West Chapter Report – July 2016

This report finds us back at Jerry Pell’s building at 307 S Swing Road in Greensboro. As this building has no food service, Jerry gave me some money and said, ”let’s have a cookout”. I sent out 134 emails to the members of NCR who should be attending the monthly meetings of the West Chapter to advise them of the new meeting site and the picnic and new meeting time.

The weather didn’t get an invitation and we had a small turnout for both the eats and the meeting. The cookout was held behind the building, which put us on the basement floor, which was on level with back parking lot, so no one had any particular problems getting into the building except James Buckberry, who was getting about on crutches due to a broken leg he had suffered only a short time before that most of us knew nothing about. When the time came to end the cookout and go to the conference room on the floor above everyone got up and went upstairs. Unfortunately, James found getting up the stairs on his crutches more than he could handle and went back home rather than to the meeting. Just imagine, the remorse we all felt the next day when the sad news circulated that James had passed away at home on Wednesday. In retrospect I can think of the ways I wish I had handled the situation Tuesday night differently, but then you know what they say about hindsight. A great number of James’s friends and family spent last Tuesday in Liberty, NC trying to get over losing our dear friend. Our racing program and our West Chapter meetings will not be the same in the future. I am sure that the memory of James will be a part of all the NCR does for a long time to come and I hope I can keep his memory alive for you.

The meeting consisted of the Regular this and that with discussion of the schedule being the focal point and when it all came to an end, the message to the BOD was that the West Chapter would like to see the Region go ahead and cancel the 13hr race date for 2017 and move the Goblin’s Go to a date as close to Halloween as possible. The VIR 400 met with mixed opinion and almost no one likes the class chart that was offered. Even if we ran such an event, it needs to be moved out of October. The new meeting place was discussed:  Porter House Bar &Grill 4608 West Market St. Greensboro, NC.

Buddy Matthews
West Chapter Coordinator


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