Cape Fear Chapter Report – December 2021

Cape Fear Chapter Meeting 12/7/21 The meeting began at 7pm. This meeting was hosted online over Google Meeting, as has all of the 2021 Cape Fear Chapter Meetings. The attendees of the meeting were John Bodnar, Tara Arnette, Justin Arnette, and Kit Williams. Steven Persico joined a few minutes after the meeting started. This first…

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Cape Fear Chapter Report – March 2020

The Cape Fear Chapter March meeting took place at Elizabeth’s Pizza in Wilmington on March 4, 2020. The meeting was attended by Chris, Elizabeth, and Aubrie Severt, Matt Decker, Bob Levis, Steve Hinkle, and Kit Williams. We had heard from a few newcomers that they may attend the meeting, but unfortunately, we did not have…

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Cape Fear Chapter Report – June/July 2017

by Matt Decker, Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator Our June meeting had to be cancelled due to a scheduling conflict with the location, and us being unable to find a different venue. At the July Meeting we had; Myself, Chris and Elizabeth Severt, Morgan Mehler, Chris Deen, Kit Williams, Bob Walker, Jeff and Sarah Eng, and…

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Cape Fear Chapter Report – April 2017

Last night we had about 20 SCCA members attend our meeting. We initially covered the recent Road Racing events thru Morgan Mehler and Chris Dean, then followed up with our last two events from this past weekend and the May Cherry Point events. We had a few gird issues with re-runs hot lapping and a…

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Cape Fear Chapter Report – September 2016

Happy September everyone! Tonight’s meeting of the Cape Fear Chapter was a modest group of 11 that met to discuss the upcoming event at Cherry Point (9-10 & 9-11) and establish who was going to be doing what jobs as a large portion of the leadership core would be gone to Solo Nationals or engaged…

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Cape Fear Chapter Report – August 2016

The Cape Fear Chapter met on August 2nd at Elizabeth’s Pizza with 15 members present.

Chris Severt and Morgan Mehler led the meeting and discussed at length the flow chart of jobs and responsibilities within the Solo program.  We are moving to an Event Chair system where we involve the local solo members into their program and have them take the duties of running an event.  The main hope of this is twofold.  One, with a keen eye on the future of potential Solo Chairs and two, to help delegate many of the duties that have fallen on a few shoulders and to potentially prevent the dreaded burnout.

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Cape Fear Chapter Report – July 2016

The Cape Fear Chapter met on Tuesday July 5th at Elizabeth’s Pizza at 7pm.  We had 14 members present for our meeting.  We started with dinner followed by a welcome from John Byers and Morgan Mehler.

After quick introductions we quickly jumped into our first item of business, discussing the past event at Cherry Point.  Several members commenting on the good and bad points of the event and working on what we can focus on to make our event better the next time.  We quickly moved to success stories of the event as we always enjoy seeing people excel at Solo.  We then discussed our next event and covered what needed to be done prior to it.

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Cape Fear Chapter Report – July 2014

July Cape Fear Chapter Meeting report:

Meeting had 12 members and 1 guest present.  We started the meeting off with introductions and quickly moved on to the business of the meeting.

I.  Debrief of Points events #2 & 3 at Cherry Point MCAS

It was a very hard and trying weekend with a myriad of issues.  We had to call the event early on Saturday due to a quick moving thunderstorm that moved in.  We had one run group that never got afternoon runs in forcing us to revert back to morning runs and call the event based on 3 runs.  No awards given due to having to vacate the runway asap due to lightning.

Sunday just continued the trend with EMS being dispatched to the event twice over the course of the day as well as multiple timing and scoring system issues.  The event was called early when an NCR member collapsed in grid shortly after lunch and had to be taken to the hospital.  The event was once again called based on morning runs only.  No awards were given.

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Cape Fear Chapter Report – June 2014

The Cape Fear Chapter meeting was held on June 3rd at Elizabeth’s Pizza.  We had a decent crowd of 13 members and 1 guest present.  Several topics were discussed at the meeting:

1)   Cancellation of the Smiles per Gallon event

·         Discussed what caused event cancellation

·         Reviewed steps taken since then to prevent future issues

·         Announced replacement date of November 15-16, 2014

o   Discussed ideas on how to make it a Two-day event like a National Tour

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