Cape Fear Chapter Report – March 2020

The Cape Fear Chapter March meeting took place at Elizabeth’s Pizza in Wilmington on March 4, 2020. The meeting was attended by Chris, Elizabeth, and Aubrie Severt, Matt Decker, Bob Levis, Steve Hinkle, and Kit Williams. We had heard from a few newcomers that they may attend the meeting, but unfortunately, we did not have any newcomers at this meeting. Several of our local members who regularly attend the meeting were out of town. With the light attendance, the meeting was short and casual, followed by some good old-fashioned bench racing and general hanging out. We discussed the recent NCR Board meeting as well as our upcoming schedule. I had created a schedule of “local” events for the upcoming year and organized them by event type. We are looking forward to the Cape Fear chapter’s first event of the year this month on March 28th

Kit Williams, Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator


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