NCR Volunteer Incentive Program

NCR Volunteer Incentive Program

Goal of the Program

Initiate a system and process which will attract, retain and reward qualified officials, members and drivers who, on a voluntary basis, support the staffing requirements of the NC Region of SCCA. The events these volunteers support will be both SCCA sanctioned and contracted, non-SCCA sanctioned events the Region is responsible to staff. Any other activities involving NC Region volunteers or officials which are performed by the individual remain the sole responsibility of that individual and are not eligible for this program.

Program Criteria

  • Must be a current SCCA member or have a weekend membership for the event worked.
    NCR will provide a free weekend membership for the first two weekends worked.

NCR’s Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) pays volunteers $50 for each day worked. You have the option of:

  • being paid by check, by mail in the week after the event
  • a one lump sum check for all days worked at the end of the racing season
  • not participating in the program

There is a question in the Volunteer section of the registration form you fill out when registering for an NCR event on where you need to choose one of the above options.