2022 Spring Sprints at VIR Paddock Reservation page

VIR has two paddocks: a North Paved paddock (there is a small gravel portion), and an Infield Grass paddock just outside of it. We will be using both. We will not be using the paved Skid Pad.

Paid reservations and assigned parking will be required for all spaces inside the North Paved paddock.

 Electricity and Camping: We have purchased all the electricity (where available) and all the camping privileges for all of VIR beginning Wednesday night, so nobody will have to pay separately for either of those from VIR. This is not a money-making thing for us. We’re buying it and passing it on strictly as a courtesy/convenience for our fellow drivers and workers.

SCCA Registration on Thursday has successfully been moved to the inside of the track at the Gallery, so upon arrival you will only have to sign VIR’s waiver and keep rolling as we did in 2019. Thursday registration hours: 10:00am to 2:00pm, and 3:00pm to 8:00pm.

After Thursday, registration will move back outside to the Quantum location: Friday 7:00am to Noon and 4:00pm to 8:00pm. Saturday and Sunday 7:00am to Noon both days.

 Access: VIR has rented the track on Wednesday, and some of the renter’s customers will be SCCA drivers staying over for our event, but they must also request and purchase North Paved paddock spaces from us to stay. We have negotiated early access with the renter for a portion of the paddock on Wednesday beginning at 4:00pm and will assume complete control at 6:00pm for the duration of the event. We will have full access to the Infield Grass paddock beginning at noon on Wednesday without any restrictions.

Where do you want to be?

North Paved Paddock Requests: All spaces still available inside the fence may be reserved by request. Most spaces for Teams (see below) of three or more cars (minimum) are 30×90 and will cost $100 each. Legitimate Prep Shops may request more than one such space at $100 each if they can prove they are servicing 6 or more cars. We will have a limited number of two-car spaces (30×60±) for $100 each either on pavement or gravel. We will also have a limited number of smaller one-car spaces (30×40±) at $50 each. These may also be on pavement or gravel. Only the Prep Shop contact or the Team leader needs to reserve and pay for the space(s), but they must list all their registered drivers to hold a space. If we are oversubscribed and can’t fit you in, you’ll have to paddock in the Infield Grass but will receive a full refund of any paddock fees. All support vehicles must always fit within your space.

Infield Grass paddock does not have electricity but will be free of charge. Ultra-quiet inverter generators are permitted everywhere. Loud construction generators are strongly discouraged. The Infield has paved road access, but do not park on the roads, race cars included. You must always park all vehicles on the grass.

Which are you?

Prep Shops (legitimate race car rental businesses) will be contacted directly and be assigned a specific space in advance if they wish to park in the North Paved paddock.
Teams (individuals and groups of individuals) will also be contacted but will be parked upon arrival on a ‘next available’ basis. If multiple individuals wish to paddock together, they may. We will try to accommodate them as much as possible provided: a. they have already paid; b. arrive together; and c. notify us in advance of their wishes by the deadline (TBD).

When Should You Arrive?

Test Day Participants ONLY:

Wednesday (via the Main gate): ONLY ARRIVE ON WEDNESDAY, AT NOON OR LATER, IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN VIR’S TEST DAY ON THURSDAY. If not participating in the Test Day, please do not show up until Thursday. You will not be paddocked until Thursday. VIR will verify such at the Main Gate. The South Paddock will serve as a holding area until at least 4:00pm, as the North Paved paddock will still be occupied.

If you wish to paddock in the Infield Grass, you may arrive on Wednesday, at noon or later and after registering for the Test Day in South, you may immediately be released to the Infield Grass where you may pick your spot and unload. There are no assigned spaces in the infield and no fees.

Everyone else:

Thursday: Gate instructions and times will be e-mailed directly to you before the event, but after signing VIR’s waiver, unless you are a late-arriving Test Day participant, we will direct you to a single checkpoint, then on to either the Infield Grass or the North Paved paddock if you have a reservation. We will be loading people in all day on Thursday.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to ncrpaddock@gmail.com

Here is a link to VIR’s additional ‘House Rules

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