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October 31, 2015
NCR SCCA License Plate
We are excited to announce the development of a new NCR SCCA license plate that will be available for vehicles registered in the state of North Carolina! Show your pride as an NCR SCCA member and spread awareness of our sport!
Once we achieve the needed level of commitment (300 plates), the plate will be a standard issue plate with our NCR SCCA logo on the left half of the plate followed by four digits.  Personalized plates are available for an additional fee to DMV, but you are limited to four characters as shown. 
COST: $10 annually (per plate/vehicle), in addition to your usual license plate fees. The initial fee of $10 will be due upon fulfilling our minimum order along with a simple application.
HOW DO I GET ONE?: If you are interested in one or more NCR SCCA license plates for your vehicle(s) please contact Morgan Mehler at [email protected] with the following information:
1)  Full name (who the vehicle is registered to)
2)  Year, Make, Model of vehicle (for each vehicle)
**Remember, you can get a plate for each vehicle that is registered and insured in NC! We already have interest from several people for multiple plates/vehicles!
TIMING: Our goal is to close the interest list by the end of this year so we can start the paperwork with the state and receive our plates as soon as possible in 2016. Please respond to Morgan Mehler if you’re interested ASAP!
Please spread the word to anyone who may have an interest in an NCR SCCA plate by forwarding this email, Facebook, word of mouth etc. 


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