RE Report – November 2012

November 16, 2012

First I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Kerrigan Smith, VIR Director of Operations; Tommy Webb, Director of Security; and David Crumpton, a.k.a. “Cowboy”, Director of Emergency Medical Services for VIR, for the wonderfully cordial and productive meeting we had with them. They came all the way to Graham on Wednesday, November 14, to meet with the NCR Board of Directors and some of our race staff to discuss how we can further smooth out our operations on SCCA weekends and make 2013 even better than the 2012 season. We truly value our good relationship with VIR and this kind of discussion only makes it better.

Next I’d like to thank all the volunteers and race officials in our Region and the SCCA for the incredibly successful 2012 season. Our treasurer, Steve Keadle, is still working on the final financial statement, but all indications are that we will finish in the black, despite declining car counts in a tough economy. This also speaks austerity measures instituted by Region management and endured by our members. THANK YOU ALL! I would also like to extend a special thank you to all the drivers who volunteered on the corners and other spots at our events when their cars were laid up or they were not driving. The driver-volunteer partnership at NCR is one of the features that makes our Region stand out.

I must also thank Chris Severt, Solo Chairman (and Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator) and the Solo volunteers for an incredibly successful autocross season. Our car counts continue to grow at every event and the Region’s reputation grows with them. By now, everyone should have heard about how they hosted the North Carolina Autocross Championship at Cherry Point and raised the bar in terms of site facilities, (and many thanks to the United State Marines for providing that venue!), event preparation, and the after-event social. Congratulations, too, to our solo drivers, who came in second as a team among the four clubs that participated. It was a wonderful showing.

As this season draws to a close, I want to draw your attention to remaining activities, the election of officers for next year, and the annual meeting and awards dinner. Nominations for the offices up for election, Assistant RE, currently Sara Snider (who also heads the Competition Board); Treasurer, currently Steve Keadle; and the two Member-at-Large positions currently held by Ron Gentry and Heather Powers, are due by the close of the November Board meeting, Wednesday, November 28. Nominees must declare themselves in writing and have their nomination seconded by three other club members, who must also sign the nomination statement. Nomination statements may be submitted to any Board member in advance of the November meeting. Ballots will be mailed shortly thereafter.

The annual meeting and awards dinner will be held in Raleigh on Saturday, January 5th, at Café Luna, the same site as last year. This venue has been improved, allowing sound reinforcement – a feature we sorely missed last year. Before then, the awards committee is actively seeking nominations for year-end awards. Do you know of someone who should be recognized for their service to the Club as Worker or Member of the Year? How about a volunteer who did an outstanding job? Did you see an outstanding driving performance? Send your award nominations to any current Member-at-Large or Chapter Coordinator by December 1st, please!

Finally, I’d like to add a personal experience. By now, both of my sons, Justin and Blair have earned their SCCA Regional Competition licenses, so I’m seeing racing through their enthusiastic eyes, and it makes racing even more fun. During the 13 hour race, all three of us worked in various capacities, including competing in the cooking contest. My story occurred on Friday night. For years, the three of us have read and discussed Randy Pobst’s column in Sports Car on a regular basis, as well as followed his racing activities, and we have arrived at the decision that Randy’s way of racing is the right way, so we emulate him as often as possible. On Friday night, after racing activities ceased, we found our way to Millie’s Pizza for the requisite “after racing pizza”, but arrived at different times. I found Randy there first and was engaged in conversation with him when my sons arrived. They couldn’t see Randy, because he was seated at a table with Bill Foster, Heather Powers and others, while many others were standing. I called them over to see Randy, and Blair’s mouth dropped open wide when he recognized his hero and spoke to him. I wish I had that picture. A good time was had by all!

Rex Deffenbaugh
North Carolina Regional Executive