ITE Rules

North Carolina Region, SCCA
Improved Touring E (“ITE”) Rules

  1. Purpose. It is the intent of these rules to allow closed wheel cars (mass produced, kit cars or others) prepared to the safety standards of the General Rules of Competition’s (the “GCR”) Improved Touring rules set to race at events in the North Carolina Region (“NCR”).
  2. Eligibility. Any closed wheel car shall be eligible for inclusion in NCR’s ITE classification. Eligible cars include, but are not limited to, manufactured production cars, closed wheel sports racers, kit cars, replicas, or other race series derived cars. NCR will specifically recognize cars prepared in accordance with any other regional ruleset containing safety requirements similar to those in the ITCS (such as ITO).
  3. Safety. All cars prepared for ITE for competition shall be prepared in accordance with the safety standards set forth in the ITCS section of the GCR (including those references in the ITCS to other portions of the GCR), except as modified herein. The rollcage shall not be limited to eight points of attachment to the chassis/body. All ITE cars may run and approved fuel cell.
  4. Engine and Transmission Placement. Engines and transmissions shall be confined within the bodywork.
  5. Tires. Open Tire Rule.

Revised 1/21/15
North Carolina Region, SCCA