West Chapter Report – June 2012

Greensboro, NC – (NCRSCCA) – Hey, Welcome from the West Chapter NCRSCCA.  June 5th found 14 die hard racing fans at Coopers Ale House for cool drinks and good food. At the BOD meeting this number may grow, we watched a brief video of the Saturday qualifying for the May event. 
We are going to make an all out effort to get more racing videos at the meeting.  Everyone in the West
Chapter has grown tired of seeing my old red Fiero doing laps, including me.
Want to Welcome new SCCA member Steve Martin to the West Chapter Meeting and lot of future racing.
Steve got a hand at working grid at the May event and is preping for Autocross and a PDX at VIR.
Also attending was new member to NCRSCCA, Steve Oseth, fresh from the DC region.  Welcome to North Carolina, Steve. Steve is a formula racer and long time member. 
Following the general meeting, you know, what happened at the May BOD meeting and local updates, an interesting conversation took place about increasing membership and the pros and cons between SCCA and the other car clubs.  This is one topic we have discussed, say once or twice before.  
Lots of racing coming up, so turn on those cameras, have a safe and fun time.
See everyone at the July meeting.

John Lindquist, West Chapter Coordinator


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