  And Chuck Hines also provided video of his exciting dice with Jeff Young at the same race. Talk about not giving an inch!  These guys went at it hammer and tongs lap after lap. All eyes were on the big screen and there was plenty of cheering as they swapped the lead in ITS over and over again.  It was something to see!

West Chapter Report – November 2012

Greensboro, NC – (NCRSCCA) – A great group of race fans showed up November 6th at Coopers Ale house in Greensboro for the West Chapter monthly meeting. 15 members attended. After a good dinner, all kinds of stories were being told. The meeting detailed the October Board of Directors meeting. All were impressed with the show the Solo group put on for the North Carolina Autocross Championship event this year. GREAT JOB by the entire Cape Fear Chapter. You guys ROCK!!! Keep up the good work, the smell of gas and burning rubber, it’s the best!

Triangle Chapter Report – October 2012

RALEIGH, NC – (NCRSCCA) – The October meeting of the Triangle Chapter was rather lightly attended, but that was perhaps to be expected with everyone preparing for either the SIC in Savannah or the North Carolina Autocross Championship at Cherry Point, both of which kick off this coming weekend, October 6-7.  Blair “Pepe” Stitt said he was going to go down and help out Steve Rose, who’s fighting to keep his third-in-division position in IT-7.  Steve seemed eager to do battle.  And rookie Regional driver Blair Deffenbaugh indicated that he’d be crewing for Ron Earp and Jeff Young, but that he was bringing his driver’s suit just in case a spot opened up on Friday’s test day.  As he put it, “I’ll drive anything that moves.”

B.O.D. Minutes

BOD Minutes – May 15, 2013

Summary of the Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

May 15, 2013

Present: Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, Blair Deffenbaugh, Steve Keadle, John Lindquist, Jerry Pell, Wayne Quick, Buddy Matthews, Neil Harrison, Sam Fouse, Ginny Condrey, James Shanks, Mark Senior, Steve Rose, Heather Powers, Natasha Euliss – Uftring, John Uftring, Clayton Condrey and Josh Lyman.

BOD Minutes – April 10, 2013

Summary of the Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

April 10, 2013

Present:  Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, Buddy Matthews, Jerry Pell, John Lindquist, James Shanks, Sam Fouse, Blair Deffenbaugh, Mark Senior, Steve Rose, Blair Stitt, Ginny Condrey, Clayton Condrey, Josh Lyman and, via telephone conference call, Wayne Quick.  Joining by conference call at the end of the meeting, Eric Dainelson.

BOD Minutes – March 20, 2013

Summary of the Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

March 20, 2013

Present:  Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, Blair Deffenbaugh, Ginny Condrey, Clayton Condrey, Jacqueline Condrey, Josh Lyman, Steve Keadle, John Lindquist, Jerry Pell, Buddy Matthews, James Shanks, Sam Fouse, Neal Harrison, Mark Senior, Wayne Quick, Steve Rose, Blair Stitt and, via telephone conference call, Eric Danielson, Heather Powers and Sara Snider.

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