West Chapter Report – September 2011

GREENSBORO, NC (NCR-SCCA) – Tuesday in Greensboro brought on memories of the old TV show “Lost in Space”, you know with the robot flailing his arms and spinning around in circles repeating what was on the radio air waves “Warning, Warning, Tornado Warning”.  But, by the time the West Chapter SCCA meeting got started, 19 brave road warriors had arrived, the sky was clearing and the batteries on that old robot had died, leaving a nice fall evening. 

We had a review of the monthly Board meeting that was followed by lots of stories of the Charlotte race.  Brian Hooper brought an in-car video of the Sunday CCPS race, bats flying every where, what a great race!  Tim Lyons brought an exciting video of an early a.m. run through the streets of Paris, France by an unnamed driver in a Ferrari. What a video! Did anyone see the red light? or should I say lights?  Why was he driving so fast? OH! he was just about to be late for a “Rendezvous”. 

We enjoyed a short video of the Saturday “night race” at Charlotte Motor Speedway, I say short due to some unfortunate driver who kissed a concrete barrier going back onto the Oval.  Thankfully, no injuries, not counting the race car, ouch!!   OK, a quick glimpse of turn 2, 3, 6 in the night race.  First, put on a sound track of a race car making a lot of noise, then put some kind of bag over your head and close your eyes and turn up the volume.  There you have it!! Exciting HUH!!  Thankfully I did not see any wrecks in these dark corners. 

If you are looking for some high tech racing equipment, there is a Grand AM shop In Thomasville, NC that has shut down, contact Darrel at  dhunrace14@yahoo.com.  Tim Lyons has a 1995 M3 for sale, 336-476-1117.

Next month be sure to attend, bring a friend, more racing stories and videos to be enjoyed.


John Lindquist

West Chapter Coordinator


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