BOD Minutes – August 21, 2013

Summary of the Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
August 21, 2013

PRESENT:  Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, Buddy Matthews, Wayne Quick, Jerry Pell, John Lindquist, Chris Severt, James Shanks, Sam Fouse, Ginny Condrey, Bruce Dover, Justin Arnette, Tara Arnette, Elizabeth Severt and Annie Lindquist.

1.   The NCR BoD monthly meeting was called to order by Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, August 21, 2013, at Carver’s on Elm Restaurant, 106 West Elm St., Graham, NC 27253 (Exit 147, I-85/40).

2.   The RE introduced guests in attendance:  Bruce Dover, Annie Lindquist, Elizabeth Severt, Justin Arnette and Tara Arnette.

3.   Motion (Lindquist/Shanks) to approve the minutes of the NCR BoD meeting of July 17, 2013; Passed.


   Ginny Condrey, in the absence of Steve Keadle, Treasurer, advised the BoD that the Region, as of the end of July, had approximately $92,200.00 of cash in the bank.  Through July, net income for the year is a negative $8,600.  There were no racing events held in July by the Region.

   Chris Severt, Solo Committee Chair, gave a financial report on the Region’s autocross program.  The Solo Committee now has cash on hand of approximately $8,900.  The Committee anticipates spending, over the next few months, some of the funds on hand for administrative costs, equipment repairs, replacement of some equipment and the purchase of some new equipment, needed by the Committee.  The new equipment includes some computer timing equipment, course cones, radios for corners and coolers for each corner station.  Chris gave an overview, to the BoD, as to the Committee’s autocross events held this year and he reported as to the substantial success being achieved by their program.  Additional information about the Region’s autocross program will be provided in his Committee report, as set out below.


1.   E-mail Database Update.  Sam Fouse reported as to the progress being made in creating (assembling) an email database to be used to send out email blasts of the Region’s future VIR race events, first to the drivers in the SEDiv, exclusive of Florida, and the DC Region, and then to drivers in 10 Regions in the Northeast Division and 10 Regions in the Great Lakes Division.  Sam provided the BoD with a written report, being an update and plan for the email blast system being developed for the NCR, and included therein his recommendations as to eventually sending email blasts to up to 5,000 licensed SCCA drivers in at least 31 SCCA Regions in 3 SCCA Divisions in proximity to our Region.  It was suggested that the Region will initially use the ad copy from the Region’s magazine advertisements, as the race information to send by our email blast program, for the Goblin Go and the 13 Hour enduro races in 2013, at VIR.

2.   Membership Picnic.  Buddy Matthews advises that he has reserved a picnic site (shelter) for a Region picnic on September 28, 2013, at the Northeast Park of Guilford County, 4010 High Rock Road, Gibsonville, NC.  The picnic information is to be put on the Region’s website and the picnic information will also be shared at all Chapter meetings.  The BoD discussed funding of the picnic event.  The consensus of the BoD is to take donations from the attendees for the food costs of the picnic, and to encourage the attendees to bring side dishes, chips and desserts, along with any beer, if they wish.  The Region will be providing the paper products, hamburgers, hotdogs, buns, condiments and soft drinks.

3.   13 Hour Supps.  The BoD reviewed many suggested changes to the Supps. for the 13 Hour race in 2013, including the written suggestions made by Glenn Long.  The BoD discussed the suggestions and potential changes and then made specific recommendations as to the desired changes, which changes Ginny Condrey will incorporate into the final draft of the Supps., in accordance with the specific recommendations made by the BoD at this meeting.

4.   Food Costs Control.  Wayne Quick suggested that we needed to adopt some cost control measures with reference to the costs of food and drinks provided to our workers and others at our race events at VIR, particularly as to our last two race events at VIR in 2013, in view of the fact that at the present spending rate on food and drinks, and based upon the food and drink costs incurred to date in 2013, the cost of food and drinks last year, the Region will exceed the total food and drink budget for all our races in 2013.  By motion made and seconded (Shanks/Severt) the BoD directed that the total food and drink cost (budget) for the Goblin Go event not exceed a specified amount in 2013 and that the total cost of food and drink (budget) for the 13 Hour race event not exceed a specific amount in 2013, and that the Race Chair(s) for these two race events observe this food/drink limit cost control directive from the BoD; Passed.


1)   Chapters

      a.  Cape Fear :  Chris Severt, Chapter Coordinator, advised that the Cape Fear Chapter last met on the first Tuesday of August and that 24 people were present, including some new members.  The Chapter members discussed the July autocross event, and other upcoming autocross events, including the NC Solo Championship.

      b.  Triangle:  James Shanks, Chapter Coordinator, advised that 20 people attended their last Chapter meeting, including some new members, two of whom indicated an interest in becoming corner workers (flaggers).  The Chapter celebrated Rex and Trish Deffenbaugh’s 35th wedding anniversary and the first wedding anniversary of one of the new members at their August Chapter meeting.

      c.  West:  Buddy Matthews, Chapter Coordinator, advised that 16 people attended the West Chapter meeting held the first Tuesday in August.  Bernie Baake, attended the West Chapter meeting as a SCCA member from the Durham area.  The Chapter members discussed the loss of “Oak Tree” at VIR, and reviewed the business of the last BoD meeting.

2)   Committees

      a.  Awards:  No report.

      b.  Banquet:  No report.

      c.  Comp. Board:  No report.

      d.  Solo:  Chris Severt gave a further report, to the BoD, about the Solo Committee’s activities so far this year.  The Committee has held five point autocross events in 2013, to date.  In May they held two autocross events.  At one of the events they had 98 entries on Saturday and 113 on Sunday.  In July the Solo Committee got back the Blackwater solo site, after a two year absence.  They now have it for use for two day weekend events, which normally will include a novice school on Saturday.  At the recent event at Blackwater there were 76 entries.  The Solo Committee has acquired a parking lot blower, to blow sand off the solo course.  At said recent event, in which they had 76 entries, they were nevertheless able to give each entrant seven runs on Saturday.  At their autocross event at Cherry Point, last weekend, the Committee designated it as a Memorial Autocross Event in honor of a deceased autocross driver.  The Cherry Point event had 98 entries on Saturday.  The Sunday portion of the event that weekend was a joint event with the Tarheel Sports Car Club.  The THSCC provided some good instructors for the Cherry Point autocross event.  There were 135 drivers on Sunday at the Cherry Point event.  In summary, the NCR’s Solo (autocross) program is in very good condition, and it is growing.  The Solo Committee will return for an autocross event at Cherry Point in November.  For the year the Committee anticipates it will have held nine autocross point events and some non-point events.  The BoDs gave the Committee a round of applause, signifying the BoD’s appreciation for and enthusiastic support of the Solo Committee and its excellent autocross program.

      e.  PDX/TT:  No Report.

      f.  Membership:  James Shanks advises that the current Region’s membership is 713, slightly down from the previous month.

      g.  Publicity:  James Shanks advises that the Region’s advertisements (ad copy) have been finalized for the last two NCR races of the year at VIR.  In view of the cost of magazine print advertising and the availability, in the near future, of a substantial in house email blast program, having a large driver database, it was suggested that this may be the Region’s last year for using magazine print advertisements, which the Region has relied upon over the past few years, using the SportsCar and Grassroots Motorsports magazines.

      h.  Charities:  The Solo Committee will again support the Toys for Tots charity with its “Turns for Tots Autocross” event, to be held the last weekend in November, 2013.

Motion (Pell/Lindquist) to adjourn at 9:32 PM; Passed.


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