2022-2023 Candidates for election to the North Carolina Region Board of Directors

Regional Executive

"Regional Executive. The Regional Executive is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. The Regional Executive is responsible for the effective implementation of the policies of the Board of Directors and the proper conduct of the organization's business. The Regional Executive shall preside at all business meetings of the members and officers. Other duties are as provided for in the Bylaws or described in the Operations Manual."

Anna Crissman is running for re-election as RE unopposed

Anna Crissman [email protected]

Many of you know me as the purple-haired lady that you see around the track. I am a second-generation SCCAer. My dad was a car builder and my mom was a staple of the timing tower. It is in my blood to volunteer and apply my skills to make our events the best they can be. I have served as T&S Chief for NCR and T&S Divisional Administrator for area 12 and now the entire SE Division. Over the past few years, while serving on the board, I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with our members to make the region successful. I would like the chance to continue doing what I can to help ensure that everyone is having #funwithcars at every NCR event.

After the challenges of the last couple of years, I look forward to working with the board to move on to the exciting opportunities that we will have over the next couple of years.



"Secretary. The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the members and officers and shall record all minutes and votes in a book kept for that purpose. Other duties are as provided for in the Bylaws or described in the Operations Manual. In the absence of the Secretary from any meeting, a secretary pro tempore shall be appointed by the presiding officer."

Kit Williams is running for Secretary unopposed.

Kit Williams [email protected]

My name is Kit Williams and I am running for the position of Secretary on the NCR SCCA Board of Directors. I had my first experience with the SCCA through the NCR Autocross program and became a member in 2015. After competing in the autocross program for a few years, I had a desire to become more involved. I took on more responsibilities with the autocross program in 2017, helping with event setup and logistics. I next volunteered and was elected as the Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator, a position I have been serving in since the end of 2017. With the amazing Solo team, we have put on several years of fantastic events, and weathered the storm of the Covid pandemic. In 2018, I began branching out and getting more involved with everything else NCR has to offer, starting out by flagging races at VIR. In 2019 I supported the start of the new TIme Trial program at NCCAR. I have become the Flag Chief and Race Control for those events. I am looking to take on more roles supporting the Time Trial and Road Racing programs and continuing to serve the membership as Board Secretary, and I will be passing on the Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator role to a new face for 2022.  Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you at the next NCR event.



"The Members-at-Large are responsible for providing additional input for decision-making and will endeavor to represent all viewpoints of the membership at meetings of the Board of Directors."

John Bodnar is running for Member-at-Large unopposed 

John Bodnar [email protected]

I started Auto-x in summer of 2010. Due to physical limitations at the time, I was unable to stand and chase cones, so I was put to work in the timing trailer. I joined SCCA and the NCR region in Dec of 2010. After a few years I became the T&S chief and have done it multiple years since. I’ve been to almost every NCR Auto-x over the last eleven years unless work or another race overlapped it. Recently I’ve been working timing and not driving at events as much since 2019. I did some flagging at road races in 2013 and on and off since then. I really liked the new National TT format and got involved with that on the timing side also and have driving a couple of events, but mostly just working in timing. While working at the TT events I met some of the road race side timers and have been working timing for several road races as well.

I hope to be able to service the club well from the board as well. I like looking at issues from multiple points of view and considering multiple options to resolve them.


Stephen Miller is running for re-election as Member-at-Large unopposed

Stephen Miller919-815-2878 [email protected]

After attending my first event at 16 I joined the SCCA and have been hooked ever since.  Through experiencing a mixture of many different motorsports and a family like club I’ve been drawn to help grow the SCCA family by growing our events. For years now I’ve been focused on removing the barriers of entry for others so that we can get more people racing. The past 4 years I’ve been focused on expanding the TT programs for NCR & SCR while supporting national events and serving as the SEDiv TT Admin. Going forward I intend to:

  • Continue to develop/expand the NCR & SCR Time Trial programs while supporting the national TT Program
  • Reignite the SEDiv TT Championship
  • Learn with the Road Racing program to help remove barriers to entry to help grow our community
  • Bring the new SCCA Enduro Program to NCR!

Ultimately, my goal to join the NCR BoD is to play a direct role in making it easier than ever for someone to experience the #funwithcars that has hooked us all!