West Chapter Report – 2014 Season

Most of the West Chapter  meetings were very unimpressive, had one attended them to be impressed. For the most, I would call them more friendly get-togethers where a dozen or so kindred spirits with a common bond came together at a place called Cooper’s Ale House to see how the others were doing and share a meal, a drink, and about an hour of catching up with each other. Sports car enthusiasts they all were and the common thread that connected the group was the racing of said cars at tracks far and wide but most often at Virginia International Raceway, just up the road across the state line. Most of the meetings started with the Chapter Coordinator making a fumbling attempt at bringing the business recently covered by the BOD of the Region at their most recent meeting and presenting it to the Chapter Members in a manner that would keep them informed of what the Club was doing and how they were involved. At the end of the business session for the night, the group collectively aired their opinions of what was going on with their racing efforts, their wins and losses in recent weeks and what they thought was important for the Club on both the Regional and National level. The goings on at the Track (VIR) were discussed and often members of the group who had inside information about the goings on at the track would lay it all out for the group’s consideration.


Buddy Matthews
West Chapter Coordinator


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