Carolina Collector Car Fest

November 16, 2011

RALEIGH, NC (NCR-SCCA) – The North Carolina Region was well-represented at the Carolina Collector Car Fest held in Raleigh at the State Fairgrounds over the weekend of November 11 – 13, 2011. Two members, Sam Fouse and Boz Marchi, graciously volunteered to display their cars, fresh from 1st place wins at the Goblins Go. Sam’s meticulously-prepared MX-3 was the hit of gear heads from all over, who marveled at the Dennis Shaw-built motor and the superb fabrication by Dan Robeson, both Triangle Chapter members. Boz Marchi’s lovely blue F500 attracted show-goers of all ages, quite literally from age five to seventy-five. The older gentleman even took notes. We may just see him at a future event!

The booth also featured in-car video provided by Mark Senior, displayed on a 32-inch LCD TV, provided by Boz. Trust me when I say that there is nothing like real in-car video from one of our racing events, complete with sound, to stop passers-by in their tracks. Of course, the bowl full of caramels and tootsie-rolls helped to get people to stop too, especially those with kids in tow.

Event Chairman Steve Keadle would like to thank all those volunteers who staffed the booth over the three-day weekend, especially those who took time off from work to do it. In addition to displaying their cars, our drivers Sam and Boz, also spent more than a few hours over the course of weekend talking to folks about racing with the SCCA. So did John Uftring, Pepe Stitt, RE Rex Deffenbaugh, David Spalding, Mark Senior, Member-at-Large Wayne Quick, Triangle Chapter Coordinator James Shanks, and Treasurer Steve Keadle himself.

Thanks to you all!


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