Milton Baking Company – a review

April 25, 2017

by Bob Brookfield

Way back in the dark ages, when I was a member of DC region, I wrote a dining out column called Gutbusters.  That was in the Dark Days before regions starting having lunches and dinners for the workers.  So, a lot of us went out to dine and I then did a story about the place we went.

Sara and I decided (remembering the noise, etc from last year) to forgo the Saturday night feed at the Majors and dine elsewhere.  And thereby hangs a tale.

There is a relatively new place in Milton called Milton Baking Company.  We learned about it from Ben Tyler.  Thanks Ben!

Milton Baking Company is on the right side of the road just past Aunt Millies in Milton.  If you go thru the light make a u-ie and come back.  Step inside and sit yosef down.  Not sure, but I believe there are also tables upstairs.  Decor is really nice.  Maybe even quaint.  I mean, what else do you call two shelves of National Geographics?

The printed menu is not large.  2 starters, Onion Straws or Artisan Bread.  Two cold sangwiches.  From the grille Blackened Chicken Sandwich or Corned Beef Rueben.  Soup du Jour, House Salad, Chicken Cobb Salad.  Healthy Fare includes Black Bean Burger, Gluten Free Veggie Wrap, Spinach Quiche & Fruit.  None of these are priced above $9.95.  It has always been my criteria that if I can get a good meal (sans alcohol) for under $20.00 it’s a good deal.

Sara had the Quiche and it was very good.  I went for the Reuben and was very pleased.  Finger lickin’ good!

For dessert, Sara had Pecan Sandies cookies and I went for a very nice piece of Carrot Cake.  Washed all that down with some Iced Tea.  Nothing fancy, the drinks were in foam cups, but like I care.

Our total bill came to $31.10 including tax.  A good deal.  We plan on stopping again at SARRC/MARRS.  Give it a try!


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