NCR IN 2012 – A Report from Our Treasurer

Greetings & Salutations fellow members!

This year’s annual banquet was held a week earlier than in past years and consequently our financial health was not a part of this years agenda…

Let me first say it was physically impossible to provide financial information at the banquet this year for two reasons: First I was down in Florida at the Sebring DoubleMajor event and secondly, the December transactions had not been completed that early in January.

So,  here’s the information In a nut shell…

The Region lost about $9,500 in 2012.

Here’s how we did it…

March Memories, Oak Tree Double and the SARRC/MARRS events all made money, but the GoblinsGo and 13 Hour events cost more than they made… This along with our overhead put 2012 in the Red.

The Board of Directors continues to hunt for new sources of revenue and the specialty chiefs keep tightening their belts…

The good news?

This year the Oak Tree Double is going to be a Double Major. It will likely be the largest event on the East Coast in 2013. If you haven’t been to VIR in a couple of years, come back this April and see what you’ve been missing!

Also, the MARRS folks will be competing at VIR in May for the SARRC/MARRS Challenge…

Finally, the Tarheel Cup Pro Series will get more competitive in 2013 and the Region will feature their races along with ECR enduro racing.

This should bring 2012 to a proper close but if you have unanswered questions shoot me an e-mail.
Hope to see you at all of our events in 2013!

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Keadle, Treasurer