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PDX at The Rock

“This was truly a great experience. My instructor Chris was really great. I complement his patience for repeatedly telling me not to oversteer. I have developed a lot of bad habits while driving over the last 42 years and he proved to me that holding the line and giving it up on the entry would improve my apex and exits. He was right. I would do this again and might pay more but, when you look at the fact that it cost me 4 tires, two motor mounts and three tanks of gas, the entry fee was probably one of the cheaper of all the expenses. I heard a lot of good things about VIR and would probably consider that if I could afford it but, probably wouldn’t plan on more than one event at most per year. Ron was great and has quite the talent for the classroom briefings. I look forward to doing this again no matter where it is held next. Thanks to all those that made this possible and gave up their time for us to play.”

Dave and Barb Jenkins

“I had a great time at the PDX this past weekend. Yes I would attend Rockingham again but would be willing to try another track. Would probably do 2 a year. 250 would be the most as with gas and everything else we’re looking at about 500 for the weekend. My instructor was great and he made me feel comfortable, not sure if I can say the same for him. I would like to thank everyone for the opportunity to be able to do a PDX. I was disappointed when the first one was canceled. Thanks to all who put it together and to the corner workers for being willing to give their time so we could have all the fun. If possible could you put something in the newsletter about how much we appreciate the time and effort everyone gave and for the instructors being willing to come out so we could do this. I’m sure that most everyone else feels the same way. Now the fire has been kindled I hope it won’t get snuffed out.

Linda Schembri

Job Well Done


“This past week end at Kershaw, I was speaking with a driver over lunch break concerning the various tracks. When I found he is running a SRF & an IT car this season, I suggested he might like to enter our 13 hour race. He then made the following statements: He ran the 13 hour race last year. He considered it the most professionally run club event he had attended and a model for the way races should be conducted. He singled out Ginny and registration as being particular impressive. We get enough complaints, so I thought you might like to hear from a satisfied customer.”

Clyde Kiser

2006 March Memories Observer’s Report

What a great weekend. Opening registration in the middle of the afternoon allows those doing the test day to register before the later arrivals. Tech was busy with the usual early season inspections.

Some one made up a very workable time line, and the operating stewards maintained the schedule.

At the drivers meeting Chief Steward emphasized that at the start of the Enduros he would employ “Judges of the Start”. Clyde Kiser explained the procedure of maintaining the pace speed as the pace car proceeds along pit lane. There were no observed violations during the starts.

Sound reported that the ” paperwork ” associated with the placement of the sound station was missing. He measured his setup to make it compliant. It seems that the sound station is portable and is moved away during motorcycle races.

Race Chair is to be thanked for taking such good care of the corner workers. Many organizers could do well to follow her lead.

E.V.s willingness to do hot pick ups helps to move things along. They are very careful, and will ask for an alternate plan if they deem it necessary.

Timing did a good job, without delays, and forwarded the results by E Mail promptly.

We could have used a few more stewards. What a great weekend . The only guy I saw idle was the Safety Steward, and we are all pleased with that.