Triangle Chapter Report – August 2014

RALEIGH, NC (NCR SCCA) — The August meeting of the Triangle Chapter was a lively affair despite there being no new video to share. But we did have some new faces and several others who had not been around in some time. So we did round-robin introductions (or re-introductions) so we could learn what everyone had been up to.

Chuck Hines, one of regulars, was there and he shared a table with Ron Earp and Jeff Giordano.  These guys were discussing their recent outing at the Double SARRC at Road Atlanta, and well they should, for they are sharing the top three or four positions in ITS. Ron and Jeff have Mustangs; Chuck has a second-gen RX-7.  Imagine the odds of them all from NCR.  Way to go guys! May the best man win!

We learned from Dan Robson and Sam Fouse, who were at Summit Point for the final round of the Eastern Majors Conference that the guy Dan routinely crews for, Chad Bacon from Tennessee, will be going to the RunOffs. But more importantly we learned that our own Doug Piner has clinched the Eastern Conference championship in P2 and he’ll be going to the RunOffs. By the way, he has a really cool pit cart for sale, and he needs the money pronto.  Doug says his entry fee totals $1400 and he needs $2500 in gas to tow to the West Coast and back in the motorhome, not to mention $50 to $100 per day to park it there. Yike!  Good luck, Doug!  Hope it’s worth the investment in the end.

Randel Sink is doing well in SRF he said, and even better financially now that he sold his Spec Miata.  Hope you do as well in the SARRC Championship, Randel! Stan Williams dropped by and told us that he has been doing a lot of i-racing (he holds a lot of track records!) and he drove his new 2014 Camaro 1SS to the meeting.  Hey, a guy has to drive to work in something, and the Camaro is probably quite tame compared to the purple 60’s era Chrysler muscle car with the trick multi-carb setup he plays in his spare time!  I’m just sorry that I didn’t get out of the meeting soon enough to see that new Camaro up close..

Finally, although he did not share it with the Chapter at large, I learned that Brock Nicholson’s group, the North Carolina Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association, will be putting up a wall-hanging at the Pentagon. They are building it from a wrecked aircraft — the nose of a vintage Huey helicopter that will be made to look like it’s flying right out of the wall at you. Way cool, Brock! And thank you for your service.

Oh, yeah, we had a business meeting but it was quite short. Recently the Board has been hashing out the fee structure and the Supplemental Regs for the Goblins Go, as well as the “supps” for the 13-hour enduro.  The big deal is a double SARRC at the Go, which is the first time we’ve ever had one at that event.  SEDIV usually only allows one per track per season, but they made an exception for NCR this year because we had to cancel the March race when the track pavement wasn’t ready.  So come out on October 18th and 19th and earn double SARRC points for the start of the 2015 season.  And you can get a discount for entering that second race too. Such a deal!

Speaking of deals, how does “FREE” sound? Well, that’s the cost to attend the Region’s annual picnic at High Rock Park this coming Saturday, August 9th.  The Region will provide the drinks and burgers, dogs, and chicken for the grill.  All you need to bring are a side dish or a dessert to share, and yourself.  Should be a great time.  So y’all come to the picnic!

And make plans to attend the inaugural VIR Motorsports Sampler, our joint event with Tarheel Sports Car Club, September 6th and 7th as well.  There will be something for everybody. Tarheel will be hosting a 2-day High Performance Driving event (HPDE), but giving SCCA members the option of running just one day.  They will also have a RallyCross (do it in the dirt!) and a go-kart shindig on Saturday night.  NCR will host an autocross on the skidpad on Sunday, September 7th. Many thanks to the dedicated folks in the Cape Fear Chapter who are making the trip to VIR in order to make that happen. Once again, it should be a great time, so y’all come!

And since you are making plans, why not make plans to attend the next Triangle Chapter meeting, Wednesday, September 3rd?  I’ll see you there . . . or at the races!

James Shanks

Triangle Chapter Coordinator


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