Meet the Candidates – 2019

December 2, 2019

Voting for the NCR Board of Directors is again being done online this year. A complete description of the voting procedure and the link to the voting site are at the bottom of this page.

Each year, four offices are open for election. This year, the offices are Regional Executive, Secretary and 2 Member-at-Large seats. The candidates for each office are:

Regional Executive

I am a second-generation SCCA member. I became more active in SCCA when VIR reopened in 2000. Since then, I have served as T&S Chief for NCR and T&S Divisional Administrator for the Northern area of the SE Division. In January 2017, I was appointed to the position of Assistant RE at the recommendation of the Board. I have enjoyed working with the Competition Board and NCR Board of Directors to try and streamline the creation process of the Supplemental Regulations, which are required for each of our racing events, while also continuing to meet the needs of our competitors, workers and members.

In 2019, we made it through the challenge of being the Region whose track is hosting the Runoffs and we did our best to make it enjoyable for all.

Going forward, we will need to look for ways to monitor costs for our competitors while continuing to be able to support the Region and our goals. I look forward to working with everyone to try new things and bring some exciting new opportunities to have #funwithcars.


Hi, I’m James Shanks and I’m running for Secretary of North Carolina Region for a third term. It’s a job I enjoy doing and I want to continue doing it for another term. I think I’ve been doing well at it so far, attending meetings, taking minutes, and getting them published in a timely fashion.

For those who don’t know me, here are a few highlights of my 36 years as a member of the SCCA.

  • Member of SCCA since 1981. I started in Indianapolis as a member of Indy Region before moving to North Carolina.
  • Member NCR since 1992.
  • Driver’s School 1985. Raced Showroom Stock in my own car from 1986 to 1988
  • Raced a few times in Formula Vee in a borrowed car in 1988 and 1989.
  • Flagger from 1981-2013 and travelled to many pro and amateur events, until arthritis in my knees and ankles has caused me to retire.
  • I still flag our time trial events.
  • Most recently, I became Chief of Hospitality and Driver Information at our races, after RE Sam Fouse and I inaugurated the Region’s Hospitality tent at VIR to provide better service to all participants.
  • I was Triangle Chapter Coordinator, off and on, since 1998, before Al Heatwole took over.
  • I chaired the Bylaws Committee for the rewrite in 2003 and 2018.
  • NCR’s Membership Chair since 2006. This is a volunteer position which entails e-mailing new members, helping members with renewal problems, and handling information requests from prospective members.

I want to continue to serve North Carolina Region as its Secretary during the 2020-2021 term.  I hope you will vote for me.



As a Member-at-Large for the NCR Board of Directors I’ve assisted in the operations of the Region from planning to carrying out/reviewing events. I’ve learned that while there’s always a risk that any changes may not produce a positive outcome, the only way to figure out what will work for our Region, and what won’t, is to try…and then make additional changes as needed. I’ve assisted in making said changes to our events and overall operations that have increased our efficiency and effectiveness, while continuing to provide the excellent hospitality our Region is known for. I’ve been part of our Region as we’ve progressed from owning fire bottles, radios, coffee makers, and an ATV to now having our own Pace Car and a place for it to live. I have witnessed that in an organization grappling with how to attract and retain “young people,” the participation and interest of the “young” members of our Region has increased.

Over the past 4 years in the position of Member-at-Large, as well as being a very visible tutu-wearing Flag Chief for the Region, I have come to know many more of you outside of the Flagger circle. This allows me to bring even more of your concerns and ideas for improvement to the Board. As a Member-at-Large, I will continue to listen to you and present ideas and concerns to the Board; I will continue to bring ideas from other Regions, tracks, and events to the table that would assist in improving our events and operations; and I will assist the “younger” folks in their journey to actively participate in the Region’s operations so as to keep our beloved Club going strong into the future. There are names you may be seeing for the first time also running for this position who are up and comers who will also serve you, the membership, very well and bring yet another, fresh perspective to the operations of the Region.


I am a 2nd generation SCCA Member who has been active in the Club since learning to help in Timing and Scoring when I was but a child. Once I was old enough to drive I started competing in Autocross and quickly moved into Road Racing sharing various cars between my brother and dad (Blair & Rex Deffenbaugh). For the past several years I’ve been serving as one of the Race Chairs for NCR Road Racing and a member of the Competition committee to help the club deliver awesome events.  Recently I’ve been starting to participate in the Time Trial Program and supporting other National Experiential events such as Track Night in America, and using my years of experience growing up at the track to help these programs operate smoothly and grow within NCR. Going forward I’d like to take a more active stance in blending our communities so that the TT program can benefit from our years of Road Racing and Road Racing can benefit from the growth of new members at the track.


After attending my first event at 16 I joined the SCCA and have been hooked ever since.  Through experiencing a mixture of many different motorsports and a family like club I’ve been drawn to help grow the SCCA family by growing our events. For years now I’ve been focused on removing the barriers of entry for others so that we can get more people racing. The past 6 years I’ve been running an “arrive & drive” Junior Kart program for both NCR & SCR Regions. For the past 2 years I’ve been focused on expanding the TT programs for NCR & SCR while supporting national events, and this past year I served on the SCR board as a Member-at-Large. Going forward I intend to:

  • Continue developing the Junior Kart program for the next 5 years with the goal of making it sustainable within the club as other members and families join
  • Continue to develop/expand the NCR Time Trial program while supporting the national TT Program
  • Learn with the Road Racing program to help remove barriers to entry to help grow our community

Ultimately, my goal to join the NCR BoD is to play a direct role in making it easier than ever for someone to experience the #funwithcars that has hooked us all!


Hello everyone, this is William J. (Joedy) Pennington. I am running for the position of Member-at-Large on the Board of Directors of the NCR Region 55. I have been a member of SCCA since 1998. I am a Corner Worker, Divisional Tech Inspector, Starter, Pace Car Driver and a Race car Driver (Mazda RX7, IT7).  I have served on the Board twice before as a Member-at-Large. While on the Board, I served  on the Business and Finance Committee and basically did whatever the Board asked me to do. My most recent accomplishment was to participate in the 2019 Runoffs as a Safety/ Pace Car Drive.

As a Member-at-Large, I will always have the best interest of the club as my number one priority. I thank you for voting for me.

Voting procedure explained

Voting is only allowed by members of the North Carolina Region and will be done on (MSR). All votes will be anonymous and MSR will verify that each voter has a valid, active SCCA membership and that they are a member of the North Carolina Region. In order to do this, each voter will need to have an account on MSR. If you don’t already have one, it’s easy and free to get one. Just go to and click on Create Free Account at the top right of the page. Each voting member must have an individual account on MSR.

Each member of SCCA has a unique membership number. That number and the name of the member must be the same on both your SCCA and MSR accounts. For instance, if you used your full legal name when joining SCCA, but then used a nickname when setting up your MSR account, you’ll need to go in and edit your MSR account to match exactly what SCCA has on file for you. If you joined SCCA as William Robert, but your MSR account says Billy Bob, you won’t be allowed to vote without changing it on MSR.

Also, for those of you who have the old-style SCCA family memberships, using the format of 123456_1, your membership number in MSR will have to match exactly. None of the following will work: 123456 1, 123456-1, 12345601 or 123456. So, please make sure that your membership number is entered accurately in MSR and that your membership has not expired.

If you have any issues when trying to vote, contact Bruce Dover, NCR Office Mgr & Registrar, at [email protected] or you can call or text 919-423-6015. If you are a NC Region member, but NCR is not your Region of Record with SCCA, you’ll need to contact Bruce for a link to vote.


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