West Chapter Report for May 3, 2016

The West Chapter of the North Carolina Region of SCCA held their May meeting on May 3, 2016 at Cooper’s Ale House in Greensboro, NC. Most of the attendees had arrived about 45 minutes early to have a nice dinner and a drink prior to the start of the meeting. At 7:30, Chapter Coordinator Buddy Matthews called the meeting to order.

Those in attendance were 14 of the regulars. It really amazes me that the mild increase in attendance that we got only 2 months ago has vanished so quickly. The great speakers that we had for the last two months and, I guess to some degree, the e-mails that I sent to some of our members who had never attended a Chapter Meeting, had all worked a bit but certainly didn’t bring them back tonight. I will try to remind all of you that we enjoyed your joining us and wish you would come back. If you failed to get an invite in March, let me know so I can get you on my list.

As is normal, a bit of our time was spent bringing the group up to speed as to what the BOD of the Region is up to. The meeting was held in Durham at Piper’s Deli on April 20th. The reports from the BOD showed that our membership had risen a bit and was at 774 which our Membership Chairman reports, is up to where it normally is this time of year.

One of our annual activities in the off season from the Region’s races has been a picnic at NE Park in Guilford County. This season as the plans for the picnic were being hatched, Pete Romanowski took a ride over to City Lake Park in High Point which is about 30 miles farther west than we have been going, and they gave Pete a nice colored brochure showing all of the shelters and other amenities of the park and the price schedule for using the shelters. The Chapter members discussed the idea of a move and thought it might be a nice change. I then went to Durham to the BoD meeting and announced that the picnic this year would be in High Point, NC. on August 6th. Whoa, wait a second, we were not told that, in order to use one of the nice shelters for this year, we actually needed to reserve it last year. I actually heard Pete utter a swear word when he found out that he had been fooled about our having a picnic in High Point this year. Quite possibly, we have been so delayed in applying for a shelter at NE Park that we will come up short there also.

Watch for more info here or come to our June Chapter meeting for the latest information.

The Enduro race, that won’t either come to life or go away, produced a significant amount of discussion among the assembly. Most of the Chapter members have held the feeling that the Region is losing too much money on the 13 hr. race in October and have asked the BOD to stop that particular race and to change to something that serves the needs of the Region’s members and drivers and doesn’t break the bank. The members of the West Chapter went on record last year as wanting to end the race, only to find that the rental agreement with the track had been signed with us still obligated for a very expensive day of racing. The Chapter wants it known earlier this year that they expect the contract this year will be more in line with the wishes of the West Chapter members.

Normally one of the first things that we discuss at the BOD meeting right after a race, is the Treasurer’s report. Unfortunately, the race was the Majors race and it had only been over 4 days when the BOD meeting was held. Now don’t ever doubt our Treasurer’s speed, but 4 days sure isn’t ample time to tote up all the figures on a Majors. Bout the best we could get out of him in four days was a grin. I believe that meant that we done good.

If you ever find yourself in Greensboro , NC on the evening of the first Tuesday, call me for directions to Cooper’s Ale House, 5340 West Market St. My phone number is 336-312-8858 and my e-mail address is redstarracing@triad.rr.com. Or, just surprise me.

Buddy Matthews
Chapter Coordinator, West Chapter


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