West Chapter Report – November 2012

Greensboro, NC – (NCRSCCA) – A great group of race fans showed up November 6th at Coopers Ale house in Greensboro for the West Chapter monthly meeting. 15 members attended. After a good dinner, all kinds of stories were being told. The meeting detailed the October Board of Directors meeting. All were impressed with the show the Solo group put on for the North Carolina Autocross Championship event this year. GREAT JOB by the entire Cape Fear Chapter. You guys ROCK!!! Keep up the good work, the smell of gas and burning rubber, it’s the best!

Lots of interest exists around the possibility of more track time in September at VIR with the TSCC. A lively discussion took place about “on track” track time. All agreed that the need existed for everyone to get cars on track faster. The ability to do so was proven at the Goblins Go. Checker flag, then give the grid the 5 minute warning. No one wants to watch the track sit empty. Not the workers, not the drivers. Good work by Race Control and the Stewards for keeping things rolling. Keep up the good work! That brought on the topic of more race groups or more track time for the groups, which is why we are there.

A story about Goblins Go: about half way through the SARRC, my little Fiero started sounding like an old John Deere tractor, “OH NO, the exhaust pipe must be coming loose”. When the race was over and the hood raised, we found it was not the tail pipe, but a hole in the header, a BIG hole. I had been warned about using header wrap…….., now what to do???? I was signed up for the TCPS and now had one hour to make it to the grid.

OK, find some header wrap (the problem was going to be part of the solution, go figure), but the hole was way too big for just some header wrap and it was sure to burn a hole through the wrap. I start running around the paddock like a nut looking for something, A TIN CAN. My racing buddies, Heather Powers and Blair Stitt came through, with a wonderfully dirty tin can. I ran back, cut a strip to be doubled over, form it on the trailer rail, put it in place, wrapped it with header wrap and safety wire. THANKS STEVE MARTIN and my car owner ANNIE LINDQUIST (without Steve’s and Annie’s help I could not have gotten through the weekend). Several wraps of safety wire and racing friend Shannon Jones said, “you better put a hose clamp around that”, so now where to find such a large hose clamp? (See how much fun this racing can be?) Back to Shannon’s for a couple of clamps. They were together and put in place, WHALLA!!! Back in the car and head for the TCPS race. Man, what fun!!

At the meeting I presented Heather with a NEW tin can to put back in her racing equipment supply. Heather tells us that the original tin can came off her car, where it was used in some form on her brake system. So there you have it, NEVER throw away anything!! We all had a good laugh and are now collecting tin cans for the next race.


I hope everyone has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

See you at the December meeting!

John Lindquist
West Chapter Coordinator


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