IT-7R Rules

for 2012

1. Definition, Purpose, Philosophy and Intent:
The purpose of this regional class is to allow a place for the IT-A and IT-7 RX-7s to run due to the unavailability of 12A engine parts while maintaining the IT philosophy and budget. Any allowable modifications, changes or additions are as stated herein and there are no exceptions. IF IN DOUBT, DON’T. IT-7R will be grouped with IT for Southeast Division events.

2. Specifications:
Shall conform to GCR 9.1.3.C *Additionally any 2004-2008 Mazda Renesis engine may be used and fitted with Racing Beat steel flywheel part # 11436 or 11437 (same flywheel. Different clutch hardware)

3. Authorized modifications:
Shall conform to GCR a-d

4. Engine Compartment:
a) Engine management computer shall be replaced with a MegaSquirt 3 ecu.
b) Throttle body shall be replaced with BBK part #1700
c) Throttle body adapter shall be part # RE-1500-005 (manufacture to be determined)
d) Stock ignition and coils shall be used
e) Stock RX-8 exhaust manifold shall be retained. Exhaust shall be maximum of 3 inch I.D. single tube or dual 2 inch I.D. tubing.
f) The addition of an external scatter shield per GCR 9.3.39 is mandatory
g) Battery tray may be removed and battery of minimum 243 cubic inches (length x width x height) may be used and mounted on the structural rail (frame rail) lengthwise, no more than 5 1/2 inches from the radiator support.
h) Engine mount shall be part # RE -1500-001 (manufacture to be determined)
i) Intake shall be unmodified spectre Part # 8791 , vibrant part # 2175 and k&n part # rr-3001

5. Engine Cooling System:
Shall conform to GCR a-g

6. Transmission/Final Drive:
Shall conform to GCR a-f *Additionally any 1979-1991 RX-7 non turbo transmission may be used.

7. Chassis:
Shall conform to GCR

8. Suspension Control:
Shall conform to GCR 9.1.3. c

9. Suspension Mounting Points:
Shall conform to GCR 9.1.3.d

10. Brakes:
Shall conform to GCR *Additionally any 1979-1991 RX-7 brake hubs, calipers, rotors and mounts or aftermarket equivalent may be used provided they mount to the stock 1979-1985 spindles.

11. Wheels/Tires:
a) Maximum rim diameter is fifteen (15) inches. Maximum rim width is seven (7) inches. Minimum weight of wheel shall be 13 lbs without spacers.
b) All cars shall use the Toyo Proxis RA-1 or R888

12. Body Structure:
Shall conform to GCR

13. Driver/Passenger Compartment-Trunk:
Shall conform to GCR

14. Safety:
Shall conform to GCR

15. Measurement Standards as specified:

IT-7R Engine Type Displacement Comp Ratio Wheel Base (inch) Wheel Dia. Gear Ratio BrakesStd(mm) Weight Notes
Mazda RX-7
w/13B Renesis
2 Rotor 2600cc 10.0 95.3 13/14/15 Stock

(F) 227 Disc
(R) 236 Disc


(F) 277 disc
(R) 272 disc














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