F&C Newsletter – October 24, 2012

October 25, 2012

North Carolina Region SCCA F&C


Online registration for this weekend closes Wednesday the 24th…TODAY! Get busy if you haven’t already done so. Otherwise email the flag chiefs to get your name on the list at the gate to avoid potential hassle(s).

Registration is still online at Motorsportreg.

NCR Worker Incentive Program information and redemption form. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Seriously. You really, REALLY don’t wanna miss out on the deadline of November 30th for “reimbursement.” Print out the form, fill it out, stuff an envelope with this & some receipts & get that sucker in the mail!

Bob Huff Charge of the Headlight Brigade 13-Hour

VIR – October 26-27, 2012

For those of you who have registered already, or have emailed your friendly flag chiefs, here’s some important information (besides the worker gifts are quite awesome really)…

·  Friday’s flag meeting is at 4PM at the Flag Shack in the North Paddock.

·  Saturday morning breakfast will be located at the Pagoda from 6:30-7:45AM. This will be more than just a few honey buns so take advantage of it!

·  Saturday’s flag meeting is at 8:15AM at the Flag Shack in the North Paddock.

·  The race is from 9:15AM-10:15PM. Please plan to help with “clean up” afterwards to make everything go much quicker.

More important information:

·  Costume contest judging will be as follows: Saturday morning at 8AM just prior to the flag meeting (at the Flag Shack) then again at 11AM for the North Tower folks.

·  Cooking contest judging will be throughout the day. Feel free to bring your favorite goodies to help out on turn. (as a side: we hope to get assignments out so turns can coordinate a little better though it’s gonna be a tight time frame)

·  Check the weather & plan your orange attire accordingly (it gets cold after the sun goes down despite what the forecast predicts…orange scarves are very handy to have as well as stocking caps and other keep warm items).

·  Don’t forget your camera! How else will anybody believe everything we do if there’s no photographic evidence?

Even more important stuff:

·  Honey Camper Party Friday night in the South Paddock. Feel free to bring your favorite goodies.

·  There will be a garage party Saturday after the race/clean up at the garages (surprise!) courtesy of Mitchum Motorsports.

·  For anybody still around Sunday a bunch of us will storm Biscuitville on Riverside Drive (Bus 58 in Danville) for brunch whenever Eric gets the Honey Camper packed up and ready to go home.

It’s going to be a long, fun day. Check the NCR website for the schedulesupps andworker map which tells you where all the important things are located. 

See you soon!!!


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