West Chapter Report – August 2013

The West Chapter meeting was called to order at 7:35pm at Cooper’s Ale House at 5340 W. Market Street in Greensboro. Most of the final count of 16 attendees of the meeting had been there approximately 1 hour, eating from Cooper’s full menu, drinking, and sharing small talk with their friends.

The first order of the meeting was to go quickly over the agenda of the July Meeting of the NCR BOD. This section of the meeting was covered by Buddy Matthews, West Chapter Coordinator. It was reported that several items of the BOD agenda were reported to have been treated like our National (USA) representatives and “kicked down the road”.

The first item that was really discussed was the North Carolina Region Picnic idea, to be held on September 28th, that had first been discussed at the July meeting of the West Chapter. The idea was well received by the Region’s BOD and plans for the event have now begun to take shape. Several sites for the picnic were examined and priced and the chosen site is a really nice facility located in NE Guilford County. It goes by the name of North East Park, at 4010 High Rock Road, Gibsonville. We have secured the use of one of the larger shelters, which will accommodate more than 100. This is a large park with several features that should be of interest to all ages of your family. A new train has just been installed, a Carousel, miniature Golf, and ball fields of many types are there.

Speaking of ball fields, the West Chapter thought that a game between the Chapters would be a great idea. We invite you to bring the kids and whatever sporting goods they might want to use as there are varied playfields for our use. I suggested that since many in the Region would need to travel quite a bit, that probably the best time for eating might be about 2:00. This time is not written in stone, so let us know when you prefer.

Speaking of eating, the West Chapter thought that the Region could pop for hot dogs and hamburger and soft drinks. To fill out the food and make the event a True NCR event, please bring a bowl of your favorite picnic fare. Please note: This venue allows us to bring and consume BEER as our ONLY alcoholic beverage and ONLY IN CANS. Additionally, it MAY ONLY be consumed in Shelter #2 and no other part of the park. I realize that this has wandered away from a correct Chapter report and I will get back to the Meeting as soon as I advise you that the Region has the park shelter as early as 9:00am and we must be cleaned up and out of the park by 8:00pm.

Picnic registration, click here.

Following that discussion, we talked about the considerable changes that have taken place at VIR following the demise of our famous Oak Tree. Pictures of the southern most area of the track were passed around and several people at the meeting made comments about the impact to our racing the loss of the Tree meant. Pete Romanowski, corner worker; Bill Foster, VIR Driver instructor; and Doug Hooper, VIR Track worker all added their 2 cents worth.

We had a short buy/sell session and the meeting was adjourned.

Buddy Matthews
West Chapter Coordinator


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