Report from the SARRC/MARRS at Summit Point

June 25, 2016

by Bob Brookfield

The weekend of June 18-19 saw 10 SARRC drivers competing. We would have liked to have seen more, but we understand it is a long haul up there. We had several workers come up. Heather Clark and Mo Overstreet flagged. Sara and I were in Registration, but it is only an hour and a half from our home, so it is easy. Jan Coleman-Mitchell did Race Control, Sharon Rollow was in Registration, Dave Rollow and Rick Mitchell were Stewards, and Sue Roethel was Honorary Chief Steward. The appearance by Sue was a big hit among the DCR membership.

 Racing consisted of a qualifying session Saturday morning followed by 10 lap races. Sunday was eight 20 lap races. They initially had 51 entries for SSM, but by race time that was down to 49. Turn one must have been exciting. As to results;

  •  Steve Rose was 1st in IT7R both days, setting a new lap record for the class on Sunday. I was able to speak with Steve briefly on Saturday and he was quite happy with his performance.
  •  Matt Guzkowski was 1st in FV both days. Rickey Thompson was 1st in ITR both days. Mark Senior was 9th in ITA on Saturday and moved up to 8th on Sunday. Thomas Nutter was 2nd in IT7 both days. Dwight Cooke had a 2nd in EP on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday. Michael Cooke was 3rd in EP on Saturday but was a non-starter on Sunday.
  •  Mickey Moran was 17th Saturday in SM and 22nd on Sunday. Grant MacDonald was 24th on Saturday in SM and moved up to 17th on Sunday.
  •  Cameron Conover was 12th in ITB Saturday and moved up to 9th on Sunday.
  •  The Big Bore group started with 6 or 7 cars Saturday and wound up with only 4 on Sunday. We would have had a shot there with Sam Fouse, but sadly a death in the family caused him to withdraw. Our condolences to you and yours Sam.

 Based on the low SARRC entries I don’t think we were able to bring the SARRC/MARRS Challenge Cup back home. Will this resume in 2017? Who knows? The event was listed on the SEDIV website so I am wondering if indeed SARRC points were available. If not, and it the Challenge resumes in 2017, I would hope that it would count for SARRC points.


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