Sam and Mo Overstreet

The “Os”, an Ode

Just as the title infers, Mo and Sam Overstreet were and are classic. My personal F&C life was enhanced in 1990 when I worked my first NC Region race at Rockingham, just after moving from the S. Florida area. That first race for me welcomed and made many new friends, which top of the list have become “The O’s”.

In the years the NCR called Rockingham our home, turns 3 and 7 developed into a single oiled machine from a worker perspective. Sam would captain 3, I would captain 7, and two turns worked as one. Then I would captain 3 and Sam 7, and the same.  We each look back on those days with great fondness. And what was Mo doing during all this? He was playing SIT, or some such thing as they were called back then, and so for the most part he stayed out of our hair… (LOL).

Sam and Mo were truly inseparable, and to this day remain as such. VIR as we all reopened together would never have worked as well without these two, who also brought us the Dingles and Grays. Together these 6 are the class acts of F&C nationwide, no matter where they decide to play, no matter the type of event. Finding a station large enough to house all 6 at once was always a challenge, one which a Chief welcomes rather than dreads.

Mo is most honored for his knowledge and willingness to “Enforce” it. I can’t quite think of anyone I have met who has more in his mush melon relative to F&C and worldly comparisons.  And Sam is and has always been the most respected, easy to get along with, trustworthy F&C person one could ever have the privilege to know and work alongside.  I knew from the first moment I was blessed to work with Sam we had something special, and that the source was her.

From club events, Runoffs, Pro and even schools, “The O’s” represent the best in what we do, what we share, and what we depend on for protecting each other. Their presence trackside will be dearly missed and I personally wish them every bit of success in their future.  You two are always welcome aboard my fishing vessel; there is always a welcome mat on deck.

Sam – December 14, 1946 – March 20, 2015

Sincere Respect,
Chuck Stanley
mo & sam