Triangle Chapter Report – June 2013

Our June meeting of the Triangle Chapter was held at the usual location, the El Rodeo restaurant on Pleasant Valley in the Townridge Shopping Center, home of some of the finest Mexican cuisine around.  But they had remodeled the upstairs bar area over the past few months (I think it debuted for Cinco de Mayo) and we got to meet there this time, rather than being crammed into the tiny, and partially open, room at the back.  The new décor is very impressive, with pub tables and an enclosed bar featuring several overhead flat screen TVs, and there were a couple more strategically placed around the room.  That made it easier for Justin Deffenbaugh to hook up his computer to one and show us his latest racing video, compiled from footage he shot at the SARRC/MARRS event at VIR in early May.  Perhaps this is the start of a new era for us — no more standing on tables trying to reach behind a big screen TV to hook up a video cable to a connector you can’t see.  It was like Christmas in June!

Justin’s video was very entertaining.  It features both he and his brother Blair driving the ITC Pulsar #86 at the event.  Did I hear a an exclamation of disbelief in the back?  “Not the Pulsar!”, you say?  Yes, the Pulsar.  It’s actually running on all four cylinders these days.  Ok, so it’s still the slowest car in its class, but hey, it runs.  For those of you who couldn’t make the meeting you can find the video here:

You can see Justin get hit from behind by an overtaking driver who doesn’t seem to know how to pass.  And you can see Blair apparently jump the start for his race.  Or was it just that his young, razor-sharp reflexes are so much better than those old gray beards running with him?  You decide!  And be sure to stay for the end to see the carnage at the start of the Spec Miata race from Mark Senior’s point of view as he sails past the disable cars and parts left in the middle of the track.  And in case you missed it earlier, the final bit is a  hilarious compilation by Justin showing just how many times his brother Blair fought to keep his visor cocked open as he raced.  It’s really funny. Nice try, Blair! Thanks, Justin!

The business meeting was rather short.  The full financial reports from the last three races are expected next month now that the dust has settled, but there wasn’t anything to share except a short summary from Steve Rose, the administrator of the Tarheel Cup series.  It’s doing really well he told us, and much to the pleasant surprise of some of the drivers too, as it has paid out 85 per cent of the entries fees collected as purses so far.  That’s far better than that other pro Cup series and that fact has resulted in Steve getting many an attaboy from the recipients.  We are proud to have the Tarheel Cup as an NC Region series.  Good job, Steve!

Member at Large Sam Fouse could not be with us at the meeting but I had received an e-mail from him indicating that he had a crew together up at VIR and they were tearing off and replacing the siding on the half of the tech shed that houses the scales.  For those of you not up on your Region history, NCR owns those scales and the half of the building that houses them.  I won’t go into how that came about, but the important issue for now is that the siding had been improperly installed when the shed was built and over the years it had warped severely.  Now it has to be replaced and long-time member Sam, a professional contractor by trade,  had volunteered to take on that job for the Region gratis.  It’s going to be expensive to do all the work projected, well over $7000, but that’s not even close to what it would be if we’d had to hire another contractor.  So thanks, Sam!  The North Carolina Region salutes you!

In other news, our membership numbers are increasing again, after being stuck at 715 for the last few months.  We are now at 750 and climbing.  I guess more folks want to share in the fun!

There was a Comp Board meeting scheduled for Sunday, June 9th, with the focus on the remaining races, the Goblins Go and the 13-hour Charge of the Headlight Brigade.  We’ll have that to talk about, as well as the financial reports for the first half of the year, at the next Triangle Chapter meeting.  And who knows what video enterprising members may bring to share.  So I’ll see you at the next meeting, Wednesday, July 3rd …or at the races!

James Shanks
Triangle Chapter Coordinator


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