Cape Fear Chapter Report – September 2016

Happy September everyone! Tonight’s meeting of the Cape Fear Chapter was a modest group of 11 that met to discuss the upcoming event at Cherry Point (9-10 & 9-11) and establish who was going to be doing what jobs as a large portion of the leadership core would be gone to Solo Nationals or engaged in other prior commitments.

The group decided to have Bob Walker take his first stab at running an event weekend with the help and guidance from Chris Severt.

The meeting then turned its focus on having all of the NCR members in attendance discuss their preparations for Solo Nationals. Adrian Willis and Justin Arnette each shared their experiences leading up to departure and their expectations and excitement about the event. I’m sure a complete report in the October meeting will be exciting to hear!

Lastly the group discussed possible locations for our Solo end of year awards banquet. The meeting was dismissed around 8:30pm.

John Byers – Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator


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