Sports R Regional Class

North Carolina Region, SCCA
Sports R Regional Class
Rules and Specifications

The Sports R Regional class is regulated by the 1995 SCCA General Competition rules (GCR) and these rules. All GCR items for Sports Renault are to apply to the regional class designated SR with the exception of the changes, additions ,supplements, and modifications outlined below. All cars must conform to section 9 of the current GCR.

  1. Tires and Wheels   Any tire which has been specified for SR and SRF may be used. Additionally Toyo RA1 and Toyo R888 may be used as well as the Current SRF Goodyear Slick. Tire size may be either 185-60-13 or 205-60-13. Rain tires may be used any time but must adhere to the above rules and sizes. Wheels may be of any of the four designs use for SR and SRF; fronts or rears may be used on any axle of the car as long as they are size-matched on each axle.
  2. Engine and Transmission    Must conform to SCCA rules with the following stipulations:
    1. Renault engine may be overbored no more than .010.  Seals do Not need to be intact or applied.
    2. Original Solex or Weber carb.  must be used.
    3. Exhaust must use the original header.  Tail pipe and muffler are open.
    4. No porting, polishing or machining of head, valves or any area of the combustion chamber except as required for standard rebuild.
    5. Pistons must be of original design; the maximum compression ratio is 10:1.
    6. Transmission must be the original four speed with no gear ratio changes and no final drive ratio change.
    7. Air filter is free as long as it is not ram air or a velocity stack.
    8. Spark plugs are free as to the heat range or manufacturer.
    9. Engine timing, cam timing and any engine management may Not be adjusted or modified in any way.
    10. Rev limiter if used must serve no other purpose but to limit peak RPM.
    11. The stock mechanical fuel pump may be replaced by an electric unit provided it is mounted safely in the side pod and is switched both by the master switch and the ignition switch. It is recommended that it have an oil pressure or impact triggered shut off.
  3. Fire System   Sports racers must have full fire suppression systems. No hand held fire extinguishers may be used.
  4. Bodywork    Must conform to the original contour and appear as original. SRF cutouts for wheel, rear valence, exhaust cooling scoop and /or NACA duct in center section are allowed. No modifications intended to improve aerodynamics are allowed. No wings or additional spoilers are allowed.
  5. Radiator    Radiator and radiator tin are free as long as they serve the same purpose and do not change the performance or aerodynamics of the car in any way.
  6. Fluids, lubricants and hardware    Free.
  7. Brakes   Brakes must be the original design both in caliper and rotor.  Pads must be either Hawk HP-Plus or HT 10 compound  (PN HP 189) or the SRF Hawk Blue compound supplied by SCCA Enterprises.
  8. Alignment   Alignments free within the limits of the original suspension parts. No elongation of holes or modifications to ball joints or control arms are allowed.
  9. Modifications   No SCCA required updates to SR or SRF  are required in SR unless the safety rules of the GCR require them, e.g. a Tall Man Kit is not required unless the drivers height dictates that the driver does not fit under the main hoop. Floor pan reinforcement is not required although highly recommended.
  10. Minimum Weight    1550 with Driver. Bolted ballast weight, if needed, must be in the original location in the side pods. No ballast will be permitted in the nose outside of reasonable repair work(fiberglass only)