While at the NCR Picnic, join us for this educational experience

September 4, 2013

One of our Region members, Tommy Jackson who many of you know from being a part of our Club’s activities for many years and for his assistance to Jerry Pell, as he races his Mazda Miata, has an interesting hobby, quite different from what most of you know him for in SCCA. Tommy has, for about the last dozen or so years, been very involved in the restoration and running of antique engines, most of which are from about 1900 till sometime prior to 1950. Several very large shows for the public to attend here in North Carolina are held every year where people who have literally brought these engines, that were used especially in the rural communities, back to life. The engines were used to bring a new way of powering many of the jobs that were done on the farms and early manufacturing of the day. This will allow you the opportunity to see and hear them run and get a glimpse back to the days when power making machines like these were used to first replace the use of candles to light the rural home and barn, saw lumber, pump water, bale hay, and many other activities on the farm. They could run a factory with many machines, all coupled to an engine through long leather belts and pulleys. All that you’ll need to do to get Tommy and his engines running is to stop by his display and appear interested.



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