Below are profiles, provided by the candidates themselves, listed in the same order as on the ballot.

Rex Deffenbaugh, incumbent, running for re-election as Regional Executive

I’m Rex T. Deffenbaugh, the incumbent Regional Executive for North Carolina Region and current competitor. I’m running for my third term in this office. I have served for over 15 years on the Board in many capacities. As RE, I have never missed a Board meeting in person in 4 years. Because of this I have amassed a great deal of experience in operating the Region. My years on the Board have led to a number of great relationships with National, South East Division and other Regional Administrators, which facilitates the communication we need to continue putting on great events. This has allowed us to continue running races such as the SARRC/MARRS despite budget constraints and policy changes in both Regions. While RE, we successfully put on our first race in the new Majors program. We have worked to ensure the Region comes in as close to breakeven as possible each year, coming within $1,500 on a budget of more than $250,000. This ensures we keep racing costs down in a less than ideal economy. I hope you will vote for me to continue running this Region and keeping us on track.

Sara Snider, running for Regional Executive

This is Sara Snider. I have been a member of our Region since 1985. I have had the opportunity to see us in good and bad times. Watching our Region grow has been a great blessing. I believe we go thru cycles in our life and our Region is no different. Our Club is directly affected by the economy and the past several years have been difficult for our Region.

We need to take a close look at the product we are offering our drivers. Formats that have worked well in the past for us need to be revised. We need to streamline our programs, offer more time on track, and provide a quality product at a reasonable cost to our drivers. Maybe there are ways we can incorporate other clubs the opportunity to join us in an event and make it fun for all. We need to look at our worker base. We have always had some of the most qualified workers in SCCA. What can we do to help them and make us stronger?

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The offices of Regional Executive (RE), Secretary and two Member-at-Large positions are up for grabs in the upcoming election. 

Candidates for RE are the current RE, Rex Deffenbaugh and Sara Snider.

Steve Rose is running unopposed for Secretary. Jerry Pell will be vacating that position.

The candidates for the two Member-at-Large positions, vacated by Wayne Quick and Neal “Vern” Harrison are: Marcel Ciascai, Bruce Dover, Heather Powers, Mike Spencer and Blair “Pepe” Stitt.

Profiles of all candidates will be posted here on or before December 15th, so watch for that. 

Ballots will be mailed out by Wednesday, December 4th and must be returned by December 31st. Results will be posted here as soon as available. All members receiving ballots are encouraged to vote.

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